Discover Your Sacred Purpose

Your Sacred Purpose:
The Key To Embodying And Fulfilling
Your Hidden Spiritual Calling

by Rose Cole

February 23, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you were meant for something more?

Do you find yourself craving more from your relationships, your spiritual path, and your work in the world?

If you’re like most of the women I’ve coached and worked with over the past 15 years, you probably have.

I can relate:

A few years ago, I asked myself these same questions.

I had everything most women believe they desire.

On paper, my life looked wonderful. But underneath, I knew I was out of alignment with who the Universe was calling me to be.

And here’s what really surprised me:

The intuition guiding me to ask these questions came from an unlikely source.

(I’ll explain what I mean in just a moment.)

It took years to decode what this was all about. I knew I had to put what I was receiving from this Divine Guidance into something women everywhere could use.

Finally, when I put it to use on myself, the results were beyond my wildest imagination:

I wound up experiencing a life that once I only DREAMED was possible:

A fulfillment that transcends worry, doubts, and fears…

A connection to Source that feels as if I’m hard-wired to joy…

And abundance in every single area of my existence.

Monetary bliss, relationship ecstasy, and a sense of purpose that defies description.

Dear Sister, I’m not unique. And I’ve seen these same results in hundreds of other women I’ve worked with since decoding this Spiritual Message.

I tell you this not to brag, but to impress something upon your soul. It’s the most important Spiritual Truth I’ve ever discovered:

Unless you uncover this “Hidden Calling” and fully embody Your Sacred Purpose, you cannot experience the life you desire.

What is “Your Sacred Purpose”?

Excitement20141217_0979It’s the reason you came here in human form in this lifetime.

It’s the ONE THING you were literally designed to do.

And, it’s often hidden from you. You may believe you already know what it is, while all along your true Sacred Purpose remains out of sight.

But the person who gave you your Sacred Purpose may surprise you:

YOU were the one who created it.

You determined your reason for coming here in this lifetime. Along with Source, YOU chose your Sacred Purpose: the destiny you desired to fulfill.

Amazing, isn’t it?

That’s why Your Sacred Purpose is BY FAR the most important thing you can discover, and the single most vital path to your greatest spiritual potential.

No amount of self-help, inner work, or even spiritual practices can give you what Your Sacred Purpose was designed, by you, to give the entire world.

Before I share a wonderful video with you on the 4 Steps to discovering your Sacred Purposes…

Steps I call The 4 Divine Phases

I feel called to share the 3 biggest challenges women like us face in 2016 when it comes to realizing and fully embodying your Sacred Purpose…

Roadblock #1:
“I Have A Pretty Good Life!”

Remembrance or inner voice20150322_0827Oh, it’s so true, dear Sister! We can “Bliss-Block” our way right out of ultimate prosperity, happiness, and significance in the world by being overly modest. And, if we’re being honest with ourselves, sometimes we are living just a “tiny” bit in that far away land called “Denial” : )

Yes, you probably have a good life. It may even be a great life.

And, at the same time, I’m here to tell you that without your Sacred Purpose Divinely guiding your next decision, you are living life below your spiritual means.

I did this for years. I did a wonderful job convincing myself that “I had it all”. Yet deep down inside there was that still, quiet voice… the one that whispered to me at various times, and nudged me toward a more realistic view of my life.

Maybe your inner voice says the same things to you… like:

“You’re meant for something more…”

“There’s an impact on the world you were designed to create…”

“The destiny you were meant to experience is waiting… will you please come this way?…”

If you haven’t acted on that voice, today is the day. Just remember: you may be stuck in the comfort zone, and letting a “good” life interfere with your best life.

Let’s transcend that right now!

Roadblock #2:
“I’m Afraid.”

mental loops20141028_0847Oh, I was too my Dear. I was SO afraid. At times, I was terrified. When the Universe calls you, you can either Avoid or Answer.

I was in full Avoidance mode for years! And one of the reasons was I was afraid. Afraid of my potential. Afraid others, especially my romantic partners over the years, would leave me if I stood up and let my light truly shine. Afraid of the responsibility that True Sacred Purpose entails. Afraid of leaving friends and loved ones behind.

Let me tell you the secret to getting over the fear: realizing that you will go through endless amounts of needless pain and discomfort unless you Answer the Divine! As afraid as you may be, dear Sister, you should really fear NOT taking action.

It requires far more effort to say out of alignment to your Sacred Purpose than to align yourself to it. Sure, it takes a leap on your part. A leap of faith and courage. A leap few women will dare to make.

This is not meant to be harsh Love, but if you think you’ve gone through tough times now… wow. Choose to ignore Your Sacred Purpose (which after today, you really should not do!) and life will only get more painful.

More emotionally challenging. More lonely. More disconnected.

Source (God, the Universe, or however you relate to the Creator) has a plan… and you were the co-architect of that plan. Ignore it, and you’ll be prodded by life until you stand up and claim your Divine Rite.

Think of it this way:

When you touch a hot stove, your hand recoils in pain. The blisters form, and the pain can linger for days, even weeks.

Your soul is no different.

The Universe is desperately trying to get your attention right now, even as we speak. You’re touching a hot stove, dear Sister! And unless you discover your Sacred Purpose, that pain will continue in order to get your attention. It’s done out of love, not hate or punishment.

Will you remove your hand from the stove for me? : ) Will you decide today to say “YES” to the calling that you yourself helped to create, before you were ever born?

Trust me: nothing is as fulfilling as the journey you’re about to take… and it’s one that can erase your fears. That’s the great deception: that your Sacred Purpose is “scary”. In reality, living outside of it is the only thing you need to fear!

Roadblock #3:
“I Don’t Know What To Do Next.”

confidence and authority20150914_0933I can relate. I had to decode this for years in order to figure it out. And only after working with hundreds of women, much like yourself, was I finally able to create a kind of “Spiritual Map”

A Guide to Your Sacred Purpose.

I’ve put this Spiritual Map to the test so many times. I am still blown away every time I see a woman’s light turn on… often for the first time ever. The joy and abundance they experience is overwhelming to me…

And I desire this for you so much!

That’s why I’ve created a 45-minute Sacred Purpose training video for you. It’s on the next page.

I’ll cover The 4 Divine Phases to realizing and embracing Your Sacred Purpose.

I’ll also share some of the most intimate aspects of my own journey with you. It’s kind of personal, but I feel it’s vital that you hear everything.

I’ll also give you some wonderful tips to realizing more abundance in every area of your life.

At the end of the training, I’ll invite you to take part in the entire Sacred Purpose Journey.

I’ll be your guide, and you’ll be joined by a host of like-minded Sisters waiting to walk beside you.

Click on the button below right now, and let’s begin our journey together…