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An 8-Week Journey of Energy Sovereignty & Shamanic Medicine Tools. Learn to Work with Energy to Develop Deep-Rooted Presence, Integrating Ancestral Trauma, & Developing Inner Sight.

Starting Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What is Earth Wisdom Keepers?

This is a class in a series of courses for people who desire to become a living prayer, to develop their shamanic healing abilities, and to help restore the balance of Mother Earth and all her relations. Each course imparts ancient wisdom for living in modern times with more balance, presence and developing your spiritual gifts.

It’s for those wishing to embrace their truer purpose for being here – those willing to do the inner and outer work to become a hollow bone for Spirit to work though

And it starts with learning to master your shamanic energetics.…

Bringing Balance to Ourselves & Planet Earth to further your sacred service in the world

Join a rising tide…

When we reconnect with the wisdom of the earth, we reconnect with Source. And together with others, we create a movement— a rising tide.

We are reconnecting back to our true nature, the natural world, and the Source of all Creation… to truly RE-source, or reconnect us with Source, as we become Earth Wisdom Keepers once more. 

A significant part of becoming Earth Wisdom Keepers is learning to work with and master our own energetics. As wayshowers, we are learning to once more be rooted in high-frequency energies, regardless of what happens around us. 

But first we must learn how to integrate past and ancestral traumas that negatively impact our energetic field and weaken our spiritual sovereignty.  And just as importantly, we must learn how to protect our shamanic energy fields from unaligned outside influences.

This 8-week live, virtual training is for people who care about the spiritual evolution of our human race, and who are willing to do the inner work of shamanic mastery to be the change that is needed to bring about balance on planet Earth.

8-Weeks to Repair, Fortify, and Radiate Your Energy Field for Deep-rooted Presence & Developing Your Inner Sight

In this 8-week live, virtual course you will learn indispensable energy hygiene practices and rituals – essential life tools for all empaths for protection, cleansing and uplifting your energy. It is particularly key for those serving clients, practicing healing modalities, or are on a path of accelerating awakening.

This virtual, live training course (not pre-recorded), is a unique opportunity to join together in come-UNITYwith other individuals interested in learning foundational shamanic tools and coming into full ownership of their energetic sovereignty and gifts in healthy ways. 

Led by our founder, Rose Cole, you will learn techniques for maintaining healthy energetic boundaries and integrating past and ancestral traumas that negatively compromise your energetic field. We will be learning to cultivate an inner self peace that makes us impenetrable to outside forces that may negatively impact us.

Shamanic energy mastery focuses on the practice of energetic hygiene, which involves working with the perispirit energy field, and clearing negative energies from our shamanic energy fields and spaces so we may come into our full sovereignty.

And, there is SO much more to this 8-week live, guided course…

This course is for you if…

You can walk into a space and feel heavy energy, but don’t know how to shift it

You often feel depleted after being in public spaces or working with clients

You feel a calling within your soul to study and understand one of the biggest foundational principles of shamanism… working with energy!

You wish you could control how much of other people’s energies you felt or took on, but don’t know how (yet)

You often wonder “is this feeling mine, or someone else’s?”

You’re curious about how the energies of the spirit world affect and impact your energetic field

You have a client base or interact with a team every day and need better practices to clear their energy from your field

You’re ready to learn practical and almost immediate ways to mitigate anxiety and lower vibrational energies

You wish to develop your shamanic gifts and abilities in the most safe and ethical way

You find yourself wishing you knew how to engage with the world without shutting down or hiding away from being overly sensitive

You desire to develop a deep sense of presence and mindfulness that makes you unshakable to outside forces and external influences

Do you feel exhausted or depleted at the end of most days? Have you ever felt torn between your Divine calling to serve and your need to take care of yourself? 

What we often hear is that there are so many people waking up and becoming sensitive to subtle energies, and many don’t know how to effectively manage their shamanic energetics. 

Many get burnt out and need to leave their professions – social workers, teachers, counselors, health care workers, leaving their jobs in droves from burnout. 

This is because they don’t know how to work with their shamanic energy field and they’re overloading their system, taking on energy from others. People can become depressed or even gravely sick.

Case in Point…

One woman, our past student, was a counselor working with troubled and at-risk teens. She started to experience so much anxiety and depression that she was about to quit her job!

Within one week of learning these tools, she had a miraculous turnaround. Her depression was gone, her anxiety lifted, she reclaimed her energetic sovereignty, and blossomed into the next version of herself that she didn’t even know was possible.

By learning shamanic energy mastery she transformed into a woman able to continue the beautiful work she’s doing in service to at-risk adolescents who need her care and support.

“The positive ripple effects of energy mastery are priceless and almost unimaginable! When we learn to work with and hone our shamanic energy field, protect our fields from outside influences, and clear past ancestral trauma, a new sense of presence, peace, and empowerment takes root, and our spiritual gifts blossom.”

– Rose Cole, Founder

If you’re like most people, it’s been a lifelong challenge to set healthy relationship and energetic boundaries –  not to mention protecting your subtle energy –  and finally step into feeling true, empowered sovereignty.

The truth is, most people called to this sacred work experience these challenges because they LOVE to give and have a deep desire to make a difference for others. 

The ability to powerfully use your gifts in a fulfilled, impactful way involves understanding energy and transforming our own unhealthy energetic habits and learning to walk through the world with healthy energy boundaries in place. 

If you are ready for deeper embodiment, and feel the sacred call to fully express your gifts without burnout or exhaustion then you’re invited to join us for this special “Shamanic Energy Mastery” 8-Week virtual course.

What You’ll be Learning Inside The “Shamanic Energy Mastery” Course…

How to remove negative energies from your shamanic energy field

Daily practices for grounding, awakening, and opening up awareness

How to pick up on dense energies that manifest as physical or emotional pain, illness, or other forms of discomfort

Practical energy clearing tools and techniques

The foundational principles of how our energetic field is impacted by the spirit world

How to develop deep presence that makes you unshakable and fortifies your energetic field

Developing meta cognition – being able to powerfully observe yourself

How to develop a daily spiritual practice to maintain energetic balance and promote overall well-being

How to integrate past and ancestral traumas that may be compromising your energetic field

How to clear your shamanic energy field of influence from outside forces

Training to create what our founder coined as the term “Shamanic Field”… and use this shamanic field to alchemize any space you’re in

A solid foundation for developing yourself as a shamanic practitioner, or a practitioner of the healing arts

Here’s What You Get When You Say “Yes”
to this Earth Wisdom Keepers Course:

Welcome to “Shamanic Energy Mastery.” Maintain your energetic boundaries to stay energized, and live the sacred purpose that is your Divine birthright. You will be provided a supportive environment to train in ancient energy medicine techniques adapted for modern times.

Starting Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What’s Included in Our 8-Week Journey?

Weekly 2-Hour Live Training Classes, via livestream video (and recordings, if you can’t make it live). This is where you’ll learn the methods, skills, and practices of Energy Mastery directly from our founder and pioneer of Universal Shamanism, Rose Cole. This course is not just theoretical, but very experiential. 

Weekly Group Study Calls – A live gathering in small groups with your fellow students to practice the tools, receive support, and develop your shamanic abilities with group practices.

Access to a Dedicated Facebook Group – A place to bring questions and receive answers any day of the week. In this safe space, students can celebrate breakthroughs, receive support and share insights with fellow seekers – these are your people!

Handouts & Resources with step-by-step processes to integrate and practice these profound methods and new ways of being.

This course is taught as a live, interactive virtual training over Zoom video. This is not pre-recorded material.

This isn’t just a course… it’s a group of awakening souls stepping bravely together into the new world we are co-creating to birth a New Earth. It’s a movement to RE-member the sacred ways, become Earth Wisdom Keepers and Masters of our Shamanic Energy.

The course is suitable for anyone interested in learning energy medicine and shamanic practices, regardless of their experience level.

This is not a quick-fix or superficial solution. This is a sacred path of Divinely-guided authentic living, embodiment, and deeply transformational experiences.

Participants of Shamanic Energy Mastery will have opportunities to share their experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance directly from our founder, Rose Cole, and her faculty.

Live Calls Begin Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

About Our Founder, Rose Cole

Welcome, I’m Rose Cole,

I guess you could say I’ve lived an interesting life. 🙂

At age 5, while other kids were bringing a doll or toy for show-and-tell day at school, I gave my first talk about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to the kindergarten class. I could describe my past lives in vivid detail, speak with ancestors who’d passed on, and recite languages I had no experience with in this lifetime. 

But then my whole life changed…

Both of my parents developed mental illness and drug addictions, and there was a lot of severe abuse, trauma, and neglect that developed in my household. My life felt like a perpetual shifting of sand beneath my feet. I learned to shut down my senses and seeing out of self preservation. Eventually Child Protective Services stepped in and I was placed in the first care system and became a ward of the state. 

But the abuse had already taken its toll. I was in a constant state of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and almost always on the verge of a panic attack. My childhood felt like a never ending living hell.

After several years, I was adopted and raised by my aunt and an indigenous medicine man, Alber Bianez – also known as “Bitterroot”.  Through the shamanic path I began to heal myself quantumly. I reclaimed my shamanic seeing, and re-membered my sacred purpose on this planet – to assist others in learning the medicines of the unseen world, quantum healing tools, and the RE-membrance of the old, sacred ways. 

I’ve made it my mission to support the movement and revival of earth-based-healing traditions, through activism, fundraising, and my school, The Sacred Oak Academy – Guided Energy MedicineTM Certification.

I’m also an ordained minister and recognized medicine carrier of the Oklevueha Native American Church, and president of the non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. It has been my joy and honor to facilitate people on this path for over 25 years.

Alongside my faculty, I train spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, and emerging healers from all over the world.

I’ve been featured in spaces like Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, assisting others in the RE-membrance of how to bring the sacred into everyday life. I’ve authored multiple books, and take great joy in speaking on stages around the world aside such world visionaries as Depak Chopra and Marriane Williamson.

It is my greatest joy and honor to help you step into the most embodied, sacred version of you – an Earth Keeper – a person living their Divine mission in real time, so we may birth the New Earth together. 

I look forward to meeting you, love 🙂

What past students have said…

“It will change your life.”

I created more structure in my spiritual practice and learned how to protect my energetic space and how others can subtly influence you. This course is really important.

– Melissa Yannitell, Energetic Lightworker

“It was so deeply healing.”

I have been able to realign my vibrational energies and have freed myself from energies that were tied to holding patterns and trauma – I’ve been able to integrate or release what was no longer for my highest and best.

– Augusta Wyatt

“I am more grounded. My work has improved.”

Before, I was really in my head about everything. I think clearer now. I am more grounded and have the tools to ground myself when I don’t feel grounded. My work life as a yoga studio manager has also improved since learning the tools. Before I would be upset for a whole day after interacting with someone who was upset, but I can now see them going through their own process and it doesn’t have to affect me. I’m less worried about what everyone else is doing and less affected by their energy now.

– Emily Bean-McFaddin

“It was miraculous.”

Through the energy work and the processes that we learn I was able to open up to this healing. It has upleveled me to another vibration and it feels so awesome to be able to live in this space with new boundaries. I haven’t ever felt this…I don’t even know the word…Divine. Sovereign. Whole.

– Deanne Rose, Healer & Transformation Guide

“Stepped into a great version of myself.”

I felt so overwhelmed to finally understand the extent of my codependency, but Rose guided me with love, wisdom and many practical tools to step into a greater version of myself, one that can voice her needs!

– Jodi Walton

“This course is a miracle.”

When I look back I was always hiding myself and trying to be a different person in every situation. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and my nervous system is more relaxed. Rose is pure love.

– Beth Cooper

This live 8-week program is normally $1,500. Today, you can join “Shamanic Energy Mastery” for only $997

Live Calls Begin Wednesday, February 28th, 2024