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Feng shui is the ancient art and science of balancing the energies of your physical space so that the energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home and business environment.

It’s based on the concept that everything in your
environment is made out of energy, and has a life force or energy called “chi.”

It’s pretty simple… It just feels good and supports what you want out of life – whether it’s a better career, new romance, improved health, or more income. (FYI… Feng Shui is NOT a meditation practice, a religion, or a New Age cult.) Read more »

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A Ritual to De-stress, Stimulate Your Lymphatic System, & Fight Cellulite Too!

DrySkin-3bSummer’s almost here! Ready to step into summer like that new green grass is your personal red carpet? It is time to glow like that sun is your personal photographer on the runway, and awaken your body and your consciousness to start this season loving YOU!

One way we do that is through taking breathe awareness and intention into our day, and creating meaningful rituals. It’s about incorporating small presence-creating moments into our day that help revive our consciousness and create a life that is fully awake.

Below is one such ritual – a dry skin brushing practice that can remove toxins, exfoliate skin, and help with cellulite (yes that word that makes us all wince just a little). No more wincing– get brushing! Read more »

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You’re not broken. You were never broken. You’re actually perfect, and you’re exactly where you are supposed to be on your journey.

Like most people, I’ve experienced immense heartbreak in my life and could write a whole book about the pain caused by the (conscious and unconscious) selfish, vicious acts of humans that I’ve witnessed and endured.

Much like you, I’ve done a ton of every type of personal development and holistic healing work – I love it like Lady Gaga loves crazy hats. One of my biggest realizations EVER came this year when I realized, through my meditations, that as a soul having a human experience, no one can actually hurt me emotionally without my permission. Read more »

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Simple, natural beauty treatments using Ayurvedic ingredients
help promote balance and serenity, and improve skin texture.Scrub

But this ritual is about much more then just external beauty. Beauty recipes and tips like these have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. When we take time to primp ourselves, chemicals release from the brain that are very de-stressing and anti-aging for the whole body. That’s the beauty of incorporating beauty rituals like this into our daily lives. Read more »

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Bath-cropBath rituals have been used for thousands of years to soften and nourish the skin, and to ignite love and passion.

An aphrodisiac is a substance that enhances or stimulates passion and sexual arousal, and aromatherapy really does work! Throughout history, sweet smelling scents have been used to lure your beloved. After all… flowers are actually the sex organ of the plant. Hm, no sexual innuendos there!

The lactose in milk helps to gently exfoliate without over-drying, and make your skin SUPER soft.So light some candles, and pamper your lover (and yourself) in this luxurious bath! Read more »

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How to Use Spiritual Principles from Disney to Create Your Own Happily Ever After…

e41d8e817237e1b601e13cfd7c7f4b80A lot of adults, including many​ of my friends, really have something against Disney. They think they’re all about selling chotchkes and making money … I even had a conversation with a guy who said Disney is evil and their message is harmful to children, making them think that they can be princesses, everything will work out perfectly in the end; your prince charming is out there and you’ll live happily ever after.

Well, that’s exactly what I want my daughter Violet to grow up believing. Instead of the common limiting beliefs like, “life is never easy” or “no pain, no gain”, I want her to know what took me most of my life to discover:believe in fairy-tales, believe in magic, believe that anything that you want to create is possible and your prince charming is waiting, so never stop until you create that.

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Nature Cheers The Heart & Brightens The Mood

Holiday AromatherapyThis is just my theory, but I think it’s impossible to be sad or depressed while smelling the scent of orange!

The scent of orange or orange essential oil adds an uplifting quality to blends and combines especially well with lavender, rose, and spice oils like clove bud.

Another one of my favorites around the holidays is the scent of clove, which just so happens to go perfectly with orange. Clove buds or clove bud oil is a sweet, spicy aroma that’s familiar and comforting, and also happens to be anti-microbial. Clove bud adds warmth to blends containing lavender, bergamont, and clary sage.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes for easy at-home holiday comfort to beat the winter blues.
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facebook pumpkin1The fall season is all about change. As the leaves change color and fall from their branches, it is a good idea to ‘fall out’ of your old skincare rituals and make subtle changes to help you look and feel your best as the days grow shorter.

There are plenty of seasonal foods that you can incorporate into your daily skincare routine, and although they are all quite delicious, I’m talking about feeding your skin, not your stomach! Pumpkin is my favorite – it’s high in vitamins A, C and E as well as zinc and antioxidants. It’s also delectably moisturizing and a gentle exfoliator!

Set aside some of your fresh pumpkin this season for this great DYI Pumpkin Scrub Ritual! Read more »

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625Tea is one of the oldest natural remedies known to man, and I’m convinced that sitting down with a good cup of tea is good for the soul too.

Chai is a centuries-old beverage which has played an important role in many cultures. According to Ayurvedic (Ancient Indian) philosophy and medicine, these spices are considered to be “sattvic” or calming, vitalizing and mentally clarifying – the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life!

But chai tea is also an amazing ancient remedy for relieving colds, flues, sinusitis, sore throats, or low energy… Bonus: it’s tasty too!

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643The other weekend I went to my dear friend Dina’s Baby Blessing, which is a tradition of holding the woman sacred and blessing the baby to be.

I wanted to bring something special to pamper the mama, so I made her a jar of my Milk Bath recipe.

Milk bath rituals have been used for thousands of years to soften and nourish the skin. The lactose in milk helps to gently exfoliate without over-drying. This recipe is great for all skin types including sensitive skin. It makes a great gift…. or you can just treat yourself… light some candles and allow yourself to be pampered in this luxurious bath!

Also great made into a paste and used as a facial scrub, or mixed with a little water and applied as a facial mask for 10-15 minutes.

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