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Song Resources

These are songs to keep your vibration high during the program and beyond. May they re-calibrate you to the truth of who you are. Many of these songs would be perfect to play during healing sessions as well. ENJOY! 

Lightcodes by Fia; Album: Legacy of Light

The Art of Letting Go by Fia; Album: Made of Stars

Rising in Love by Fia; Album: Legacy of Light

Eastern Sun by Ayla Nereo; Album: Hollow Bone

Shine by Fia; Album: Made of Stars

Glorious by One Voice Children’s Choir; Album: Glorious

How Could Anyone by Libby Roderick; Album: How Could Anyone

When You Believe by Celtic Woman; Album: Songs from the Heart

Rosa (Medicine Music) by Rainer Scheurenbrand

Gentle With Myself by Karen Drucker; Album: The Heart of Healing

Sunrise by Aea Luz; Album: Bija

Stone Flows to Water by Murray Kyle; Album: Arrow to the Sun

Faded by Design by Melissa Etheridge; Album: The Medicine Show