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“Guided Energy Medicine” Certification Requirements & Submission Forms

It is not required to become certified in “Guided Energy Medicine” to graduate from the Shamanic Academy, although it is highly recommended to get the full benefit of participation in this program.

Once you’ve completed these requirements and have been accepted by our board of directors, you will be certified to offer “Guided Energy Medicine” sessions as a private practitioner, or to weave these practices into other modalities or contexts in your personal or professional life.

If you wish to be certified as a Level 1 “Guided Energy Medicine” Practitioner, these are the specific requirements listed below.

  • Complete 1 year of The Shamanic Academy
  • Receive at least 30 personal healing sessions from other Shamanic Academy students or “Guided Energy Medicine” Practitioners within the 12 months of your Shamanic academy program. Please keep a list of who performed the session on you, and when, and when you have all 30 you can email it to Client Care.
  • Give at least 50 practice sessions within the 12 months of your Shamanic Academy program, with practitioner forms filled out and submitted. (Sessions may be done with other students.)

Please use the online submission form, or email your practice forms to Clientcare@RoseCole.com.

Practice “Guided Energy Medicine” Downloadable Form

Practice “Guided Energy Medicine” Online Form

Once these requirements have been met you will be reviewed by our board and issued a letter of acceptance and certificate of completion by email.

In order to keep your certification within good standing you must keep your current address and contact information on file with us.



Becoming certified as a Guided Energy Medicine practitioner does not provide a license for hands-on bodywork.

If it is the practitioner’s intent to work with the general public in a role as a facilitator, it is the responsibility of each individual to understand and comply with any current associated state or local law.

Each state is different, and please consider that statutes and rules can be in flux. A petition for a declaratory statement of practice exemption can be made to any overseeing regulatory body.

Here’s a page that might be a helpful resource for researching your states regulations: http://goo.gl/tPykAS

DISCLAIMER: No Legal Advice Intended. The contents of this website are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions.