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Shamanic Apprenticeship Intensives Information

Reserve your Intensive spots now!


This is our time to come together as a tribe and sit in Sacred Ceremony… this is where the magic happens… literally! The program Intensives are really where all of the new skills and learning comes together. We highly recommend that you make the effort to attend. These are very powerful times when major breakthroughs happen. Many past attendees have said the Intensives were literally highlights of their life.

Below is a video that Rose has made to help explain a bit more about the intensive! This video helps to explain a bit more about how the intensives work, details of what happens, as well as some information about the medicine.


It is also important to note that the amazing Sharon Ellis will be doing Bodywork for an extra contribution. If you would like to get on the schedule please email clientcare@rosecole.com ASAP.

Here are the important details you’ll need to reserve your intensive spot:

Some of the intensive locations have a limited number of spots available and they are first come, first serve. If the location is full we will list that below.

Please know that the prices for accommodations are subject to change at anytime and will change from location to location. The current pricing is below.

For all intensives you're welcome to arrive anytime after 3 pm PST on the start date and depart anytime on the last day.

Please DO NOT contact any of the Intensive locations. All inquiries and reservations are made through us.

On very rare occasions locations have to be shifted last minute due to emergency, so please do not get attached to the location. The magic is really in the work, not the location. If for some unforeseen reason we have to change locations, you will still be arriving into the greater San Diego area.

Airports to fly into: the Intensive location will be about about an hour and a half drive from the San Diego International Airport. Other airport options are: The Palomar Airport, which is much smaller. The Santa Ana Airport in Orange County is about 2 1/2 hours from the event. Or The Los Angeles Airport is about 3 hours drive, depending on traffic.

You can grab a Lyft, Uber or Rent-A-Car with other women attending the event. Please coordinate with others in the Academy FB Group.

If you’d like to bring a guest to your Intensive as your program bonus, please email us at clientcare@rosecole.com before reserving their accommodations below. There are special guidelines for bringing a guest, along with an attendance fee for them.

Your Shamanic Apprenticeship program came with 3 in-person intensives and the opportunity to assist in two in them. Please choose which of the 3 intensives below you’d like to attend and the 2 that you would like to help assist. Your spot is not officially reserved until we receive your accommodation and/or food ticket payment.

If you would like to attend more than the 2 intensives included in your program, please email clientcare@rosecole.com for more information.


All cancellations or no-shows within 1 month of the start of Intensive are non-refundable and your Intensive is forfeited. We do not offer make up time or future attendance for missed intensives during your program.

Please reserve both your room accommodations and healing foods ticket for each Intensive date below. Again, your spot at the intensive is not considered officially reserved until we receive payment for your room accommodations or your food ticket.

~ Team Rituality

May 14th-18th Intensive


4 Night Accommodation and Golden Meal Ticket for this Intensive:
$147 covers your meals, from dinner the night of Feb 27th through brunch the morning of March 2nd. All meals will be dairy, gluten, soy and processed sugar free, as well as organic as much as possible.

$125/night for shared accommodations. If you are a woman you may be sharing a queen sized bed. 
Click Here to Reserve Your Accommodations and Meal Ticket

September 11th-14th Intensive

1440 Multiversity

Scotts Valley, CA

*Please email Client Care when you have booked your accommodations the type of room you chose, so we can keep a headcount (you can also forward your confirmation email).

This location is on absolutely gorgeous grounds in a redwood forest. We’ll do deep work with the elementals and with tools like mediumship. Even the campus is a full abundance activation of what’s possible.

We’re considering and in conversation about a special bonus day that would be Sunday night and on Monday, so you may want to keep those days open in your calendar. This would be off-site, so no need to book Sunday night at 1440.

The price of your accommodations includes food that is all organic, farm to table, dairy and gluten free and some of most amazing gourmet high-vibe foods!

Click here to reserve your accommodations 

Space is limited – this is first come first serve and all bookings are final 45 days before the event. And if you’d like to come a night early on Thursday, you’ll need to book that by calling:



* If you have been sick or have family members that you have been in contact with have been ill within a week of either intensive, we ask that you not attend.