9 Week Small Group Virtual Training to Become More Assertive, Set Healthy Boundaries, & Step Into True Sovereignty!

Truth-FULLY – 9 Week Training & Coaching Group. Attend Virtually From Anywhere in the World. BEGINS AUGUST 2019!

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This Course Will Be Held Right Through Your Computer or Phone,
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All sessions are recorded. BEGINS AUGUST 2019

Dear One,

Are you ready to breakout of people-pleasing patterns, step into your power, and learn the effective communication skills to set healthy boundaries?

This is how we reclaim our true sovereignty, and this is exactly why I created this intimate 9 week group training course: “Truth-FULLY.”

Maybe you can relate to some of my story?

For most of my life, I would stuff my true feelings, wants, and desires because I didn’t want to hurt others or “rock the boat”.

I would always be waiting for the “right time” to tell people what I thought or needed, but that time would never seem to come, so I would bury my feelings… building resentment.

I would push away help from others, even in times of stress and overwhelm when I really needed it.

In fact, I lived most of my life in unhealthy codependent patterns, unable to set healthy boundaries or speak my truth… overextended and stressed, all in the name of “being of service to others”.

I was already doing too much for others, and then someone would ask if there was somebody who could bring an extra dish for an event and my hand would automatically fly up, as if it were raised by itself!

Then I would beat myself up in private for committing to yet another thing I didn’t have time for.

I didn’t realize what it was costing me at the time, but my people pleasing ways were wreaking havoc on ALL areas of my life.

Even my self-care and health were failing. I never seemed to be able to fit in a consistent exercise routine. I wasn’t always feeding my body the nutrition that it really needed… I was grabbing whatever was the quickest and easiest.

I was overworked and not getting enough sleep… yet, everything and everyone seemed to take priority over my own self-care.

I knew that something needed to change. I just didn’t know how.

So I went of a deep quest to learn how to break these unhealthy patterns of giving my power away, and to become what I call “compassionately assertive”.

Calling All Empaths & People Pleasers!

Now here’s the thing… our people pleasing tendencies are also our greatest gift.

You heard me right…

I can probably guess that you (like myself) were an incredibly sensitive child… and it was your ability to read other people’s feeling and needs that helped you navigate the tumultuous currents and storms of your childhood.

By tuning into other’s feelings and needs, we could hopefully avoid the potential emotional landmines around us.

You too probably became an expert at tuning into others feelings and needs in an attempt at protecting yourself the best you could.

And so, a powerful empath was created out of this process… which has served us well at times throughout our life.

It helped us become very sensitive to others needs and to be in great service to others, which is beautiful.

It’s just that it can become a trap. There’s a more integrated way to utilize this amazing gift of ours.

It’s time to take back our power, hear our own voice again, and step into our true sovereignty.

Time For Empowerment!

Here’s the thing… these patterns of giving our power away are not sustainable.

It’s not sustainable for yourself… or for the planet.

When we hold back our truth, it requires a tremendous amount of energy to conceal who we really are. It causes so much stress on our being to not be in full soul alignment!

Breaking free from people pleasing is also essential to our physical health too. Just as I once did, I see SO many people who aren’t taking care of their bodies because they’re so busy taking care of everyone else – not taking time to exercise or feed their body what it needs, or even getting enough sleep because they’re exhausted from the endless list of obligations, and from giving so much to others.

These dis-empowering patterns are costing us more in our lives than we have realized. It’s the number one thing keeping us from reaching our full potential and giving our gifts to the world.

We each came here this lifetime with a very specific Mission and Sacred Purpose, but without being able to hear our voice and needs, or having the courage to speak our truth and set healthy boundaries, we’ll remain stuck in old patterns and in exhaustion, and despair.

As an empath, the invitation for us from the Universe at this time is to integrate our great gifts, sensitivity, and desire to be of service in a more empowered way.

Will you join us in this movement to reclaim our power and our voice, so we can model healthy sovereignty and boundaries for others?

The time is NOW, my Dear!

Future generations will thank us for doing this important work… it really is the most important thing that we can do for Humanity at this time.

During This Training You’ll Learn…

  • How to speak your truth
  • How to overcome fears related to being assertive
  • Direct compassionate communication
  • To trust and follow your intuition
  • To listen to what your body is saying, and hear your own inner truth
  • The difference between aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness, and assertiveness
  • How to heal from past pain that has you wrapped in fear
  • How to set healthy boundaries and say no
  • Detoxing your circle of friends and family
  • How to handle fitting in, worthiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • The importance of balancing your needs with the needs of others
  • To feel a deeper level of connection and intimacy with those around you
  • To receive more respect from others… and from yourself!
  • And SO much more!

Having once been VERY codependent, I will be sharing how accessing and speaking my own truth has helped me set healthy boundaries, repair toxic relationships, and propel me into a much higher level of positive living.

Empower Yourself, and Learn Effective
Communication and Healthy Boundaries.

I’ll teach you how to value your own worthiness and develop the confidence to declare your true feelings. Most importantly, you’ll learn to overcome the fear that’s keeping you from trusting your intuition.

I’ll also show you simple, practical techniques to ground yourself, protect yourself, as well as calmly and lovingly expressing your honest feelings with kindness and compassion.

How This Training Is Being Delivered…

The “Truth-FULLY” Training course will begin August 2019. Many people join after the class starts. We will send you the past replays and handouts when you join, and get you up to speed (most past attendees have reported that listening to the replays is just as powerful as attending live.)

If you can’t make the live video streaming, no problem – each of the training & Q&A segments will be recorded so you can study at your own pace and refer back to them.

This course is a live training offered online right through your computer. We use the Zoom Video conferencing system, and will send you the simple instructions to get you all set up.

You’ll also have the option to call in and listen over the phone, if you wish. (We’ll be sending out an international number dial-in list.)

By the way, you’ll be able to see me streaming live on video… but don’t worry, I’ll be the only one on camera… you can be in your pajamas if you’d like!

You’ll also be able speak to me to ask your questions live in the Q & A segment each week. But if you’re feeling shy, you’re welcome to write the questions into the Zoom Conferencing system during the live call. 🙂

Here’s What’s Included In “Truth-FULLY”:

9 Week Coaching Program – Those joining this community feel like kindred spirits, destined to come together and support each other at this magical time of empowerment. You’ll find yourself surrounded and strengthened by other powerful light bearers who, like you, are ready to break through to the next level.

Weekly Training Calls – This is where you come to learn the tools needed to access your truth buried within, and the courage to speak it to the world. I’ll also be sharing the very personal stories of breaking my own codependent patterns to inspire you. These calls are recorded so you can study at your own pace and revisit them whenever you want.

Weekly Q & A Sessions – Personally ask me any questions you have around your own process with this material. (This is where it gets juicy!)

Private Online Community – You’ll have exclusive access to our private online community, created especially for members of this group to share their experience and support each other throughout this journey… and beyond.

Handouts & Activations – Each week you’ll receive handouts with step-by-step processes, formulas, and activations, to support the work we’ll be doing. You’ll even receive my powerful “Manifestation Ritual”, to recreate and rescript even the toughest of codependent dynamics and relationships. (This same ritual can also be used for calling-in anything else you desire in your life!)

Your 100% 30-Day Zero Risk Guarantee

Repeat after me…

Rose, I know that what I put into something is what I get out of it, and I’m seriously going to give this program my very best effort – I’m going to give it my all. I also understand that I have a generous full 30 days, without risk, to decide whether or not “Truth-FULLY” is for me, and that I can ask for a full refund anytime in that 30-day period.

By staying in past 30 days, I agree that I’m committed and I’m going to stay with the program all the way to the end!


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I look forward to getting to know you in this course!

In Love & Service,

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P.S. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at 🙂


My questions for you is, how has people-pleasing shown up in your own life? What has your journey been like to break free from codependent patterns, and why is embarking upon this journey important to you personally? I’d LOVE to hear in the comments below! 🙂