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You have a bad-ass, built-in inner guidance system, just waiting to be honed. It knows what it wants, and it knows what’s best for you. Not your parents, or teachers, or coaches, or anyone else… your SOUL.

You may have forgotten this, but it’s true, and here’s how to reclaim that part of your being. ​

​Your intuition is like the sonar tracking that the soul. I’ve often been asked, “what the heck is your intuition, anyway?”. Well, your intuition is a way of getting information and messages instinctively rather than through your rational mind or conscious reasoning.​.. ​​a​nd it’s REAL!

These messages form your intuition are whispers from deep within your soul – it’s the language of your inner self. Not everyone’s intuition works the same though. It may show up as intuitive flashes, hunches, or a gut feeling.

As children, we were all born sensitive beings that were naturally receptive and we were true to what we wanted. ​Then came social programing, our ego was formed, and our rational mind fully developed. We started to lose touch with our imagination, and most of us got disconnected from ​the inner knowing of our soul​.

The good news is that we all have the capacity to reclaim our inner knowing and ​hone this ‘sixth sense’. It’s just a matter of trusting it and using it regularly to bring it back to life. It’s a small, quiet voice at first, and will get louder and more pronounced as you use it.

​The bolder you get with what you ​want and are standing for in your life, the more the Universe responds!

At first you’ll be following cosmic breadcrumbs leading you along a path. But before you know it you’ll be tripping over giant loaves of bread! 😉

Here are 5 ways to reconnect with the calling of your soul, ​and strengthen your intuition:

1.  Feel Everything

It’s pretty simple… use how you FEEL as a gauge to know if you are following your intuition. But in order to do this, you have to feel it all, even the tough stuff. Believe me, it’s well worth the reward you’ll receive. Notice what your pattern is when you don’t want to feel something. Do you smoke, shop, drink, gossip.

We all have our different flavor of how we avoid feeling emotional pain. When you’re moving in a positive direction, your emotions will be expansive and your life will unfold gracefully. If you get off course, your feelings will be constrictive and you’ll encounter difficulty and struggle.

2.  Get Quiet

Yep, you’ve probably heard it a million times before, and meditation really is all that they say it is. It’s a practical way to clear your mind and enter a receptive state. By stilling you thoughts, you can connect more deeply with your intuitive senses. It’s best done on a regular basis.  Even taking 30 minutes of quiet time to just let your mind be still and shift your attention to your deepest feelings is HUGELY helpful. Let go of any perceptions and allow yourself to simply be open to the information coming to you.

3. Keep a Journal

Recording your insights is invaluable! This will start to strengthen your connection with your inner-self. Your subconscious communicates through imagination so be sure to record pictures, symbols, spontaneous memories or visions that come to you.


4. Be Bold With What You Want

​You want a purple room… PAINT IT. You want to go to Disneyland and run around like a 5 year old for your birthday, GO. ​And if people think you’re crazy… LET THEM. ​Do what makes you happy and makes your heart sing. Life is short, and if you go around doing what everyone else wants for you, you end up living someone else’s life. ​There’s nothing more gorgeous than a ​fully expressed life. ​


5. Trust

You have a powerful built-in inner guidance system, so use it. Your intuition really is a viable way of making decisions for yourself.  In the beginning, slowly build your trust with your intuition by following your ‘gut’ feeling.  You can practice with day-to-day decisions to sharpen your skills.

I believe our intuition is a god-given gift, and you really can learn to hone it in a powerful way. I’ve gotten pretty bold with using my intuition these days, but in the beginning, I was often off. I chose to act on what my intuition was telling me, and I had to risk looking crazy or weird to other people. Yes, sometimes I was way off, but then I started to be on more, and before I knew it people started asking me if I was psychic!


​ I’ve also gotten pretty bold with what I ask for, and what I allow myself to have. I care less and less about what people think, and I listen more to what really makes me happy, and what lights me up. ​That’s when it starts to get fun!


In love and service,

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P.S. Do you have other ways that you’ve learned to strengthen your​ intuition? I’d love to hear them, along with any questions you may have below.

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