In this quick video I share how to stop those negative mental loops, and annoying reacquiring thoughts in their tracks! 

Have you ever had a thought that just keeps playing over and over in your head on repeat, till it drives you crazy? You can’t stop thinking about it and every time you do, it brings up shame and guilt, pulls your focus and may even wake you up at night.

This is something most of us have dealt with, including myself, and this very simple 2-3 minute Ritual will help you stop those negative mental loops in their tracks and get rid of the anxiety that they cause. It’s super-quick and it really does work!

When we have thoughts and things in our being that are not brought to completion, then our mind can play them over and over again, distracting us and taking up space.

As we start to clear them out, we free up space for inner peace, for love and for opportunities to come in and create the things we want to invite and manifest in our life.

This is an easy, quick but very powerful Ritual you can do anywhere, anytime to find conscious solutions to the thoughts and questions that keep popping up on your radar, plaguing your inner peace and distracting you from your true focus.

Allow your Higher Self to bring these thoughts to completion and end the anxiety, shame and guilt they produce.

If you’re going to become a Spiritual Warrior and fulfill your life’s purpose, then learning to control your mind and stop the voice of the inner critic is key.

This is part of the work we do in my High Priestess Rising and Sacred Inner Circle programs… and we do SO much more to help you find and fulfill your purpose.

You’ll be hearing more about these two programs in the weeks to come – registration is now OPEN, and they are filling up fast.  🙂


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By the way… this is the last time I’m planning on doing High Priestess Rising as a live program, so if you’ve been wanting to get in on this, now’s your chance.

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