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Here’s my little daughter Violet and I doing a saging. In our community and tribe we do a sage smudging at the beginning of many ceremonies and rituals, and to clear the energy of a home or physical space.

The Native American ritual of saging or smudging – burning sage and moving the bundle over the front and back of our bodies – helps to cleanse our auras and energy, and bring us into a moment of consciousness and sacredness.

Sage also helps the flow of energy (a la Fung Shui) in your house.  Every house can have stagnant areas where the energy is not necessarily negative, but it’s stuck. The sage helps move it along.

You can find white sage (to wrap with string for making bundles) growing in many Western United states regions.  You can also find sage bundles for sale in most spiritual book shops and health food stores.


  • To start, you set your intention. You may want to say a prayer or an affirmation – whatever feels right to you. The exact words are not important for it to work. Simply set the intention to clear your house of any lingering negative or stagnant energy.
  • Then light the sage. (It is the smoke, not the flame, that clears the energy.)
  • Then you walk from room to room waving your sage bundle around your whole house. Try to get the smoke into every area of your house. Every corner, every closet, etc. You’ll also want to do the front and back porches and all around your front door.

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple, so don’t worry about doing it wrong. The smoke and your intention will do the work for you. 🙂

I’d love to hear your questions, or stories you have about your experience with saging.


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