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“Building Faith”

Part 1


Please watch the movie, The Cokeville Miracle.

This is a true life story where an entire school of children claim that they were saved by their angels and ancestors from a bomb that went off in their school. This story is a testament to the power of prayer. 

We also recommend watching some of the testimonials of real survivors of The Cokeville Miracle on youtube after you watch the movie. 

We invite you to look past the religious connotations of the movie. Some people get triggered because of the religious connotations but this movie is really about the power of prayer. 

Please note… The Shamanic Academy is not religiously based in anyway. Please keep this in mind when watching the movie. 

You can find this movie for free if you have an Amazon Prime account or if you don’t, click here for a free version on youtube. 


Part 2


Write in your journal about any “aha’s” or realizations that have come up for you.