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“In the Domain of Mediumship”

Please read, In The Domain Of Mediumship by Chico Xavier.

This book is a book channeled by one of the worlds top mediums named Chico Xavier who channeled the spirit Andre Luis. If you remember, Andre Luis is the man who’s life was featured in the movie Astral City.

Andre Luis was a spirit guide working from the other side through Chico Xavier to bring this important information about mediumship and spiritism.

He also warns of the risks involved in poor interexchange between the two worlds. We recommend that this book be finished by about the halfway point of your program. You’re welcome to finish it sooner if you wish.

Please note that this book was translated from Portuguese which does make it a bit tricky to read although we do feel that this is a very relevant book as it goes into great depth with how spirits interact with the process of communicating and interacting with incarnates.

Please do a journal entry after each chapter of the book about aha’s and realizations and also share with your partner or post in the facebook group.

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