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Dear One,

Welcome to the Beautyway path...

These are intense times we currently live in.

Shadow aspects of ourselves that have been lying dormant within us all are now rising up on the surface for all to see. Reflections of our collective pain, confusion and disconnection are displaying themselves worldwide causing ripples of hopelessness and fear.

That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important for us to call in the light in each of us to bring forth a flood of loving energy, peace and truth to the planet. By enlivening the flames of growth in our lives we can set ablaze a global wildfire of positive change in evolution.

Stand with us, as we stand for the light, within and without. Come and be held, guided and supported within the loving arms of Sacred Community to embrace peace in our hearts and mind, and allowing Divine bliss in our lives.

To “Walk In Beauty “means to walk in harmony with all things - people, ideas, animals, nature… and with life!

Thinking and acting in a Beauty Way completely shifts your perspective on life. You move from victim mode — everything bad happens to me — or judging mode — this is great, this sucks — to curiosity and a desire to find your own truth.

That is Walking In Beauty. Living in a more authentic way that’s in alignment with your Spirit.

This path is about stepping beyond the story, and walking a path of grace, surrender, and unconditional love, no matter what life presents us with.

We can't wait to share this sweet path and philosophy with you!

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What we share in this Sacred Community ...

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The Practice of Singing Medicine Songs - The powerful Native Medicine songs that we use are prayers and a meditative practice. Recalibrating the nervousness, quieting the mind, and bringing you into alignment with your true essence so you may walk in a state of grace. We’ll also share how to create your own medicine songs.

Creating Spiritual Resiliency - Change is the only constant and it's not always pretty. Death. Divorce. We’ll be sharing practices for anchoring deeply into the Divine to withstand the ebbs and flows of life. Remain peacefully grounded with absolute reassurance you can handle all circumstances with grace and ease.

The Ancient Art of Smudging for Modern Times - Smudging is the burning of herbs as a spiritual practice. This is an integral part of Native American life that brings you into a meditative state, connecting you deeply with source... grounding you to the Divine and accessing higher realms. It also aids in cleansing and removing stuck negative energy.

Embodying Unconditional Love - What if you could hold love in your heart for those who have hurt you the most? Love is all there is! Release yourself from the sufferings of the past through genuine forgiveness to live a life where love rules all. Draw from the strength of Universal love to be truly free and set powerful boundaries to honor yourself.

The Art Of Rituality - Rituality is a way of living that teaches us to explore each moment and to find our own unique truth. Let every moment in your life be an opportunity to be present – to revive, to grow, to thrive. Craft your personal and professional realities with simple, everyday rituals that ground you in truth. We’ll be sharing how to reclaim your own traditions and create your personal healing rituals.

Surrender - Stop struggling to swim upstream against the inevitability of change and learn to float joyfully downstream with the flows of life. Move past obstacles quickly and effortlessly without resistance. Take on the view that everything and everyone is a gift here to serve you! Welcome whatever life presents with an attitude of celebration!

Optional Group Cleanse - There are two different cleanse options to choose from that balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and repair your endocrine system. This is how we attune and harmonize our physical body so we may each walk as the lights we came to be in the world. You’re welcome to join along live with us or hold onto your cleanse instructions for when the timing is right for you. This is also great to do with your friends or partner.

The Ceremonial Practice of "Calling in the Directions" - Restore your right relationship with all creation, and with your inner self. The practice of knowing where East, South, West, and North are in relationship to you (as well as Above, Below and Within), reestablishes your awareness of these archetypal energies that each direction has within you, and reawakens them. The effect of activating these qualities is that it facilitates heightened awareness and awakening. You are then anchored and grounded at the center of this web of possibilities and guidance for yourself.

Deepen Into Ancient Wisdom - Learn to reclaim your innate connection to Source and heal yourself alongside the world. In this community we support each other as Sisters, as we journey to create a life of peace, happiness and abundant blessings.


Meet Your Guides

Rose Cole

ABOUT Rose Cole

Rose Cole is a practiced medicine woman, visionary leader and world-renowned speaker, who has been featured guest on popular TV networks such as E! and MSNBC. As a preeminent mentor and spiritual guide she has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives. After a spiritual awakening in her twenties, Rose left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to others through hosting a series of inspirational programs, retreats, and ceremonies, writing books and sharing a powerful way of living she calls ‘Rituality’, which restores harmony to self and the world. A loving mother to her daughter Violet, she thrives in living her Sacred Purpose in San Diego, CA.

Tifanny Smith

ABOUT Tiffany Smith

​Tiffany Smith is a spiritual guide, herbalist, healer, and educator of the sacred ways of the Native Americans. She does her work through counseling, bodywork, and community outreach. An accomplished Native American bead-worker, and jewelry maker, Tiffany is also a Native American singer and keeper of the ancient sacred songs. There are few people you will meet in your lifetime who walk their path with as much humility and grace.

Sharon Ellis

ABOUT Sharon Ellis

Powerful spiritual mentor to many, Sharon Ellis has been practicing and walking this medicine path for almost 40 years. As medicine woman, and our dear elder, Sharon uses healing tools from a wide array including natural health practices and a unique type of bodywork that she created to unlock and release trauma from the mind and body, bring about profound integration of the self. Sharon is an expert in building spiritual resiliency, and is a true testament to walking the path of Beauty.

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The "Walking In Beauty" Prayer...

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The Navajo (Dine’) Way Prayer and Blessing -- “Hozho naasha”

The closest translation of the word “hozho” to English is a combination of the words “natural order”, “beauty”, and “harmony”.

In this path, walking in beauty is “To witness the One-in-All and the All-in-One".

This prayer invites us to pause, and look for the beauty in everything. When we focus on finding the beauty in All, we are in appreciation of the One, which creates a connection to our Higher Self, our Intuition, Inner Peace, Supra Universal Consciousness and the Divine Love.

This Navajo (Dine’) Prayer and Blessing remind us that beauty -- connection to Divine Love -- is all around us as we walk through our everyday lives.

Here is a version of that prayer and blessing:

Walk In Beauty Prayer

May Beauty walk to the right of me

May Beauty walk to the left of me

May Beauty walk in front of me

May Beauty walk behind me

May Beauty walk below me

May Beauty walk above me

As I walk... I am Beauty

All is Beautiful again

May we all walk in Beauty


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Weekly, Live Divine Activation Calls! - Join from anywhere in the world right through your computer or phone. Here’s where you’ll come for your weekly grounding and tapping into the Divine.This is where we will be sharing the philosophies, medicine songs, and daily practices of walking this path of beauty. You’ll also receive a recording of each of the calls to refer back to.

Access Our Spiritual Transcendence Audio Library! - You’ll also receive over 55 audio downloads featuring the latest techniques in Spiritual Awakening and Transcendence. Here are just a few of the titles you’ll enjoy:

"Decoding & Purging Outdated Beliefs From Our Nervous System"
“How To Move Away From Chaos & Towards Integration In Your Life”
“Raising Empowered Empathetic Children of The New Paradigm”

2 Optional Cleanses! - There are two different cleanse options to choose from, along with handouts, that balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and repair your endocrine system. This is how we attune and harmonize our physical body so we may each walk as the lights we came to be in the world.

Exclusive Invitations To Walk In Beauty Live Ceremonies & Events! You’ll be the first to know about live events and ceremonies reserved ONLY for Walk In Beauty Sister Tribe members. These are very precious, and intimate Sacred gatherings… as we come together in Sisterhood. We would LOVE to meet you in person!


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