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“Bonus Coaching Sessions”

As an extra bonus we are gifting you two private coaching sessions with one of our coaches!


We have two amazing coaches on our team! You can book your sessions with either of them ūüôā If you’d like more than the two private sessions, please reach out to client care to inquire about that possibility.

Book with Linda Mooney: https://go.oncehub.com/LindasCoachingSession

Linda has been training and facilitating shamanic healing ceremonies for over 25 years.  Her ability to intuit the core cause of pain and suffering has assisted hundreds of people to move forward on their healing journey.  As a medicine woman, Linda has also worked in the prison system, helping reduce recidivism rates, and brought new insight and practices into shamanic ways in her healing practice.

This is a great place to ask about the tools you are learning in the Academy, step into your leadership as a Shamanic Practitioner, and work on your GEM skills.

Book with Nathan McTague: https://centerforemotionaleducation.as.me/emotional-care

Nathan is co-founder of the Center for Emotional Education and the Feeleez game for kids, and is an incredibly intuitive, gentle, and empathic human. Nathan is an absolute expert on holding space. 

If you have something come up during our work together and you’d like help processing it, or if you’d like assistance and training in holding space for others, you can now use one of your¬†coaching¬†sessions for an Emotional Care Session with Nathan!

*If you have already used your two sessions, please do not go through the above links to book again Рplease reach out to client care to inquire about more sessions.