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A prayer is an authentic cry for connection; it does not require belief, it does not require you to believe in God, angels or anything else but your own Celestial Heart. It is a willingness to open, to be a vessel to receive light within your own consciousness. It is a cry for recognition of your innate humanness and your inherent connection to the source of life itself.

An authentic prayer does not come from a wish to have more or ask for anything but who you are. It is a poetic expression of your inner most being. A recognition of all that you are; the dark, the light the deep and the shallow. It is the song of life and the awakening of spirit. Your prayers are answered as they are offered, for in praying you choose to bring forth your most vulnerable self into the core of creation.

When you choose to see and hold true to your pain and sorrow, when you stand firm in your weakness and strength, then, in those moments you are alive. A tremendous energy is available to you, coursing through your veins. It is a conscious choice to call upon your light and bring about transformation in vision and a shift of perspective. An authentic prayer is a window to your soul, a ray of light, leading you to your most genuine truth.

In those moments, of utmost vulnerability you are one with the creative force. You are the flame of passion and you find yourself in flow in the river of life. Prayers are the flowering blossom of your inner most garden, the seeds of love that have been always carried within your heart. An authentic prayer leads you home, it awakens in you a longing, an innate call to connect and unite.

It isn’t necessary for you to believe in God, in angels or anything but your own awakening self, for in so doing, and in so praying, God, the angels and life itself is choosing to believe in you. Prayer is the silent sound of life itself, the underlying current of connection that is carried with the unique expression of your own individual self. In praying, you find your truth and become one with the harmonious currents of the reality. Pray with love and sing your human expression, choose and awaken, empower and become.

And so… it… is.


This beautiful post was originally channeled by spiritual teacher, Kai Karrel (

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