Optimal Energy Recipes Cookbook

77 Quick Meals to Lose Weight and Increase Your Energy All-Naturally…


These incredibly EASY to make, all-natural recipes will have you whipping up nutritious and delicious meals for you and your family, like a seasoned gourmet chef…

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If you want to Lose Weight, Increase Your Energy, and
Live a Happier, Healthier Life, then…this is the ONLY cookbook you’ll ever need!

Well Friends — if you’ve been looking for a way to eat better, live healthier and supercharge your diet with meals made from the freshest all-natural, organic ingredients… then you’re going to LOVE the new, expanded edition of my cookbook, “Optimal Energy Recipes – 77 Quick Meals to Lose Weight and Increase Your Energy All-Naturally”

Inside, it’s packed with dozens of specially formulated recipes (including 22 brand-new ones you’re going to love!) with over 1/3 of them being “raw” or “living” recipes… an expanded resource center filled with all the info you need – and all the answers you’ve searched for – about the advantages of eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and soy free…

These recipes are not only absolutely DELICIOUS, but they can also:

  • Help you lose weight more easily!
  • Give you more energy!
  • Fortify your body with disease preventing anti-oxidents!
  • Fight off the free radicals that can cause premature aging!
  • Let you enjoy clearer, younger, more radiant skin!
  • And more!

I know it sounds incredible, but it’s true.

Just a short time ago I was in very ill health. I was 25 pounds overweight, my skin was dull and lifeless, and I had psoriasis and ugly red blotches everywhere… To make matters worse, I was suffering from chronic sinus and digestion problems. I was lethargic and felt tired all the time. I was in complete despair.

After years of searching for a solution from doctors, I met a woman who gave me the SECRET to healing my body. A naturopath, she gave me a list of foods I was to add to my diet… and those I was to avoid at all costs.

With nothing to lose, I gave it a try… and the results were astonishing!

Two weeks into my new diet, my psoriasis cleared completely for the first time in my life. Ten pounds slipped right off my body. My brain fog lifted and my confidence soared. The low energy and fatigue I had experienced for so long vanished. My sinus problems? Gone. My digestion problems? Gone.

I was a completely different person. And it was all due to the superfoods I was now putting into my body. (And the damaging foods I was keeping out.)

And now YOU can enjoy these same incredible benefits as easily as I did, with the delicious recipes I’ve created for you in the new edition of my cookbook.

Every easy-to-make recipe in the “Optimal Energy Recipes” Cookbook is:

  • Gluten FREE
  • Dairy FREE
  • Sugar FREE
  • And most importantly, Soy FREE!

And like I mentioned earlier, more than one-third of the recipes are “raw” or “living”… allowing you to gain the utmost nutritional benefit and enzymes from the foods you’re eating!

These recipes are perfect for anyone in your family with food intolerances… Now everyone can enjoy delicious and nutrient-rich meals, without worry…

Like my famous Power Salad, Simple Baked Salmon, Chocolate Aztec Smoothie, Home-Made Ginger Tea, “Raw” Key Lime Pie, and my most popular recipe, my Superfood Chocolate Candy! (BONUS: Since so many of you have begged me for this recipe, I’ve decided to give it to you FREE! See below, and tell me it isn’t the most delicious “good for you” treat you’ve ever had!)

And don’t worry about having to search high and low for exotic or impossible to find ingredients… If I think for a minute you won’t be able to find it easily, it doesn’t make the cut in my recipes. Everything I use is easy to find, either in your hometown market, or from my online sources.

You’ll even learn exactly what to look for when shopping, and which ingredients make the most flavorful and healthiest substitutes for what you’re using now…

Like Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil… not only an excellent cooking oil, but one of the healthiest foods on the planet…

Millet… a very tasty, gluten-free grain that’s a terrific source of manganese, phosphorus and magnesium… and also extremely beneficial for your heart…

And Agave Nectar… an all-natural, honey-like sweetener that, unlike sugar, has a very low glycemic index.

Just making these small changes in what ingredients you use will have huge, profound changes in your health!

And every one of my recipes has been “Kitchen Tested” by me personally. Since I could burn water if I wasn’t careful, I wanted to make sure they were so easy to whip together, even I could look like a gourmet chef!

You and your family will love them!

The best part is, my “Optimal Energy Recipes” Cookbook is delivered to you digitally. Which means as soon as you order it, you’ll get your instant download instructions. And you’ll be cooking up a delicious, nutritious superfood meal for your family tonight!


Download these free samples of my most popular recipes from the cookbook…


Superfood Chocolate Candy — This is my most popular recipe!


Quinoa Salad — This super quick salad can be served hot or cold, and is VERY versatile!

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