High Priestess Training – eBook

High Priestess Training

The Conscious Woman’s Handbook for Making A Bigger Impact In The World While Creating The Life Of Your Dreams…


I’ll show you the exact steps to help you find your purpose, elevate your vibration, and manifest a life of bliss – while making a bigger impact on the planet…

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Here’s what is included in this program:

High Priestess TrainingeBook The Conscious Woman’s Handbook for Making A Bigger Impact In The World While Creating The Life Of Your Dreams
“Elevate”Audio Download The “Elevate” audio explains what a High Priestess is and ignites a fire within every woman who listens to it. Just listening to this audio increases your consciousness and vibration. I am holding a big space for you to step into, and I’m not going to stop believing that you are capable of stepping into and occupying this new space. Get ready!
“Physical Frequency”Audio Download This segment is about how to get healthy and increase your physical vibration so you can increase your intuition and use your body as a tuning-fork for source energy and inspiration to flow through… and that’s just the beginning!
“Emotional Emergence”Audio Download Learn how I overcame a life-long battle with depression without medication, and what you can do to emotionally step up as a High Priestess.
“Mental Mastery”Audio Download STOP Anxiety in its tracks.You know that little voice in your head that tries to sabotage you and tells you over and over again that you’re a fraud or that you’re not worthy of having your dream life? Learn in this segment how to find the “stop” button and how to get out of other sabatoging mental loops.
“Claiming Your Throne”Audio Download Now that you have the tools to transform yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, learn in this segment how to use all of these pieces to fulfill your purpose and mission on this planet and get your message out into the world.
“How To Manifest… So You Live The Life Of A High Priestess”Audio Download If you don’t have the money to invest in yourself and do everything you want to do in life, it’s because you don’t know the secrets of manifesting. I watched The Secret and it didn’t work for me, but these techniques Rose shares here with world renown business intuitive Katherine Dever really work, and work FAST.
“How To Make Your Dream Life A Reality”Audio Download In this audio Rose shows how to create your own reality and manifest *anything* that you want to draw into your life. There is no limit ladies! You will be forever transformed after listening…
“Balancing Brain Chemistry to Banish Self-Doubt”Audio Download Many people experience anxiety, depression, rage, or get trapped in unproductive mental loops. In this audio you’ll receive a free questionnaire to help identify imbalances in your brain chemistry which can take you farther away from living your true potential!
“Play Big”Audio Download This audio truly is about Empowerment. Different people may have different meanings for that word, but after listening to this audio, you will have a new and improved definition of the word Empowerment and how to use it to your advantage to create the huge upward spiral movement in your life that makes dreams a reality. This is BIG!!! Prepare to have your heart opened and your mind expanded…
“How To Harness Feminine Power”Audio Download In this audio you will learn how to rediscover your juicy femininity, sensuality and creativity. You will also learn the secret to tuning into your intuitive power leading to a life of inner contentment and outer magnificence. It is time to start living again ladies!

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