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A Simple Monthly Membership Rooted in Ritual

The Soul Sanctuary monthly gatherings and ritual space is designed to nurture your soul and re-code your nervous system with more peace and prosperity. I created this haven to share the beautiful practices that have been a lifeline in assisting me personally in navigating life’s sometimes bitter medicines, returning to empowered grace.

Rooted in Ancient Practice,
Sync to Celestial Rhythms,
Align to Mama Gaia’s Nourishing Seasons

Welcome to your Soul’s Sanctuary, love.

The Soul Sanctuary is a Collective who meets every full moon, as well as an online portal of healing. Dive into the rituals, healing practices and transmission from me, Rose Cole, designed to nurture your soul with more peace and prosperity.

I created this haven to share the beautiful practices and rituals that have been a lifeline in assisting me personally in navigating life’s sometimes bitter medicines, returning to empowered grace and abundance. 

May these monthly rituals, practices, and messages nourish your body, mind, and spirit, and serve as a touchstone to reduce overwhelm in this busy and unprecedented time on the planet.

Our format is simple. Each full moon we meet for a virtual gathering of personal transformation and soul alchemy.


Thursday, July 18, 2024 

See you inside!

What Our Members are Saying…

What You Receive When
You Join Us…

Live Full Moon Gathering (1 Hour and 15 Minute Live-stream) each month guided by me personally, with video replays in your portal to watch at your leisure. Expect to leave feeling calm, grounded, nourished and transformed from the inside out.

Life-changing Core Belief Work Sessions on your monthly live-stream, to release and integrate the unconscious limiting beliefs you may harbor about love, money, relationships, and worthiness. We will release on the spot whatever is keeping you from moving forward in empowered grace. (You can also experience the belief work by watching the replay…and can rewatch them to go deeper in your experience!)

Journal Prompts to bring crystalline clarity to your days in-between our live virtual gatherings, so you can unlock the door to deeper self-awareness and understanding. 

A Monthly Written Energy Forecast on how to best work with the energies of the season and the full moon, inspired by the Celtic medicine wheel of the year.

A New Moon Transmission – a freshly recorded piece of guidance on how to work with that specific new moon’s energy to boost abundance and manifestation practices.

Body Support – tap into the healing power of nature-ceuticals, herbal remedies, and practices recommended each month to regulate your nervous system, and for a boost of radiance and rejuvenation..

Soul-nourishing Rituals and Recipes for each month’s theme so you can experience tangible levels of magic and soul-level soothing in your physical vessel.

Access to a video library of past Soul Sanctuary live sessions, to enrich your evolution and enjoy at your own pace.

A playlist of heart-felt, personally curated songs by me -we think you’ll find some new favorites

Soul Sanctuary Community Hub Access to connect with kindred spirits on the path and share your journey.

Priority access and 20% off other courses and offerings from RoseCole.com and Rituality that come out each month. (This alone pays for your membership!)

This sacred collective, ritual space and full moon gathering is open to all faiths, backgrounds, and gender orientations.

Do You Feel The Call To Join Soul Sanctuary Collective?

Your investment…

$27/month, automatically billed. (Cancel anytime)

“Rituals are like medicine for the soul.”

Rose Cole

Meet Your Guide

Rose Cole
Director of The Sacred Oak Academy

Meet Rose Cole, Director of The Sacred Oak Academy, whose journey began at age five when she spoke about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to her Kindergarten class. Born into a household marked by trauma and abuse, Rose’s innate abilities were initially as natural as breathing but were suppressed over time due to chronic trauma and abuse. 

Adopted by her aunt and uncle, an Apache Native American named Albert Bianez. Rose experienced sacred ceremonies and rites of passage, inspiring her to reclaim her shamanic abilities.

For the past twenty-five years, Rose has served as a Shamanic facilitator and educator, guiding others in exploring the unseen world, quantum healing tools, and the remembrance of old, sacred traditions. 

A pioneer in Universal Shamanism, she has been featured on Forbes.com, E!, and MSNBC, featured alongside visionaries like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. 

Today, Rose dedicates herself to supporting the revival of earth-based healing traditions through activism, fundraising, and initiatives like the Soul Sanctuary Membership and The Sacred Oak Academy’s Guided Energy MedicineTM Certification.


Do I need an ongoing spiritual practice or certain experience to join?

No experience is required. People of all faiths, backgrounds, affiliations and sexual orientations are welcome inside the Soul Sanctuary. This is a safe and sacred space that feels like a place to come fill up your cup and find kindred souls.

Do I have to commit to a whole year?

No, you can unsubscribe from the Soul Sanctuary Monthly Membership at any time.

Due to the 20% discounted nature of the yearly pay in full plan, the annual plan is non-refundable. We understand that everyone’s circumstances vary, and we strive to offer options that cater to individual preferences. Thank you for your understanding.

What if I miss a full moon gathering? Is there a replay?

Yes, replays of all virtual gatherings will be available to you, with as much potency as if you were attending live. We’re also creating a library inside so you can tap into the magic of past sessions at your leisure.

I’d Love to See You Inside the Soul Sanctuary, The Ritual Space for More Peace and Prosperity

Your investment…

$27/month, automatically billed. (Cancel anytime)