Sacred Inner Circle

3 Month Intimate Group Mentorship & In-Person Intensive - Preparing You Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually to Live Your Divine Purpose.


3 Month Private Mentorship & In-Person Intensive - Attend Virtually From Anywhere in the World. Booking NOW for September 2018!

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I’m Only Taking 8 Women Into This Course!

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Welcome Dear Soul Sister,

You’ve made it this far!

Your tribe is here waiting for you with open arms.

Welcome to the Sacred Inner Circle - A private mentorship group of up to 8 badass women who are ready to take a HUGE evolutionary leap and live their true divine path.

It’s a 90 day private coaching group, and in-person intensive with Native American rite of passage ceremony, created to catapult you into a new dimension of living.

This program is designed to prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for massive transformation and up-leveling.

So keep reading, my dear… a treasure awaits you.

You Were Right! Your Soul Knew...

You know that huge personal up-leveling you’ve been feeling coming for yourself for a while now?

Well, it’s here.

The next version of yourself is waiting for you. The time has come for you to truly step into and embody who you came here to be.

You’ve known on some level that everything unfolding on your life’s journey was preparing you for something…
...and you are right.

No more hiding, no more dimming your light, no more giving your power away... no more running from who you truly are.

This is it. This is the time. You are about to up-level every area of your life.

Most people are sleepwalking through life, doing the same thing, year after year. And you know how it goes… they keep getting the same results!

But that’s not you.

You don't want to wake up in 20 years in the same place in your life, wishing you'd done something differently.

Thank you for your bravery and willingness to step out of all the suffering and step into your divinity.

You can consider the Sacred Inner Circle your PhD program for spiritual mastery, and class is about to begin. ;)

You've been feeling this leap coming for some time now. You've been inching towards the precipice. And now you're standing here, at the ledge… at the edge of your comfort zone. 

You know that something HAS to change, but you haven't known what to do next.

Well, please know... I'm right here to hold your hand through this process. And I feel honored to guide and assist you at this pivotal time in your unfolding.


You'll Be Taking Quantum Leaps

Shamanism is the practice of using the natural world to harmonize our being. There are a lot of direct parallels with quantum physics and shamanism. This is the path of quantum healing, and massive transformation.

Because you see, the difference from the Newtonian laws of physics we're used to (1+1=2), in the shamanic realms 1 + 1 can equal 100, or 1,000, or even infinity! Anything and all things are possible.

You will be learning to work within these realms within this Sacred Inner Circle.

When I started this work myself, I started to read energy, learned how to hone my intuition, and my life's calling clearly popped into focus.

Through this work, many women go through a deep "remembering" process, where their inner shaman is activated, and their intuitive and spiritual gifts come online.

Jennifer Parry

"I joined the Sacred Inner Circle two years ago and it was one of the most profound healing and awakening experiences of my life. Rose is deeply kind and wraps you in her love in ways that enable you to really drop into vulnerability and heal from the core.In the ceremonies Rose guided us through her light and the extent of her spiritual guardianship showed up more and more the further we went."

~Jennifer Parry

Time To Fully Step Into Your Power!

You’re going to learn how to step into your power like never before. Standing in and speaking your truth, shedding shame, guilt, and regret - for good.

You’ll be learning to conquer your internal critic and manifest the life that you truly want.

I will show you how to release the things that have been holding you back, harness your higher power, and become the master of your own universe.

You’ll discover who you are at the very core of your essence… without all the layers of conditioning and untruth.

What’s possible from that place, is to live a self-expressed life that's on your own terms. When you align with your True Divine Essence, it's amazing what opens up in your life!

Tribe Group

Your Tribe Is Here!

I bring together women like you who are on a precipice, ready to break through to the next level, and I interview each woman personally to make sure you're each prepared to contribute to the group as much as you take.

Sisterhood is absolutely vital when you're up-leveling your life. You have now found the sisterhood that will lift you up, keep you on track, and share their gifts with you while helping you hone yours.


Rose Cole

Why Should You Trust Me As Your Guide?

So, who the heck am I, and why should you trust me to guide you?

Well, I’ve been guiding others for almost 20 years now. I have people fly in from all over the world to work with me.

My whole life’s journey has shaped me to be an expert in spiritual awakening, transformation, and personal growth.

I've been called many things in my professional life… Transformational Coach, New Thought Leader, Spiritual Guide, Shaman...

But really I'm a modern day Medicine Woman. And in the spiritual path I walk, I have been given the honor to facilitate and lead sacred ceremonies. It is a rare privilege granted to few women, but we are seeing this shift take place more and more.

I have the unique ability of seeing people’s highest potential and assist others in transformation and up-leveling their life. You can think of me kinda like a "Midwife of Consciousness".

I never get tired of watching people go through the metamorphosis of existing in an ordinary life to becoming an extraordinary being living a phenomenal life!

That's why I do what I do… because it’s my Sacred Purpose on this planet to assist others like you, by working as a catalyst upon your path.

This is the 11th Sacred Inner Circle I’ve offered, and each time it gets more powerful and profound for all attending! It really is quite a magical vortex. 

The Making of a Medicine Woman...

I was blessedly adopted by my deeply spiritual aunt and uncle who raised me for a portion of my youth. This uncle, who raised me like a father, was Apache Indian and introduced me to the Native American spiritual world.

I had the privilege of experiencing rituals, rites of passage, and ceremonial work with sacred plants used for spiritual awakening by indigenous tribes for centuries. It was in a time of radical spiritual awakening where I launched into a new dimension of being.

These are the types of ceremonies you’ll get a chance to experience yourself in your Sacred Inner Circle.

Through this shamanic work, most people experience a deep remembering of the importance of ritual and ceremony as a way to find and stay connected to your true and authentic self… your true North.

How The Sacred Inner Circle Works…

This circle prepares you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to create the life you came here this lifetime to live. It's very hard to describe in words because the transformational experience is just so profound. Women metamorphose so deeply that it changes you on a cellular level. One woman's own husband and mother didn't recognize her on the street after our live Intensive! Yes, she was that radiant. :)

This course is NOT just philosophical. You'll experience a very powerful shamanic vortex – with sacred rites of passage, ceremonial work, nutritional cleanses, customized diet plan, hand-outs, exercises, worksheets and step-by-step methods for implementing daily practices - as well as meeting in person for a 3 day Intensive with your other Sacred Inner Circle sisters.

I utilize some really unique and effective techniques for personal development that you've probably never heard anywhere before. For example, one of my favorite aspects of this circle is that I'll be teaching you this very cool, individualized personality-typing system.

This system helps you decipher your intuitional messages, regulate your energy, discern your most optimal work in the world, and the kind of people to surround yourself with. It even helps you understand how others perceive you so you can bring your relationships into harmony.

The Sacred Inner Circle is a very powerful manifesting vortex, and when you get these many women together with the same intention, just being part of the circle will increase your vibration and recalibrate your cells to be in alignment with what it is that you want to attract and call into your life. You become a magnet for your heart's deepest desires!

This circle activates your gifts, and prepares you to really fulfill your life's mission on this planet. Almost immediately, you'll be able to see your life start to transform. Often women have a very profound spiritual experience and awakening as soon as they register

Supporting You On EVERY Level...

The Physical
Increase physical vibration, resiliency, and vitality, becoming a tuning-fork for source frequency. Learn techniques for balancing body chemistry, reducing stress and speeding up the body's natural healing process. We'll also be doing an anti-aging group cleanse to increase energy and reduce inflammation. One woman dropped 4 dress sizes and another ended 2 decades of migraines!
The Mental
Stop mental-loops and anxiety, break out of fear and downward spirals and end self-sabotage. Meditations, visualizations and many other tools to stay in a proactive rather than reactive state in your personal life and business.
The Emotional
Achieve greater confidence and deep peace that can only come from tapping into your inner wisdom. Master your emotional state, and stay connected to your center and calm, no matter what. Create more harmonious relationships with friends and loved ones. Discover nutrients and powerful techniques for combating depression.
The Psychic
Awaken your deep psychic and intuitive abilities that, for many people, lie dormant until cultivated. There are 5 main ways that our intuition can operate – learn how yours works to activate and develop your natural inner guidance system. Become your own guru and hear the answers within you to guide and direct you in life
The Spiritual
Experience inner awakening like nothing you've experienced before - leading to an integration of all aspects of your being. When you have this spiritual foundation, you feel a greater connection to the Divine and everything else just flows. Many have said this material worked as a catalyst on their spiritual path, creating a fully awakened life.

Why Detoxing, Holistic Nutrition, & Brain Chemistry Balancing?

The real magic in my work started happening when I began to combine spiritual work with my background in bio-chemical balancing. Although the holistic nutrition aspect is really only part of the overall Sacred Inner Circle experience, it absolutely assists in your awakening and up-leveling your consciousness.

Stress and trauma throw off the neurotransmitters in our brain, creating depression, anxiety, decreased cognitive function, and so much more. When I began my healing journey by detoxing my body and balancing my brain chemistry with nutrition, it increased my consciousness and I had a very profound spiritual awakening.

Our brain chemistry is the lens through which we see the world. Are you seeing the world through grey or rose colored glasses? If you’ve been through stress or trauma in your life, it’s likely that you have some degree of imbalance in your brain chemistry. This is part of what fueled me to became a Certified Natural Health Professional over 20 years ago.

As a side benefit to this program... most people report at the end of the three months that they’ve never looked or felt better!

What You’ll Experience...

  • Fall in Love with Yourself and Life
  • Walk Your Path with Grace and Ease
  • Ancient Wisdom to Truly Attain Inner and Outer Freedom
  • Clarity of Purpose and Direction
  • Belief and Faith in Yourself
  • Align with Your Dreams
  • Hone Your Intuition (There are 5 different types)
  • Alleviate Depression and Anxiety
  • Transformational Journey of Shamanic Sacred Plants
  • Connect Deeply with Your Higher Self
  • More Harmonious Relationships with Friends and Loved Ones
  • Manage Your Inner Critic and Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Cutting-Edge, Natural Supplement Recommendations to Heal Stress and Trauma (Customized For Your Needs)
  • Get Out of Negative Mental Loops Sidetracking Your Focus
  • Cellular Detox to Increase Physical Vibration and Vibrancy
  • Private Brain Chemistry Assessment
  • Unique Personality-Typing Analysis
  • Design and Build a Life You LOVE
  • Have an AMAZING Time with Your New Tribe of Soul-Sisters!

The Sacred Inner Circle is NOT for Everyone…

If you're looking for someone to waive a magic wand, make you rich and take away all your problems without you having to do the work, this circle is not for you.

But if you're ready to take a leap and do the work to step into your authentic self, claim your power and truly shine, while making lifelong friends and having immense amounts of fun… well, that's the music we're making together here!

The only prerequisite for this course is that you be ready to take full responsibility for your life. I'm not your Mom… and I really don't want to see you spend all this money and then come into this half-assed, ya know? If you're not ready to play full-out, I'd rather you not waste your time.

Each woman that joins this small mastermind has to be prepared to fully "show up" and participate – for themselves, and the other women in the Circle who are here to commit to this process and change their lives.

If you wanna keep playing small… then it isn’t the right time for you to join us, but I’ll be here with open arms when you’re ready. :)


What You'll Receive in the Sacred Inner Circle:

90 Day Shamanic Experience - A magical experience like no other. This is a very powerful vortex that you’ll be entering, and many things start to shift, unravel, and re-build from being inside the energy field that we are co-creating. The women in this small mastermind feel like kindred spirits, destined to come together and support each other at this point in your journey.

Weekly Group Mentorship Calls - These are vibrant, exclusive video calls are set up only for the Sacred Inner Circle ladies. This is where I mentor you and get to know you very personally. This is where we get intimate!

Private Online Community - Exclusive access to our private online fb group created especially for members of this special alliance, to share your experiences and support each other throughout this journey.

Unique Personality-Typing Analysis - Hidden in your gene coding, discover: how your personal aura operates, decipher your intuitional messages, regulate your energy, your ideal type of work, and the people you need to surround yourself with. Also gain understanding of how other people perceive you, so you can bring your relationships into harmony. This is like having the owner's manual for how you operate this lifetime.

Brain Chemistry Assessment - Based on an in-depth evaluation, you'll receive customized recommendations of pharmaceutical-grade, natural supplements for balancing neurotransmitters and brain chemistry, as well as an anti-aging diet and cleanse protocol to combat stress and balancing the nervous system. Brain chemistry is vital because it affects the lens through which you see the world and can help with stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, and even rage. (Supplements not included.) VALUE: $1,800!

Private One-on-One Spiritual Strategy Assessment - Done over phone or Skype with me personally, this unique journey is unlike any other mentoring you have ever experienced. With the method I use, no two mentoring sessions are alike. I'll help you BLAST though the stalling blocks of life utilizing a myriad of tools, including my clairvoyant gifts. VALUE: $1,100!

BONUS: 3 Day New Moon Women’s Intensive & Sacred Plant Ceremony
VALUE $3,200!

Each woman who participants in the Sacred Inner Circle is invited to a 3 Day In-Person Intensive* as a gift, from my heart to yours. This intensive will take place at about the halfway point during our 3 month program, and is hosted just one and a half hours outside of beautiful San Diego, California.

This is where you’ll experience profound shamanic work, used for centuries for spiritual attunement and evolution. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a very special Native American ceremony few non-Natives will ever experience. You’ll also have the option to take a Sacred plant sacrament used for thousands of years for spiritual awakening.

High-vibrational organic meals are provided during these three magical days.

*Travel expenses to and from the Intensive are not included.


Are You Ready For the Adventure of a Lifetime?

If this page is speaking to you, then you’re READY to bust out of the patterns you've been in, and go to the next level in your life.

I've had many women say this was one of the most extraordinary experiences of their life, and one of the best things they've ever done for themselves. What I've found over the 20 years I've been coaching and guiding women, is when you say YES to fully living your Divine path, the Universe opens up in ways you can't imagine!

You've waited long enough...NOW is your time! Join us!

The Next Sacred Inner Circle Begins September 2018!

Schedule your Interview and
"Spiritual Breakthrough Assessment" NOW! :


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email us at info
I look forward to meeting you on our "Spiritual Breakthrough Assessment", my dear.

Rose Col Signature

P.S. This powerful vortex begins the moment that you say YES! As soon as you take that leap of faith and register, you are invoking the Universe to assist you in going to the next level. So get ready!

P.P.S. As I mentioned, this circle is not for everyone. If you’re not quite ready for this level of transformation, you may want to dip your toes into my Walk In Beauty Tribe community.



Meet Your Guides

Rose Cole

ABOUT Rose Cole

Rose Cole is a much-loved visionary leader, world-renowned speaker, popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC, and preeminent mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives. She is one of the few modern day women to be blessed with the right to carry Sacred medicine in her spiritual path. As someone who firmly believes that each of us have a Sacred Purpose, she serves others through hosting a series of inspirational programs and retreats, writing books, and sharing a powerful way of living she calls 'Rituality'. You will be working side by side with Rose throughout your Sacred Inner Circle.

Tiffany Smith

ABOUT Tiffany Smith

Tiffany Smith is a spiritual guide, herbalist, healer, and educator of the sacred ways of the Native Americans. She does her work through counseling, bodywork, and community outreach. An accomplished Native American bead-worker, and jewelry maker, Tiffany is also a Native American singer and keeper of the ancient sacred songs. There are few people you will meet in your lifetime who walk their path with as much humility and grace.

You'll get a chance to meet and work with Tiffany at the 3 Day New Moon In-Person Intensive included in your Sacred Inner Circle.

Sharon Ellis

ABOUT Sharon Ellis

Powerful spiritual mentor to many, Sharon Ellis has been practicing and walking this medicine path for almost 40 years. As medicine woman, and our dear elder, Sharon uses healing tools from a wide array including natural health practices and a unique type of bodywork that she created to unlock and release trauma from the mind and body, bring about profound integration of the self. Sharon is an expert in building spiritual resiliency, and is a true testament to walking the path of Beauty. Sharon will be gracing us with her presence at the 3 Day New Moon In-Person Intensive included in the Sacred Inner Circle.