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Hello there, love.

The meme image you see above is very special. It will help raise your vibration during challenging moments, and serve as a loving reminder to you that the only way out, is up!

Here’s why this image is so special: Dana, myself, and my team held space and prayed over the creation of this beautiful piece of art. While doing so, we held you and your desires in a soft, sacred place. I believe this image has actually been “encoded” with our positive intentions and energy.

Right-click and save-as on this image to save it to your desktop. Then, if you like, put the image into your smart phone and photos. Stare at it for a few minutes during a time that you find challenging, scary, or when you’re simply in need of additional love and support. See if it helps you!

Sometimes, the most simple little things are the most profound life-changers.

Here’s to your Sacred Journey!



P.S. Have you made your appointment with me yet to discuss The Sacred Inner Circle?

If you have not, I do have a few spots still left open. If you feel a calling to join this very special three-month journey with women just like you, click here to read more and secure your spot. I’d love to share this experience with you!

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