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Song Resources

These are songs to keep your vibration high during the program and beyond. May they re-calibrate you to the truth of who you are. Many of these songs would be perfect to play during healing sessions as well.

As you can see, there are two playlists below. One of them is on Apple Music and the other is on Spotify. You’ll find songs that are unique to each playlist, as some songs are found on one app and not the other. The has the majority of the songs are on Apple Music. If you have an account with Apple Music you’ll be able to sign into your account and access the full length of the songs listed, otherwise you’ll just hear part of the song below. Apple Music is a monthly subscription (which is not very expensive), and normally they have a 30-day trial. ENJOY!


Apple Music


This playlist below is linked to Spotify. With Spotify, you have the ability to create a free account that will give you access to the songs listed in this playlist. Once you sign in you’ll be able to save this playlist to your account, as well as access the full length of the songs for free.