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You are cordially invited to attend this very intimate virtual gathering with shamanic facilitator and founder of the Shamanic Academy, Rose Cole.

Come with your questions about developing your shamanic healing gifts, spirit guide communication, energy work, and navigating the spirit world.  

Rose will also be offering a group energy alignment for anyone who would like to receive.  

You’re welcome to come and ask questions, or just bask in the beautiful glow of community coming together.

Saturday, October 5th from 5p-7p PST


About Rose Cole…

Founder Rose Cole

At age five, our founder Rose Cole gave her first talk about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to her Kindergarten class.

She could describe her past lives in vivid detail, see and speak with ancestors who’d passed on, and recite languages she had no experience with in this lifetime.

Then, after mounting pressure to “fit in” from the outside world, and a searing trauma, she shut down her gifts.

Not long after, she was placed in foster care and—in a miraculous turn of events—was adopted by an Indigenous medicine man.

After years of Rose healing herself quantumly and reclaiming her Shamanic gifts, she was finally walking her path.

Now, after twenty-five years of practice using her gifts as a Shamanic facilitator and educator, she’s here—with the help of our amazing team of collaborators—to help you step into and use your own gifts as a Shamanic healer.