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Collagen Metabolic Clearing Formula — Grassfed-collagen, Multivitamin, Mineral & Herbal Detox Powder

Metabolic Clearing Formula is SO much more than a protein powder! This advanced formulation containing grass-fed collagen protein and targeted amino acids is intended to support the intestines, liver detoxication, sugar metabolism, and reduce inflammation. Hydrolyzed collagen, a hypoallergenic protein source, may support the gastrointestinal function and muscular system, as well as hair, skin, nail, and joint health… Read More »

thumb-hptOptimal Energy Recipes Cookbook — eBook

This isn’t just any old cookbook! Every recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. And they are E-A-S-Y to prepare. Seriously, I’m not a professional chef. I always joke that I’m lucky I don’t burn water! If I can make this stuff, you can too… Read More »

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thumb-hptHigh Priestess Training — eBook

The Conscious Woman’s Handbook for Making A Bigger Impact In The World While Creating The Life Of Your Dreams. I’ll show you the exact steps to help you find your purpose, elevate your vibration, banish depression, and manifest a life of bliss – while making a bigger impact on the planet… Read More »

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