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Our mission is to awaken the world to a new consciousness by training and certifying spiritual leaders from all over the world in
shamanism and quantum healing.

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Discover Your 9 Shamanic Gifts 6-Week Course

Come DISCOVER your shamanic gifts and EXPLORE medicine abilities that are your divine birthright. Come step into your sacred service in the world in an even bigger way. Introducing a new LIVE 6-week virtual workshop series, designed for healers and wayshowers to understand and develop their 9 shamanic gifts in ways they didn’t imagine possible. Starting July 24th, 2024. 

Sacred Oak Academy

9-Month Guided Energy Medicine™ Advanced Certification Training. Now Enrolling!

About Our Founder & Mission

After a childhood fraught with trauma and abuse, our founder, Rose Cole, was adopted and raised by an indigenous medicine man. It was through the shamanic path that she healed herself quantumly, reclaimed her shamanic abilities, and birthed a body of work to assist others in re-membering their sacred purpose as a healer.

As a modern-day medicine woman, Rose has been featured on Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, is co-author of a book with Deepak Chopra, and a speaker on stages around the world. Rose is also a minister and president of our non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. Our mission is to raise money and awareness to protect the sacred lands and traditions of our world’s earth-keepers and healers for future generations.

Today, we train and certify spiritual leaders from all over the world in shamanism and quantum healing tools through our international certification school, the Shamanic Academy. We believe that as more people live with these abilities activated, the world awakens to a new consciousness.

Praise for Rose Cole & Rituality

After working with Rose in the Academy, I feel more aligned with myself and with my truth. I perceive a deep, all-residing peace with what is, and as if I can relax and surrender into the flow of life, without pushing or forcing anything to happen. I am more focused on my daily practices and my connection to God.

– Rose Dayal

The biggest shift I received from the Shamanic Academy has been learning to trust—the lack and fear is gone. This transformation was huge for me. I’m now living my life from a place of curiosity and wonder. Guided Energy Medicine™ has deepened my shamanic abilities and I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned.

– Kim Lottes

The biggest benefit I’ve received from The Academy is the relationship with my boyfriend. Before it, we were always on and off. We joined together and that allowed a lot of personal growth. We learned how to respect each other and read each other’s energies. Our relationship has been saved!

– Tracey Ng

What We Teach

To be clear, at The Shamanic Academy, we are not learning to become Shamans. The word “Shaman” has become a metonym for all spiritual religious leaders and healers within indigenous cultures.

We come in great reverence here to all indigenous Shamanic lineages. What we teach here at The Shamanic Academy is Universal Shamanism, through a lineage called Guided Energy Medicine.

We believe universal shamanism is not something to be studied and grasped through the mind.

Instead, we co-create and experience it through direct revelation. And yes—that’s something you can do. We all have shamanic gifts and abilities, and we all have shamanism in our ancestral lineages.

This path is open to those from all religions, genders, backgrounds and walks of life, if you come with sincerity in your heart.

Rituality is a way of living that teaches us to explore each moment and to find our own unique truth.
– Rose Cole