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Ascending to your next level of Cosmic attunement sounds really sexy.

But is it possible that in our attempts to expand into new levels of conscious creation we’re missing some key ingredients to actually experiencing and embodying that expansion?

According to spiritual embodiment teacher, Divinity Grace, the answer is yes. 

Which is why on January 17 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET, she and I are going to be holding a sacred discussion.

5 Keys To Expanding Your Consciousness

In this free masterclass you’ll discover:

The #1 most critical question you must ask yourself if you’re committed to expanding your consciousness

The secret to metabolizing quantum shift on your spiritual path so you don’t wind up sabotaging yourself

The key to being your true, authentic self and operating with complete conviction and inner trust

The insider system to launching into an entirely new level of consciousness

The biggest mistake that most spiritually-minded people make that keep them stuck in addiction, distraction and anxiety

The purest and deepest quality to cultivate that will catalyze your evolutionary transformation


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