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Dear One,

Do you sometimes just know things, but can’t explain why?

Are your friends convinced you’re “psychic” and ask you for advice that often turns out to be true?

Can you feel or see energy fields or “auras” around people, plants and animals?

The planet’s vibration is shifting fast. We need more people like you that are in touch with their sacred Shamanic gifts.

I believe there’s a reason you’ve found this page. You are meant to be part of this movement, too.

Through the nudge of your inner gifts, the Universe is calling you to up-level to a higher dimension, RE-member who you really are, and RE-claim the ancient wisdom and light codes in your DNA.

You are wired for profound and sacred abilities–and humanity needs them now more than ever.

In this free gift, you’ll discover:

Which of the 9 Shamanic Gifts you possess

A profound ACTIVATION Prayer to hone your UNIQUE GIFTS


May this free guide spark a remembrance so hot and holy within you back to before your natural gifts were shut down by life’s conditioning.

My prayer for you is that you feel safe AND confident to finally live in alignment with the truth that’s in your heart.

It’s time for us as Lightworkers to own who we are and truly become an agent of change and transformation!

In love and service,


I’m Here to Help You Understand and Step Into Your Sacred Purpose.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to attract success and recognition at almost every level imaginable—-appearing on Forbes.com, and as a featured guest on E! and MSNBC, publishing a book with Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, and speaking as an in-demand, renowned speaker on stages all over the world to sold out audiences.

But through it all—Shamanism, and my relationship with the natural world have remained a gravitational constant, like the sun around which every other aspect of my life revolved.

But it wasn’t always this way. As a young girl, I shut down my natural Shamanic gifts after experiencing major trauma and abandonment. It took me years to reclaim them.

After urging from clients and friends who wanted to know how I healed my own heart, and helped so many others get such amazing results, I decided to share them.

Now, I have the rare privilege of being able to perform rites of passage and ceremonies using sacred native plants—an honor bestowed upon few women within my spiritual path.

For over 20 years, I’ve shared my healing gifts with clients, and worked with leading Shamanic teachers across the globe.

Through my daily work, I’m honored to help you heal your own heart, become comfortable in your sacred gifts, and use them to heal others through my year-long Sacred Oak Academy, in-person retreats, online programs, books, and line of advanced superfoods and wellness products, High Vibe Formulas.

It’s my mission to help you step into the most aligned, high vibrational version of you.

We respect your privacy. We will never rent, trade, sell or give away your information. It's safe with us.