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“Rose Cole is like a wild, exotic plant that nourishes at the soul level. Her depth of knowledge and experience for creating health and wellness is just the first layer of her brilliance. Rose is a High Priestess for our modern world guiding people to embody health on all levels.”

— LAURA HOLLICK, Soul Art Studio

“All I can say is that Rose’s Training has rocked my world… this is a profound road map for women to live an extraordinary life. Rose doesn’t hold back. Rose is a living example of living your dream life, and she shares EXACTLY how she got there.”

— Ana Poirier, Yoga Body Nutrition

“As a college professor I spend the majority of my time with some of the most educated people and inspiring minds in the country. And when I really need to know how the universe works and how to really be in the world, Rose is my go-to guide. Wise far beyond her years, Rose is a true visionary and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she’s as committed to my growth as she is to her own.”

— Katie Simpson, Ivy League Professor

“Words seem so inadequate to truly capture the gratitude I have for Rose. How do you thank someone who through unwavering love, care and knowledge made a blind, stubborn, egotistical man see his true potential for the very first time. Rose’s guidance was nothing short of a gift of life for which I will be forever grateful.”

— David

“Rose Cole is a beacon of light for a new generation. Her method of blending health, spirituality and consciousness is so needed in this day and age. She has touched my heart and inspired my life and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

— CYNTHIA PASQUELLA, Celebrity Nutritionist & Author of The Hungry Hottie Cookbook

“Rose’s trainings changed my life forever. I remember crying tears of joy, knowing that I finally found someone who gets me and can help show me the path I had been searching for so long to find. My life’s journey took a turn for the better in so many ways. My relationships are more fulfilling, my career has taken off and I wake up every day filled with inner peace, joy and harmony.”

— Kelly Cornell, Holistic Health Coach, Kelly Cornell Wellness

“I had the absolute honor and privilege of interviewing Rose on my “Create Change Now” Radio Show recently and I felt so grateful for the opportunity to feel the beauty of her light and know the depth of her wisdom firsthand! Rose is truly a beacon of light on our planet and her innate wisdom and practical knowledge go far beyond holistic nutrition alone.”

— Cari Murphy, Best Selling Author, International Media Personality/Host

“Thank you so much for your training! I began reading it last night and am LOVING it. With all the self-help books on my shelves, and in all the work I’ve done, I have never understood the TRUE power of balance – until last night. You’ve connected dots for me – And I just got started!”

— Andi O’Reily

“I’ve witnessed thousands of women’s lives changed from Rose’s trainings – astounding! Rose is authentic, true, alive and a divine healer of magnificent proportions. This woman is here to change the planet and we are all blessed to have her walking with us in this space and time. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rose on ANY level will be changed forever!”

— TARA MARINO, Women’s Coach & Fashion Designer

“Dear Rose, I just got your book, and even though I haven’t finished reading it yet, I just wanted to thank you for your heart felt, kind and sincere manner of sharing the information that you have. I’ve been searching for answers, reasons for my restlessness….I believe your book will be the beginning of my own next chapter in life, and for that, I am truly thankful! Bless you!”

— Shirley Ann

“From the moment I met Rose Cole, I knew that I wanted to learn more about her…she felt so familiar, like someone I had known my entire life even though we had just met. From a chance meeting that Summer day, I have had the experience of not only witnessing, but receiving her gifts to the world. Specifically, Rose is a woman who through her embodiment of the Divine Feminine, inspires women around her to reclaim their own Divine Feminine.

— Natalie Riggs

“Rose has beautifully changed everything about my life. When I first heard Rose’s training, I could relate to so many things she spoke about, but hadn’t put it into words. Rose helped me to forgive myself of things that happened so long ago, but I was playing over and over again in my mind as if they had just taken place. Rose has transformed me from the inside out and I will be forever grateful to her for that.”

— Tracy Neely, Holistic Health Coach

“Rose’s transmission of the High Priestess archetype has opened new spaces of willingness and desire in me to surrender even more deeply into my feminine while standing fully in my most powerful self.”

— ALEXIS NEELY, Truth-Telling Lawyer & Evolutionary Strategist

“Rose, I can’t even put into word what your transformational work has done for me. You’ve opened up a new world to me that has shown connection to the universe like never before. I know without a doubt that you are living your purpose. You are such a powerful spiritual leader, and you were without a doubt put on this earth to guide us home. Thank you for being brave and showing us the way.”

— Dana

“My life has changed completely since Rose’s training. I was fighting depression and anxiety for years. I struggled to keep myself positive. I was surviving, not living. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only 5 months. I learned so much from you Rose. Thanks to you I’m living a purposeful life and transforming a traumatizing past into positive energy. I learned about holistic nutrition, and it’s became clear to me that I have a mission in life to accomplish.”

— Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

“In some respects it feels as if everything started with Rose Cole. In 2010 I came across her  training series. It seems now as if it landed in my inbox quite miraculously – but as they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears. The information that Rose so generously shared on that training series changed my life forever.  Her words, her voice, her power and her presence opened me to untold possibilities for my own life.

— Charlotte Goldsmith, New Feminine Finance

“The more I understand the women in my life, the more I am confronted with the fact that they have an entirely different operating system.  Rose Cole is an intuitive genius that helps me understand and masterfully interact with that system so what I want most in relationship to the feminine comes easily and naturally. There is a global change in how decisions are made and carried out happening in our culture right now, and Rose is at the forefront of helping advanced thinkers and feelers take advantage of that change for the good of all.”