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This is the full-scholarship application page to the AWAKEN Live Event.  

Maybe you’ve been in my community for a while, participated in one of my past courses, or were gifted this full-scholarship ticket by a friend… however you came upon this magical ticket to AWAKEN…

…I don’t believe in coincidences, my dear. I believe there’s a reason you were gifted this full-scholarship ticket.

I am gathering the Light Workers… to come together and Unite.

To activate, and AWAKEN the shamanic gifts and abilities that are our birthright.

As lightworkers, we are being called upon by the Divine at this time to up-level like never before, and enter a new dimension and frequency of being.

There are 9 shamanic gifts we all have access to, to assist us here in this Earthly plane. (Think superpowers!) Although most of us have forgotten we have these abilities, or how to access them.

Join me in San Diego, California, as you uncover your natural intuitive and shamanic abilities and harness them to catapult you into a new dimension and way of living.

When you up-level your frequency and activate these light codes within your being, everything in your life up-levels along with it!

At this live event we’ve watched people transform their relationships, health, ability to receive abundance, and discover their true life purpose.

There is no greater feeling than living in alignment with your Sacred Purpose…. this is when we truly enter into a flow state in our life.

So I hope you join us for this special gathering… to remember your unique shamanic abilities, and who you truly came here to be this lifetime.

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to attend all 3 days of this event! This is a small, intimate event, so in order to keep the sanctity of this Sacred container, you must be able to attend the entire event and show up for full participation. Thank you for your understanding!


I understand that my $197 refundable seat deposit will be returned to me a the door when I arrive, and that I have until 4 weeks before the event to cancel or withdraw my registration. I understand that after Oct 10th, 2019 my seat deposit is non-refundable.


World renowned speaker, author, and spiritual guide, Rose Cole is a modern-day medicine woman, and the minister and president of a Native American church. She’s a co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, and has been featured in Forbes.com, and as a popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC. Rose healed herself from a childhood fraught with abuse, neglect, and mental illness. She was then adopted and raised by a Native American holy man who sparked a lifelong study of shamanic practices. Today, she trains and certifies spiritual leaders from all over the world in shamanism and quantum healing tools at “The Shamanic Academy.”

Where should I stay for the event?

This event is being held at a beautiful space in the Gaslamp area of downtown San Diego. As we get a little closer to the event we’ll be sharing the exact address with those who are registered. To find hotels, Airbnbs, or to check VRBO.com, just search “San Diego, CA”, and look for things close to the Gaslamp area. Once you register we’ll also connect you with the private fb page for this event so you can inquire about sharing a room with other attendees.

Where do I fly in, and how do I get to the event?

This event will be held about 15 minutes from the San Diego International Airport.

It’s quite easy to get a taxi, Lyft or Uber drive to and from the event. If driving, there is street parking. Make sure you pay meters and mark your time with alarms, or look for a garage to park in.

How can I connect ahead of time with other attendees to connect and find a roomate?

Once you register you’ll receive a link to join our private event Facebook page where you can connect with other attendees, find rideshares or roommates, and receive updates about the event.

What about meals?

We’ve arranged a very special optional “Golden Meal Ticket” upgrade to cover your meals while you’re at the event. This is a way to connect more deeply with the other Lightworkers attending. Everyone has LOVED this gathering! You’ll receive more details about the Golden Ticket when you speak to someone on our team.

What's the schedule like?



Nov 8th:

8 am – 9 am Check-In
9 am Starts Promptly
6:30 pm Ends

Nov 9th:

8:30 am Doors Open
9 am Starts Promptly
6:30 pm Ends

Nov 10th:

8:30 am Doors Open
9 am Starts Promptly
6 pm Ends



You MUST be able to attend all of the sessions. There will be breaks throughout the day. These times are subject to change without notice. We will have a more precise schedule as we get closer to the event.


What happens if I have to cancel and can't come

If something comes up and you absolutely cannot attend… you may receive a full refund for your seat deposit if at least 30 days before the event starts. If within a 30 day timeframe before event, you may transfer your registration to a potential future AWAKEN event or get a credit towards another training program with Rituality Inc.

You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague, as long as they are preparing to participate fully.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes– in fact, we highly recommend it. This is how we build a community of Light Workers! After you reserve your ticket, you’ll be asked if you have a friend who you’d like to invite… WHILE THEY LAST. There are a limited number of friend tickets available for this event, so you’ll want to grab one while you can. Please note that the person you invite must be prepared to participate fully in the event.

What should I wear?

IMPORTANT: We ask that all women bring a shawl or wrap for the ceremonial parts of the event. We will be explaining the importance of this in when we are in session.

We recommend that you wear something that makes you feel like a beautiful god or goddess, while also being comfortable. You will be sitting on the ground in a back-jack chair during the sessions. (We also have pillows and extra support available for those with physical issues.) You may find yourself sitting by the outside fire, so bring layers!!

The weather in San Diego can differ quite a bit from one area to another so please check the weather before you come and bring a jacket and umbrella just in case.