Private Intensives

2 Day, Customized Intensives with Rose

Something is happening and it’s big, right?

If you’re like me, then you’re seeing, hearing, and noticing that something big is happening for humanity worldwide. There seems to be something calling us forth, to do something big. Bigger than we could have ever imagined. We’re getting ready to take a big leap, one that will enable us to step away from the self-destructive path that we’re on to one of healing, compassion, community and in harmony with natural systems.

For those of us that are experiencing this call, it’s so loud and so strong that we can’t help but listen and to take action, even in the face of fear and of not knowing exactly what to do, or how to do it. It’s as if we’re being asked to jump off the edge of a cliff without having grown our wings yet. And there’s a little voice inside us, assuring us that the wings will be there and to just jump.

Now is the time for us to tear off the band-aid of our old identity and to be reborn into our truest and highest selves. Both in relationship to ourselves, and also in relationship with each other.

One of my natural gifts is being able to see people’s highest potential, where they are on their evolutionary and spiritual path, and where they’re supposed to go next. I work as a guide, pointing them in the right direction and serving as a catalyst in their journey. I’ve done this work with people across the spectrum – everyone from coaches and doctors, ivy-league professors to stay-at-home moms and couples in intimate relationships.

I am now currently offering private, 48-hour intensives in San Diego, which will also include 2 phone sessions: 1 before the intensive where we talk about what your intention is for the session and what you want to get out of it, and 1 after where we discuss how to integrate this work into your life.

My intensives are customized and tailored to each individual, using combinations of my various trained shamanic healing modalities and sacred rituals that have been used by indigenous cultures for hundreds of years.


These techniques are extremely profound and can help show clarity to those at a turning point in their lives, or call up and clear intense trauma, bringing about resolution and healing on a very deep level.

I’ve also had a lot of success working with two closely connected people together, such as family members or couples that are going through something really heavy and complex, or are at a crossroads in their relationship.

These intensives are complete game-changers, transforming people’s relationships with themselves and others so powerfully and so quickly, they often don’t even look like the same person afterwards. Seriously.

Most of my clients report having one of the most profound experiences of their lives and that they achieve more growth in one day than from years of self-help programs or therapy.

These private intensives are offered by application and interview only. The are also strictly confidential. I’ve worked with many high profile clients over the years, and I take your privacy very seriously.

“Rose helped us to turn towards each other and open, finding the kind of soul connection that remains in our memories as one of the most glorious peaks of our relationship. We are eternally grateful to her for this gift.”

~Dr. Sabrina Adams, Clinical Psychologist

This program is NOT for everyone…

These intensives are not for the faint of heart. You have to be ready for this level of awakening and transformation.

If you’re looking for a slow, gradual, unfolding, this intensive is not for you. This is a major up-leveling, literally like being reborn. Other than the 1 session that follows the intensive, there is no ongoing support with this intensive, so you have to be prepared to integrate this work yourself.

To apply, please click the link below to schedule your “Shamanic Activation” session, fill out the questions and then you will be able to schedule your session Rose.

We look forward to connecting with you!

In love and service,

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Praise for Rose Cole & Her Private Intensives…


“My husband and I had the privilege of having Rose all to ourselves for a Private Intensive. Our relationship was in crisis and we desperately needed to reconnect and heal. Arriving at Rose’s beautiful property we felt warmly welcomed and were moved by the comfortable and elegant setting. The ceremony started inside, moving outside to rugs and cushions among lantern-lit trees, and finally to the roaring outdoor fireplace by the pool. Rose led us with ease and great skill from our points of conflict back through each of our histories to the wounds that created them. Throughout the evening we gained clarity and understanding of how to be the man and woman we needed to be for ourselves and each other, and ways to grow together from that moment were revealed to us like precious jewels. On retiring to our own private guesthouse, our love flowed between us with shining intensity, deepened by renewed trust and respect. Rose helped us to turn towards each other and open, finding the kind of soul connection that remains in our memories as one of the most glorious peaks of our relationship, and a constant reminder of what we can be at our very best. We are eternally grateful to her for this gift.”
Dr. Sabrina Adams, Clinical Psychologist


“Words seem so inadequate to truly capture the gratitude I have for Rose. How do you thank someone who through unwavering love, care and knowledge made a blind, stubborn, egotistical man see his true potential for the very first time. Rose’s guidance was nothing short of a gift of life for which I will be forever grateful. The greatest expression of my gratitude is to embrace this life she has awakened in me and let it serve as beacon to others in search of a purposed and utterly blissful existence.”

Katie Simpson

“As a college professor I spend the majority of my time with some of the most educated people and inspiring minds in the country. And when I really need to know how the universe works and how to really be in the world, Rose is my go-to guide. Wise far beyond her years, Rose is a true visionary and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she’s as committed to my growth as she is to her own.”
Katie Simpson, Ivy League Professor


“Rose is a beautiful, gentle light of a soul. She is a graceful embodiment of the Deep Sacred Yes. Her High Priestess work is so rich and complete and has pulled me forward into claiming my own throne and embracing my power.
She is also a Master at holding containers for bringing just the right mix of people together for a sacred purpose. I’ve seen her do this over and over and there’s something magical about the way she holds a space and works with her guides and her own intuition to really draw the magic together in a very alchemical way. Time after time, it’s just such an honor to witness and be a part of. She is a genius at holding ceremony, and using ritual to create breakthrough, in a way that is truly magical.
I have been on this path for a long time and have many friends who are deep seers, healers, and coaches, and I am very selective who I let work with my energy. It’s rare that I feel I have gotten something unique or original that added a new piece to my tool belt. When I had the opportunity to experience Rose’s High Priestess in the space of sacred ritual, it literally was like the doors got blown open and a portal was freed in me. The changes since that moment have been happening so fast and so expansively – it’s like riding the most orgasmic wave of evolution and higher consciousness.
If you are lucky enough to find yourself in sacred space with Rose, you should leap at the opportunity. It truly is a gift.”
Jody England, Untamed YOU


“Rose Cole is a visionary leader that continually delves deeply into her own wisdom, while supporting and mentoring a vibrantly radiant group of women that are all making big shifts in the world. I’ve been working with Rose for many years and with her help, I’ve been able to gain an understanding of what I had been reflecting that was holding me back, found the courage to dig deep and have allowed my inner power to shine. I’ve experienced immeasurable growth, now have my own successful business and know I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Rose. To anyone who has the opportunity to work with her: I highly recommend you go for it – it’s LIFE CHANGING! Thank you Rose, for stepping into your truth and letting your beautiful light shine forth to guide all of us!”
Julie McAfee, Modern Day Oracle, Mentor and Confidant of Sacred Soul Wisdom


“From the moment I met Rose Cole, I knew that I wanted to learn more about her…she felt so familiar, like someone I had known my entire life even though we had just met. From a chance meeting that Summer day, I have had the experience of not only witnessing, but receiving her gifts to the world. Specifically, Rose is a woman who through her embodiment of the Divine Feminine, inspires women around her to reclaim their own Divine Feminine. A powerful collaborator, connector, and initiator of radical growth for women would likely be what she is specifically ‘known’ for; but I am here to offer an additional perspective…my life as it is today would not BE were it not for meeting Rose three years ago. I was on a path of dis-connection, dis-ease, and dis-gust with my circumstances and yet not quite knowing why or how I could make a change. Rose offered powerful resources, insights, and perspective without which I would still be sleepwalking through my life. Thank you, Rose; I feel that I owe so much of the beautiful life that I live today, to you.
Love and gratitude,”
Natalie Riggs


“Working with Rose has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. My world is redefined by what its potential is instead of just its past. Her work is uniquely powerful at shifting perspective and deep past woundings at the personal and relational levels. Before seeing Rose in the couples intensive, my marriage was at a critical impasse. One of the biggest things for me was going from not caring if I stayed in the relationship, to being so excited to see all of the progress and changes. It’s really amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend her program to anyone who is truly ready for an awakening.”