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Dear One,

It was a cold, dark winter… I know.

You were faced with many challenges, as was I.

The nights were quite long.

Things didn’t always turn out as we had expected.

But another season is upon us…

Spring has sprung!

The arrival of spring was celebrated all over the world long before the religious meaning became associated with Easter.

We each had our own crucifixion this last winter.

For one, their divorce was their crucifixion… for another, it was their bankruptcy… for another it’s their addiction.

Crucifixion is what happens in our lives when fear prevails.

Fear is the absence of Love… just like darkness is the absence of light.

… it is time to shed the cloaks of the cold, dark winter months, and let the sun bask upon our skin once more.

This is the time of year where who we are being is up for review.

We get a chance to look at our lives, and see what we would like to shift… to start anew… to rise from the ashes and rise, once more.

Our purpose here is to dwell and awaken from the dream… to awaken from the illusion.

The illusion that there is anything but perfect Divine unfolding.

Sometimes we just have to make the decision to forgive… forgive ourselves, and others… and to step down from the cross.

When we make this journey in our own mind from crucifixion to resurrection, we heal our way of thinking…

…we come back to the Truth.

And we remember that forgiveness is always the answer, and Love always prevails.

May we always remember…

We are designed to forget…
who we really are…
how powerful we are…
how magical we are…
so that we can re-member…
the I AM presence within…
so that we may rise again.

I’ve been asking myself this one, simple question that has been helping me pivot my mind and step into a new season in my life:

What do you need to do to shake off these winter blahs and create this rebirth for yourself?

Who or what do you need to forgive?

What is no longer serving you?

What needs to change to bring in renewal?

Is it a Spring cleaning of our space? An internal cleanse or detox? The releasing of a grudge?

Maybe it’s a private dance party, where we put on our favorite feel-good music dance our spring season into reality?

Resurrection is right at our fingertips, when we return to the truth of Love… and trusting the Divine Unfolding.

We actually handled the ebbs and flows of the tides this winter quite well, don’t you think?!

But you were a bit hard on yourself at times… I do that too. 😉

My prayer for us, is that as we rebirth ourselves, we are gentle and loving on that fresh newborn baby skin.. because we are precious!

May we all walk in beauty.

In love and service,


P.S. I LOVE connecting with you in the comments below. :+)

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