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High Priestess Training

The Conscious Woman’s Handbook for Making A Bigger Impact In The World While Creating The Life Of Your Dreams…

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FREE Gift For Conscious Women!
FREE Video and Audio Series AND The First Chapter of My NEW High Priestess Book.

In this series and chapter learn the secrets that took me over a decade to learn on how to unleash my Inner High Priestess, that took me from being in massive debt, abusive relationships, low self-esteem, and chronic health issues… to living the absolute life of my dreams!

I never thought I’d be where I am today… working from home with a business that brings in millions of dollars, married to my soul-mate, living in a beautiful home in the country, five months pregnant with a little baby Goddess girl, and getting to make a huge impact in the lives of women just like you!

I’ve also had the extreme honor of getting a chance to co-author a book with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, and now am even working diligently on developing my own TV show all about holistic living and bringing higher consciousness to mainstream TV. Not a small feat!

I’ve now worked with thousands of women from all over the world to help them achieve the lives of their dreams with ease and grace, while fulfilling their life’s deeper purpose. In this chapter and video series you’ll see why over 7,000 women attended the last High Priestess Training I did recently, and have said that there was literally their life “before”, and their life after this information, and that they will never be the same again.

It is my desire now to bring this treasure to millions of women’s lives all over the world and want to start with gifting it to you. I know you will truly appreciate and Honor its message.

In this FREE gift from my NEW “High Priestess Training” book you’ll discover:

  • What a High Priestess is and how to become one.
  • How your vibration and consciousness can increase just by reading this one chapter.
  • How to evoke your life’s purpose, and use it to make as much money as you want, to fund the elegant lifestyle you deserve!
  • How to live the life of your dreams while making a huge impact on the planet.
  • How to step up as the beacon of light you where meant to be in the world.
  • How to become a leader in the feminine movement and increase the collective consciousness!

I don’t believe it’s any accident my dear that you’ve found this page. YOU are meant to BE part of this movement. Let the journey begin!

In love and service,


Rose Cole is a much-loved visionary leader and world-renowned speaker, co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil, popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC, and preeminent mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives.

After a spiritual awakening in her twenties, Rose left behind a successful modeling career to be in service to others through hosting a series of inspirational programs and retreats, writing books and sharing a powerful way of living she calls ‘Rituality’.

Discover what people are saying about Rose Cole and Rituality…

“Rose Cole is like a wild, exotic plant that nourishes at the soul level.  Her depth of knowledge and experience for creating health and wellness is just the first layer of her brilliance. Rose is a High Priestess for our modern world guiding people to embody health on all levels.”— Laura Hollick, Soul Art Studio


“All I can say is that Rose’s High Priestess Training has rocked my world… this is a profound road map for women to live an extraordinary life. Rose doesn’t hold back. Rose is a living example of living your dream life, and she shares EXACTLY how she got there.”
Ana Poirier, Yoga Body Nutrition


“My life has changed completely since High Priestess Training. I was fighting depression and anxiety for years. I struggled to keep myself positive. I was surviving, not living. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only 5 months. I learned so much from you Rose. Thanks to you I’m living a purposeful life and transforming a traumatizing past into positive energy. I learned about holistic nutrition, and it’s became clear to me that I have a mission in life to accomplish. I gained insight about myself and my need to gain balance in all aspects of my life to be ready to contribute to people’s lives in a profound way. Thank you for being my role model and for your life changing teaching.”
Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

“Rose Cole is a beacon of light for a new generation. Her method of blending health, spirituality and consciousness is so needed in this day and age. She has touched my heart and inspired my life and for that I’m eternally grateful.” — Cynthia Pasquella, Celebrity Nutritionist & Author of The Hungry Hottie Cookbook


“Rose my life is unrecognizable! Your High Priestess Training has been the single most significant thing I’ve done for my personal development. It was this course that catapulted me into a stratosphere that I could have only dreamt about. My business is fantastic and I’m now living my dream. I could not be happier! Connecting with you has been the greatest catalyst for change EVER.”
Vanessa Pannikote, The Brand Alchemist


“Rose has beautifully changed everything about my life. When I first heard Rose’s High Priestess Training, I could relate to so many things she spoke about, but hadn’t put it into words. Rose helped me to forgive myself of things that happened so long ago, but I was playing over and over again in my mind as if they had just taken place. In my wellness practice, I support women who want to feel beautiful from the inside out, and now I can speak from experience and say that Rose has transformed me from the inside out and I will be forever grateful to her for that.”
Tracy Neely, Holistic Health Coach


“I’ve witnessed thousands of women’s lives changed from Rose’s High Priestess Training – astounding! Rose is authentic, true, alive and a divine healer of magnificent proportions. This woman is here to change the planet and we are all blessed to have her walking with us in this space and time. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rose on ANY level will be changed forever!”— Tara Marino, Women’s Coach & Fashion Designer