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NOW Only 9 Months to Train with Us & Lower Investment!

An Advanced 9-Month, Live Online and In-Person Training

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Learn Effective Shamanic Healing Methods with Ethical Standards

Immerse in Sacred Ritual and
Powerful Ceremony

Master Advanced-Level Teachings in Universal Shamanism

Learn Effective Shamanic Healing Methods with Highly Ethical Standards

Immerse in Sacred Ritual and
Powerful Ceremony

Master Advanced-Level Teachings in Universal Shamanism

Sacred Oak Academy’s Guided Energy Medicine lineage is founded by Rose Cole, a pioneer in Universal Shamanism.

Those with a sincere calling are invited to apply for a transformative learning experience at one of the world’s most in-depth training in Universal Shamanism. Learn to work with the core medicines of the unseen world, and become certified to give in-person and virtual energy alignment sessions in the work of our lineage.

It is not required that you have previous shamanic training to join this course. During your enrollment consultation we will let you know if we feel that you are a good fit for this path.

Doors to the Academy only open once per year. Do you feel the sacred calling?

This enrollment consult is non-binding and pressure-free.
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email enrollment@rosecole.com

Welcome to Sacred Oak Academy

The Home of Guided Energy Medicine

Universal Shamanism is an Ancient Path to Bring the Planet—and the Ones We Serve—Back into Balance.

At The Sacred Oak Academy, we are not learning to become “Shamans.” In many circles, the word “Shaman” has become a metonym for all spiritual religious leaders and healers within indigenous cultures.

We come in great reverence here to all indigenous shamanic lineages.

What we teach here at The Sacred Oak Academy is Universal Shamanism, through a lineage called Guided Energy MedicineTM.

Universal Shamanism is not owned by any culture, tradition or time. One could view Universal Shamanism as the unified spiritual wisdom inherent to all humans. As all ancient spiritual practices are rooted in connection to nature, shamanism is the method by which we return to the natural healing rhythms of creation. By extension we are bringing healing to ourselves, our communities and the planet. 

At its core essence, Universal Shamanism is about bringing light to the darkness. The word “Shaman” is a Siberian word that means “one who sees in the dark,” or “Spiritual Healer.”

Shamanism reconnects us back to our true nature, the natural world, and the Source of all Creation. It’s an initiation into the unseen world whereby we realign all parts of ourselves with Source. 

Shamanism is not something to be studied and grasped through the mind – it is to Instead experience through direct revelation. And yes—that’s something all people are born to do. We all have shamanic gifts and abilities, and we all have shamanism in our ancestral lineages.

This path is open to those from all religions, genders, faiths, cultures, backgrounds and walks of life, if you come with sincerity in your heart.

What Is Guided Energy Medicine?

Guided Energy Medicine is a lineage of quantum transformational healing and spiritual counseling that harnesses a powerful frequency that we believe offers physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This is an incredibly transformative path of awakening.

The shamanic energy work we practice works within the energy field that surrounds our body and holds the imprints, traumas, programming and conditioning of our past, and of our ancestral timelines. From this place, we’re able to dismantle the root cause of what is keeping us stuck and unable to move forward in our lives.

Students at Sacred Oak Academy also learn Core Belief Work – another powerful tool of our lineage. Core Belief Work will assist you to eliminate limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind, energy field, and all other layers of your being, so you can embody the spiritual leader and facilitator you came here to be.

This is an advanced path of shamanic energy medicine… and it’s what we lead select students through at The Sacred Oak Academy.

“One of the most life-changing choices I’ve made in years.”

“I went through a rough year, getting divorced after 25 years. WORKING WITH ROSE HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST LIFE CHANGING CHOICES I’VE MADE in years. I had a series of breakthroughs with her. Rose’s high level of consciousness, wisdom, and loving attention, helped me receive a deep heart-centered knowing of my path going forward that has changed my life.

LAURA BISWAS, Author & Strategic Consultant

There are Four Pillars To Our Sacred Work

Divine Communication

Our unique method for having a 2-way conversation with Spirit.

Psychic & Mediumship

Learn to utilize your
9 shamanic gifts.

Advanced Energy Medicine

Become certified to do in-person and distance energy alignment Sessions.

Core Belief Work

Eliminate limiting
programming from your
field & mind

Connect to the Core Medicines of the Unseen World

The Academy is an in-depth, sacred container to hold space for you to deepen into your shamanic practice, step into your healer-ship, and develop your God-given intuitive and shamanic abilities.

If you complete the course requirements, you’ll become certified as a “Level 1 Guided Energy Medicine Practitioner and Spiritual Guide.” (Four years is required to apply to become a master minister of our path.)

We’ve had people from all cultural backgrounds, faiths and walks of life join us for this 9-month program, including doctors, therapists, life coaches, professors of academia, law enforcement, military, and those with top levels of security clearance.

Our graduates also include experienced shamanic practitioners who have been leading healing work and ceremony for decades. These individuals have said that the work we teach was the “missing piece” in their vast knowledge that brought their other studies and training into a cohesive union.

This is a highly transformative path with skills that equip you with tools to use for the rest of your life.

About Our Director

At age five, our founder, Rose Cole gave her first talk about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to her Kindergarten class.

While other children presented their dolls and toys, she described her past lives in vivid detail, told about how to see and speak with ancestors who’d passed on, and recited languages she had no experience with in this lifetime.

Like so many who face harsh conditions early on, people shut down these abilities that are at first as natural as breathing. 

Rose was born into a household rife with trauma and abuse. Her mother and stepfather both had mental illnesses, and were drug addicts. Some of her earliest memories were imprinted with abuse and neglect. Child Protective Service eventually stepped in to remove her from the household, and she became a ward of the state.

She was eventually adopted by her aunt and uncle, an Apache Native American. His name was Albert Bianez – his spiritual name was Bitter Root. In her youth, she watched him transform himself from being a very reactive and abusive man, to becoming a revered spiritual leader by returning to the Old Ways of his Native spiritual lineage. 

He grew into a pillar of the community, was a keeper of sacred song, and humble medicine man. Rose had the honor to experience many sacred ceremonies and rites of passage including quantum healing under his guidance. By the end of his life she had witnessed this man enter into a state of consciousness that can only be called “Sainthood”. 

Simply being present to witness his evolution and share in his quantum leaps changed the course of Rose’s own life forever.

Rose was shown a path to reclaim her sacred gifts and shamanic abilities that had been lost through conditioning and traumatically suppressed as a child. 

For the past twenty-five years of practice using her gifts as a Shamanic facilitator and educator, she —assisted by an esteemed faculty—has been supporting others in learning the medicines of the unseen world, quantum healing tools, and the RE-membrance of the old, sacred ways. 

As a pioneer in Universal Shamanism, Rose Cole has been featured on Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, and has been featured alongside visionary leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. 

Today she’s made it her mission to support the movement and revival of earth-based-healing traditions, through activism, fundraising, and The Sacred Oak Academy – Guided Energy Medicine Certification.

Do you feel the call to join us?

This enrollment consult is non-binding and pressure-free.

Our Curriculum

Become Adept in Shamanic Practice to Further Your Sacred Service.

Discover how to responsibly develop and wield your natural-born shamanic abilities with these four pathways covered during our 9-month training.

The Sacred Oak Academy is a 9-month, international certification training with in-person and live virtual teachings, including an in-person immersion, a thorough and comprehensive shamanic curriculum, and a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner certification.

Previously a year-long program, this training is now streamlined into a 9-month curriculum. It’s our mission to make this sacred work accessible to more people… and it’s now more affordable!

There are three core elements true to all shamanic paths around the world that we incorporate into our Universal Shamanism curriculum.

Energy Mastery. The ability to identify, move and transform energy. Removing unwanted energy from a person or space, and bringing in healing or positive energy.

Working With the Unified Field. Working within the infinite field of possibility where quantum healing and alchemy can occur. If you have experienced shamanism or shamanic healing, you know how transformative this path can be. In this realm, we are working beyond Newtonian physics and what the conscious mind can grasp. This is where true miracles can occur.

Communicate With Spirit. All shamanic paths around the globe speak and have two-way conversations with the unseen world. Guiding students into clear, sacred communication with Spirit is a very holy part of the work we do.

Gateway 1

Here, we enter the South, grounded to Earth.

Success Principles in Spiritual Leadership – Setting a solid foundation, so you’re equipped and empowered to step forward as the shamanic practitioner and guide that lights a path of integrity wherever you go.

Daily Meditation and Energetic Practices – Become empowered with knowledge of energetic anatomy and hygiene.  Start each day anew from a place of deep love, joy, and grounded wisdom connected to Source.

Divine Communication  Learn how to hear and communicate with Spirit (an ability many people have lost). Learn to have a two-way conversation with the unseen world, and receive guidance through the Guided Energy Medicine Lineage for yourself and how to best serve your clients.

Gateway 2

Here, we enter the West, flowing through Water.

Navigating the Spirit World and Discernment in Shamanic Work – We help you understand the astral and spirit realms, so you can practice shamanism safely and in high integrity, and without living in fear of the unseen world.

Access the “Shamanic-state” and Quantum Field – In this state you’re able to reprogram your subconscious, alchemize your space, and assist others in returning to a regulated state of being. This is the state of quantum healing and the miraculous.

Develop and Practice Mediumship. You will be learning and developing capacity in the nine types of mediumship necessary for the facilitation work we do. This is done within the safe and discerning container of our sacred lineage.

Experience a Nature Quest Initiation. We show you how to invite nature as your teacher. Nature is, afterall, the motherboard and access point of all shamanic work. In this section, we show you how to prepare for your Nature Quest—either at our in-person immersion, or on your own wherever you are in the world, so that you can experience nature-as-teacher, receive sacred esoteric wisdom from Mother Gaia, and practice walking in what we call The Beauty Way.

Gateway 3

Here, we enter the North, moving with the Air.

Learn to Perform Guided Energy Medicine alignments, a profound yet gentle type of shamanic energy healing that works on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. Some of your clients may experience spiritual awakenings during sessions and gain guidance and direction about their life path. This is where you have the opportunity to train in offering energy alignment sessions, in-person or at a distance. We witness miracles everyday with this sacred work. It can help relieve stress and anxiety and integrate decades of emotional trauma.

Create a Transformative “Shamanic-field”… and use this shamanic field to alchemize the space you’re in. “The shamanic-field” is a term our founder has coined, and you’ll be learning to create this field as a foundational element for your shamanic practice and for creating ceremony.

Explore Ancient Wisdom adapted for these prophetic, modern times.

Come into “Right Way” with Nature, and All of Creation – the foundation of all shamanic work. Here, you discover how to commune deeply with Mother Earth and all of life through a way of being we call Walking in Beauty.

Gateway 4

Here, we enter the East returning to the Fire.

Working with Sacred Fire – Grandfather Fire waits, serving as the potential that allows us to transform one element into another, cleansing and composting what no longer serves us back into pure Source energy.

How to Hold Space – Create and hold sacred space for others with honor and integrity, so those with whom you work feel held and supported in their unfolding.  Feel confident in private client work and performing shamanic energy alignment sessions.

The Ancient Art of Smudging and Other Shamanic Tools – Learn to work with the art of smudging to clear and activate sacred space. Also learn to work with other shamanic tools such as medicine boxes, guiia protection necklaces, rattles, and feathers during ceremonies and healing sessions.

Core Belief Work Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and programming from your subconscious mind, energy field, and all other levels of your being, so you can become a “hollow bone” for the work of Spirit to work through you.
Building Your Practice – We’ll offer you powerful skills to build your practice, using Divine Communication  as your guide. You will unravel your blocks around marketing, sales and running a business, pick your niche, create a statement that represents what you do beautifully, and create your program or offer in sacred service.

Our 9-Month Training Equips You with the Skills to Build a Shamanic Facilitator Practice That’s Rooted in Humility, and Can Be Integrated Into Your Existing Work.

This enrollment consult is non-binding and pressure-free.

Here’s What Past Students Have to Say About Their Experience Inside The Sacred Oak Academy…

I truly believe that my physical life was saved.

– Lindsey

I’m now more in the flow of life and aware of the Divine.

Maria Brannon

This works, and it’s magic
when it does.

Goose Wohlt

A continuous flow of love
and support.

– Kilo

I don’t ever have to worry or doubt myself again.

Kimberly Brooke

I’m healed, and my purpose found me, which is part of the magic!

Alisan Rowland

What Is Included In Your 9-Month Training:

9 Months of Shamanic Academy Access – This is a powerful shamanic lineage that works with the highest ethical standards.

2 Live Training Classes Monthly via livestream video (and recordings provided, if you are unable to attend live). These interactive calls are 2 hours long. It’s where we dive deep into the practices and methods of Universal Shamanism taught in the Guided Energy Medicine lineage.

In-Person Immersion*This is where it all comes together for an incredibly powerful experience. Together, at a dedicated location in Southern California, we learn and practice our shamanic tools, mediumship, and shamanic energy work. We also co-create a sacred ceremony to practice the work we teach. If you can’t attend in-person, you can watch the replays of the immersion teaching segments. (The sacred ceremonies are not recorded.) *Travel, food, and accommodations not included.

Weekly Shamanic Study Group Calls – Practice our tools and shamanic energy healing, receive support from your fellow students, and develop your abilities with group practices.

2 Private Coaching Sessions with Rose personally or one of our loving and highly skilled faculty to hold your hand through this process and keep you on track. They’re also here to assist you in uncovering and resolving the unconscious beliefs keeping you from fully living your sacred service.

Bi-Weekly Open-Office Hour Calls with Rose and guest faculty – A place to bring questions, inquiries and dive deeper into the tools we are learning to embody.

Access to The Community Portal – Access your portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to receive support, connect with come-UNITY, and learn from your fellow students.

A Frameable Guided Energy Medicine Practitioner and Spirit Guide Certificate that you can print and hang. When you complete your 9 months of training at the Sacred Oak Academy and meet the requirements, you’ll be certified in Guided Energy Medicine. This not only gives you confidence in the shamanic work you do, but it also increases your level of ethics, awareness of the highest standards of practice, and augments your credibility with potential clients. You’ll also receive a Certified Energy Medicine Emblem that you can add to your marketing, website, or business card.

Featured on our Practitioner Page – Once certified, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on our website’s Practitioner Page where people can reach out to book sessions with you.

A Guiia (Spirit Guide) Tribal Necklace – Choosing your guiia is a time-honored shamanic process of being connected with a new ally. You’ll receive your necklace during a special blessing and consecration ceremony at your immersion. Each necklace is hand beaded by indigenous tribes people that we work with. This necklace can be worn anytime, and it is traditionally used during shamanic work and ceremony.

Why Sacred Oak…What’s in a Name?

The Oak tree is one of the most revered of the sacred trees around the world. Its Irish name “Duir” translates to “Door” as its roots grow deep into the underworld, with a thick trunk in the middleworld, and tall branches into the upperworld. Working with the mystical energy of the sacred Oak trees can help us better understand the intimate connection between the seen and unseen worlds.

Also known as the “lightning tree,” Oak helps us to connect to the truth of our inner light even through experiences of darkness. Supporting us to root in love and anchor into reverence for all creation, the sacred Oak reminds us of the strength and courage of the heart, as well as the wisdom of the ages.

Just as the graduates from Sacred Oak Academy provide sacred support to their clients, community and global network, each Oak tree in the wild is a haven for a colossal 2,300 wildlife species, providing vital spaces for others to thrive. (By comparison a Birch tree supports 300 other forms of life.)

Oaks are dearly cherished by our Founder, Rose Cole, and for all these reasons, the Oak has been chosen as the guiding energy and namesake of our Academy.

20% of Sacred Oak Academy proceeds go to protect sacred lands and traditions.

Our sacred lands and traditions represent a lineage of earth-keepers, healers, and protectors that stretch back for generations into our pasts. At The Sacred Oak Academy, we recognize that without these sacred traditions, we would not be able to do the work we do. It is our honor to be able to contribute at least 20% of our Academy proceeds to help maintain these sacred lands and traditions far into the future. By being a part of our community and programs, you are part of that solution.

Your Academy Faculty Members

Rose Cole

Founder, Director, Lead Facilitator

Tiffany Smith

Master Practitioner, Minister & Ceremony Facilitator

The Application Process…

Doors to the Academy only open once per year.

Because the Sacred Oak Academy is a sacred temple of grounded study, we speak to each applicant personally to make sure every individual is a good fit for this sacred work. 

It is not required that you have previous shamanic training to join this course. During your enrollment consultation we will let you know if we feel that you are a good fit for this path.

We also have other training programs that we can let you know about in your enrollment consultation if our full, 9-month training doesn’t sound like the next best aligned step along your path.

What’s the Investment?

For the first time in nearly a decade, our founder has streamlined the curriculum from a one year to a nine month program and adjusted the investment to a more affordable rate during these economically challenging and energetically turbulent times. 

There are a few different ways that you can pay, including payment plans that we are happy to discuss with you. We also have lower monthly payments available through our trusted financing partner that we can tell you about on your Enrollment Consultation.

Here’s How To Apply…

Submit your written application through the online form​ linked below. This helps us discover who you are, what your experience with shamanism is thus far, and why you believe you’re a match for our sacred path.

Make a small, FULLY refundable call deposit. This call deposit ensures that you’re serious about showing up to your call, and that both your time and our enrollment advisor’s time is honored. Your call deposit will be automatically fully refunded right after your call.

Schedule your enrollment consultation.​ You’ll then be automatically redirected to our calendar to book your session with one of our experienced enrollment advisors.

We look forward to getting to know you!

This enrollment consult is non-binding and pressure-free.
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email enrollment@rosecole.com