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Create energetic boundaries & gain the confidence to use your gifts.

Your next step to powerfully using your gifts…

If you’re like most of my clients though, it’s been a lifelong struggle to learn how to set healthy boundaries and step into true, empowered sovereignty.

You are ready for deeper embodiment, and feel the urgency to act now in FULLY expressing your gifts.

Have you struggled with speaking up for yourself, putting your own needs at the bottom of the list, or not being able to set healthy boundaries?

The truth is, most people called to this work experience these challenges because they LOVE to give and have a deep desire to make a difference for others. The ability to powerfully use your gifts in a fulfilled, impactful way involves understanding energy and healing our own unhealthy energetic habits and codependency.

However, I’m sure that just knowing one more trick or practice doesn’t interest you.

You understand this is a sacred path of Divinely authentic living and embodiment, and you don’t want surface level solutions.

You desire to live in a place of trust as you FULLY step into fulfilling your sacred purpose. It’s been beckoning to you for awhile now.

“Rose guides you with love and wisdom.”

This program has been one of the most challenging for me to face, but also one of the most transformative. The learnings impacted every area of my life and made me see the world and my relationships totally in a new way. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as knowing the truth can sometimes feel raw and vulnerable. I felt so overwhelmed to finally understand the extent of my codependency, but Rose guided me with love, wisdom and many practical tools to step into a greater version of myself, one that can voice her needs!

– Jodi Walton

This program is normally $750
Today, here only, you can join TruthFULLY for only $77

Speak your truth to unleash your power…

You cannot continue to give your power away and be an agent of transformation at the same time. Knowing how to speak your truth and setting healthy boundaries is the path to your power.

Dear One, this is my wish for you…

  • You use your gifts to serve others with ZERO burnout or resentment that comes with over-giving or the inability to say no
  • You trust yourself, operating without manipulative energetic chords that cause you to question yourself or put yourself last
  • You have beautiful, deep relationships in your life where you feel seen, respected, and honored for who you truly are

Join me for a new way of integrating your empathic gifts. I’ll teach you how to …

  • Ensure your gifts energize you, not burden you.

  • Gain the clarity and support to unleash your Shamanic gifts while maintaining your sovereignty.

  • Value your own worthiness and develop the confidence to declare your true feelings.

  • Overcome the fear that’s keeping you from trusting your intuition.

  • Learn simple, practical techniques to ground yourself, protect yourself, and create energetic boundaries for the physical and spirit world.

  • Calmly and lovingly express your honest feelings with kindness and compassion.

Embracing my Shamanic gifts required owning my voice and reclaiming my power.

I lived most of my life overextended, stressed, and letting others walk all over me… all in the name of “being of service to others”. How could I powerfully practice and use my gifts if there was no time or it almost felt like a chore? I was constantly torn between my Divine calling to serve and taking care of myself.

This definitely wasn’t the sacred path I thought I signed up for.

But I was committed to FULLY owning my gifts and making a difference for this planet. I knew I needed a way to serve without losing myself. A way that was empowering, not draining.

Afterall, how could I bring the fullness of my gifts if I was constantly feeling exhausted and afraid to use my voice?

I’ve spent the last 25 years being trained in Shamanic practices and supporting others with how to break-free from codependency and reclaim their voice, and their God-given Shamanic abilities and use them to fulfill their sacred purpose.

I have seen clients evolve more in the 9 weeks of this program than they have in their entire lives.

I’ve watched people shock themselves with the deep realization of their worth and what they can create when they draw solid boundaries in their lives.

I have created a simple, yet profound path for anyone who wants to break free from relationship dynamics that aren’t in service to their highest purpose, stand FULLY in their Divine power, and be a beautiful contribution to humanity.

Welcome to TruthFULLY Empowerment Training

Own your voice to powerfully show up in the world. Navigate difficult and uncomfortable communication, maintain your energetic boundaries to stay energized, and live your sacred purpose with the power and freedom that is your Divine birthright.

What’s Included…

  • 9 video trainings that teach you how to transform these old patterns and embody your most empowered self instead

  • Handouts each week with step-by-step processes to integrate and practice your new ways of being

  • Powerful activations that support healing even the toughest codependent wounds

Access your truth buried within, and develop the courage to speak it to the world.

“Speaking our truth is the most powerful tool we have.”

– Oprah Winfrey


The work that prepares you to live with your Shamanic abilities, avoid common pitfalls and shine your light.

Align to Truth
Stop the swirling confusion and learn how to hear your own inner truth. You’ll build trust as you discover how to listen to your body and follow your intuition. Connect with your sacred path and claim your sovereignty, so you can take care of your needs while being in service to others.

Understand Energetics
Lightworkers are especially sensitive to energy and easily manipulated without even realizing it. Letting go of people pleasing tendencies is rooted in the understanding and harnessing of energy before it manifests in the physical. You’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries, say no when needed, and detox your circle of family and friends to experience more confidence and receive deeper respect.

Empowered Communication
Effective and practical skills to navigate the relationships in your life with direct, compassionate, and assertive communication. You’ll create a deeper level of connection and intimacy with those around you when you understand the difference between various communication styles. Feel empowered and valued in your relationships with the confidence to claim who you truly are.

Release Fear
Free yourself from entanglements and heal from any past pain that has you wrapped in fear. We work to overcome – and truly heal – fears which drain your energy and keep you stuck. Learn how to overcome fears related to being assertive, handle fitting in with your newfound gifts, and move past the tendency to dim your light and hide. You’ll experience profound leaps in worthiness and the true freedom in your sacred purpose after releasing all that’s stopped you from becoming what you’re meant to be.

“This course is a miracle.”

When I look back I was always hiding myself and trying to be a different person in every situation. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and my nervous system is more relaxed. Rose is pure love.

– Beth Cooper

This program is normally $750
Today, here only, you can join TruthFULLY for only $77