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About Rose

After a childhood fraught with trauma and abuse, I was adopted and raised by an indigenous medicine man. It was through the shamanic path that I healed myself, reclaimed my shamanic abilities, and re-membered my sacred purpose.

I’ve been featured on, E! and MSNBC, as co-author of a book with Deepak Chopra, and as a speaker on stages around the world. I’m also a minister and president of the non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. Now, my mission is to help you step into the divine gifts you were born with. I know that when more people live with these abilities activated, the world will awaken to a new consciousness.

What is Rituality?

Rituality is a way of living that teaches us to explore each moment and to find our own unique truth. Let every moment in your life be an opportunity to be present – to revive, to grow, to thrive. Craft your personal and professional realities with simple, everyday rituals that ground you in truth.

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The Seven Sacred Ways Blog...

Eclipse Season Ritual 🌙

Sacred Spirituality

Eclipse season is upon us, and these can be turbulent times! Energy emanating from eclipses can feel both overwhelming and disorientating. Eclipses are powerful catalysts that deliver immense and unexpected…

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Manifesting Through Outrageous Joy

Sacred Wealth and Purpose

JOY… You are meant to experience outrageous joy! Really! We all came here to experience humanity, gather knowledge and experiences, and to evolve. But it’s not only about that –…

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7 Signs You Lose Yourself In Relationships

Sacred Love Rituals

If you’re anything like me, the moment you start to really like someone romantically, your world starts to revolve around them. You want to make sure you meet their needs,…

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To Hell with Perfection, This is Life!

Sacred Home Rituals, Sacred Spirituality

The priceless life lesson my kitchen counter taught me… You know how they say a picture’s worth a thousand words? Well, here’s a recent picture of my own kitchen counter,…

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Ayurvedic Face & Body Scrub Ritual

Sacred Beauty Rituals

Simple, natural beauty treatments using Ayurvedic ingredients help promote balance and serenity, and improve skin texture. But this ritual is about much more then just external beauty. Beauty recipes and…

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Ayurvedic Chai Ritual

Sacred Health Rituals

Tea is one of the oldest natural remedies known to man, and I’m convinced that sitting down with a good cup of tea is…

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Praise for Rose Cole & Rituality...

Rose Cole is like a wild, exotic plant that nourishes at the soul level.  Her depth of knowledge and experience for creating health and wellness is just the first layer of her brilliance. Rose is a High Priestess for our modern world guiding people to embody health on all levels.Laura Hollick, Soul Art

Rose's transmission of the High Priestess archetype has opened new spaces of willingness and desire in me to surrender even more deeply into my feminine while standing fully in my most powerful self.Alexis Neely, Truth-Telling Lawyer & Evolutionary Strategist

I've witnessed thousands of women's lives changed from Rose's High Priestess Training - astounding! Rose is authentic, true, alive and a divine healer of magnificent proportions. This woman is here to change the planet and we are all blessed to have her walking with us in this space and time. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rose on ANY level will be changed forever!Tara Marino, Women's Coach & Fashion Designer

Rose Cole is a beacon of light for a new generation. Her method of blending health, spirituality and consciousness is so needed in this day and age. She has touched my heart and inspired my life and for that I'm eternally grateful.Cynthia Pasquella, Celebrity Nutritionist & Author of The Hungry Hottie Cookbook