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Eclipse season is upon us, and these can be turbulent times! Energy emanating from eclipses can feel both overwhelming and disorientating.

Eclipses are powerful catalysts that deliver immense and unexpected change – clearing things out to make room for more things to grow.

Eclipse seasons last approximately 35 days and take place around every six months—each season lasting approximately 34 days.

The first new moon in this eclipse series took place July 12/13, 2018. The second eclipse is a full moon lunar eclipse, and will be on July 27th. The third, takes place August 11th, and will be a new moon lunar eclipse.

The last eclipse from the previous season was February 15th, 2018 — so all that we’ve been through since that date is now coming to a close and will reach completion on the final eclipse of this season—August 11th.

When this six-month cycle closes in August, we’ll notice big aspects of our lives clicking into place and making sense, and we’ll be able to resolve many of the things that have been troubling us since the start of the year.

Trust the Universe has your back & you’re EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be!

Eclipse energy can feel similar to full moon energy, but even more disruptive and potent. Because of this, we may be triggered more and find ourselves in unproductive arguments.

We may also notice our energy—and that of the people around us—feels charged and volatile, as though everyone seems extra irritable, emotional, anxious, fatigued, edgy, and/or stressed.

Eclipses are notorious for beginning and ending significant chapters in our lives—without warning. These chapters are usually related to emotions and relationships; often resulting in those who are unhealthy for us disappearing from our lives suddenly.

During eclipse season we often become aware of what has been hidden from us, or what has been just out of our awareness or perspective—and then suddenly a light turns on and people’s true character is revealed.

During these times there’s a powerful undercurrent taking us fast into new directions, and it’s usually too late to do anything but just go with the flow and have faith that this force is relocating us toward better places—or people.

May this simple ritual help you get clear about what is ready to be moved out of your life to make way for the new.

What You’ll Need:

  • Quiet space
  • Smudging tool of choice
  • Candle
  • Journal & pen


1. SMUDGE – Begin by smudging your aura and then the space around you. As you smudge and cleanse yourself and your space, recite the following mantra or use your own words:

“I am cleansed and I am open. I open and surrender myself to the Divine Universe. I know I am safe and protected. As I release, I am free of all that no longer serves me. I activate the channels of light within me now. Aho.”

2. LIGHT YOUR CANDLE – Sit comfortably at your altar, or somewhere you can safely light your candle and sit.

3. GROUND – Take several deep breaths to calm your mind. Envision Divine light pouring down from the center of the Universe into your crown chakra, filling your body with every color of the rainbow, and maybe even colors you’ve never seen before.

Then see a root extending from your base or feet, burrowing down deep into the Earth. When the root reaches the center of the Earth, see the energy turning around and come back to your body, bringing with it every color of green, and the anchoring, grounding energy of the Earth.

Take several more deep breaths feeling yourself anchored firmly to the Earth & the heavens, the two energies intertwining in your heart.

4. PRAY – Repeat this prayer below, or write your own:

“Dear Universe/Creator/God, I pray and ask to be shown what I have hidden from myself. I am open to receiving any and all messages now, that can assist me in powerfully moving forward in my life. Aho”

5. JOURNAL – Get your journal and pen. In a stream of consciousness without editing, ask yourself the first question:

What is irritating or annoying me in my life right now? What needs to shift?

When you are ready, ask yourself the second question:

What is newly beginning in my life?

6. MAKE A REQUEST – Without overthinking, imagine the Universe is granting you one wish. What would you ask for assistance with right now?

Once you’ve identified what you desire, state out loud what you would like support with.

Example: “Divine Universe, I would like to ask for assistance with….”

7. SEE IT AS SO – Take several deep breaths and meditate on the flame of the candle, envisioning the new beginnings already unfolding in your life.

8. GIVE THANKS – Think about your wish to the Universe and repeat to yourself- “I am open. I am ready to receive. Thank you.”

9. CLOSING PRAYER OR MANTRA – When you’re ready, thank the Universe/God/your Higher Self for being with you and sharing this Divine wisdom, and then blow out the candle – if you wish.

And so it is.


My advice to you, my dear… ride this intense wave, like a big wave surfer from Hawaii. You’ve got this!

I am sending you so much love as you weather these intense times.

Hang in there! This too, shall pass.



P.S. I am here for you… I mean that. If I can help you with something, please don’t hesitate to write me below. I read each comment, and I will respond to you. 🙂

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