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Becoming a hollow bone for spirit to work through…

You are invited to experience a six month initiation. Learn how to alchemise and purify all discord into harmony and beauty. Increase your capacity for holding space and living life as ceremony.

When we become a living prayer, it permeates every area of your life, recalibrating your connection to the unseen worlds. From this place, you are able to wield the shamanic abilities that have been bestowed upon you in the most pure and ethical way.

Earth Keepers is a virtual and in-person journey to intentional living and foundational shamanic ways.

In order to evolve our consciousness, we must first gain more presence, and in order to gain more presence, we have to slow down and get a lot more present. This is the beginning of RE-membrance of the old, sacred ways.  

Source energy runs through a healer only to the extent that a person has made oneself into a vessel for that power by becoming humble and unselfish. One becomes like a “clean, hollow bone,” as many indigenous traditions say. 

In this six-month journey, you will learn how to become a ‘hollow bone’ yourself by opening up to earth-based wisdom and the teachings of Spirit. You will understand how to shift your consciousness by moving out of the egoic mind and purify old inner wounds, in order to become an empty vessel through which Creator/Source can work.

By becoming an Earth Keeper, you will discover how to walk more aligned with divine power in a grounded and down-to-earth way to create healing for yourself and others. 

“For the past 25 years, it has been my honor to support the revival of earth-based-healing traditions and guide people home to the RE-membrance of the Sacred Ways. May we all walk in beauty.”

– Rose Cole

By becoming an Earth Keeper, you will discover how to walk more aligned with divine power in a grounded and down-to-earth way to create healing for yourself and others. 

Although only a few are called to be a healer, we believe, anyone can learn to let Spirit work through them for the elevation of our brothers and sisters here in Humanity, and the planet.

“We are called to become hollow bones for our people and anyone else we can help, and we are not meant to seek power for our personal use and honor. What we bones really become is the pipeline that connects Wakan-Tanka,– “the highest and most holy One”– the Helpers of the four directions and the community together. This tells us the direction our curing and healing work must follow and establishes the kind of life we must lead.”

– Frank Fools Crow (ca. 1890–1989)
The most power-full holy man – or wicasa wakan – among the Lakota people for a generation

How can one become a hollow bone?
A pure vessel for sacred service and highest alignment to Spirit?

The journey begins with sacred service.

This is not a fast path, or a silver bullet. This is the path of being marinaded by the Divine. In order to be of the utmost service to the world, you must become proficient at being able to be empty of ‘you’, deepening your capacity to hold sacred space from a place of emptiness and presence rather than the need to be seen or feel overly important.

Enter Into The Art of Allowing…

Surrender to the Great Mystery and to the uncertainty of each moment.

This is the path and foundation of becoming a shamanic practitioner with the utmost humility.

This training is about the journey to expanding your consciousness and awareness to alchemize the discord in your life… and then to become a beacon of light to alchemize the space for others.

Bring Balance to Our Earth.

Becoming an Earth Keeper is becoming a loving Steward of Humanity. This training is for people who care about the spiritual evolution of our human race, and who are willing to do the inner work to be the change that is needed to bring about balance on planet earth.

We will be learning how to build inner stability, like an oak tree, deepening your path of selfless service in order to radiate the light of harmony into all aspects and expressions of life.

Who Is This Training For…

… people who are ready to support the unprecedented awakening that is happening today with great humbleness.

It is for those who have been opening up their innate shamanic gifts and abilities, and wish to learn how to wield them with the utmost care and responsibility.

This training is for those of us with the emotional maturity and readiness to want to take responsibility for what is showing up in our personal reality, who are looking to see what they can give rather than just what they can take.

This 6 month training is for both beginners and advanced practitioners in your field of service; those who choose to anchor a deeper shamanic understanding of holding sacred space for yourself, others, and the world.

We will be learning how to not project our own wounds onto another. This program is designed to train the mind in a new way of not judging, and to polish your mind’s eye.

Participants who feel the sacred call to join will receive an inspirational path of study that leads to self examination and profound transformation. They will be freed of the conditioned imprints that leave us with layers of unconscious self doubt or inflated egotistical constructs that keep us feeling either inferior or superior.

It is for everyone who would love to explore increasing inner peace so that we can become a peace keeper of the Earth.

This course is for people who want to be a living prayer, to help restore the balance of Mother Earth and all her relations.

The Secrets of The Universe are Revealed to Those Who Come With Reverence and Sincerity in Their Hearts. When we come in reverence to the Divine, we become a pure vessel of Creator’s will… a hollow bone.

Do you feel the call to…

Develop the ability to hold space with presence, emptiness and compassion

Deepen your relationship with Great Spirit, our Creator, and the Great Mother and her mystery

Deepen your relationship with our planet, Mamma Gaia, and all of her creations

Develop your capacity to responsibly wield your nine shamanic gifts

“It’s been amazing to realize the medicine I was carrying in this world has been within me the entire time. I thought I knew who I was but I didn’t. Coming into who I am has been surprising. I feel there are many who think they know who they are, but there’s an extra push needed to step into that role. A continuous flow of love and support…”

– Kilo

Here’s what’s in store inside Earth Keepers…

Earth Keepers is a sacred container that will teach you core shamanic principles. You will receive:

  • A solid foundation for becoming a shamanic practitioner

  • Developing your 9 Shamanic Gifts


  • Learning energy hygiene

  • Training to contain and direct the spiritual abilities that have been bestowed upon you

Training to create a shamanic field… and use this shamanic field to alchemize the space you’re in.

Inevitably, we’re also going to have shadows arise, and we’re going to invite a practice of intentionally integrating what comes up. You will learn:

  • How to own and transform projections

  • Methods for healing the pain body by breaking old patterns

  • Practices for healing the dramas of blame and separation

  • How to overcome clinging and aversion

  • How to contain and digest your full life experience – the blessings and the challenges

Presence involves learning how to bear witness to both the pain and the joys of life, but not be lost in it. We do this by bringing awareness to our emotions (energy in motion), along with new purpose, and meaning. You will be empowered with:

  • A process to develop deep presence

  • How to integrate past trauma 


  • Daily practices for opening up awareness

  • A path of accelerated consciousness


  • Meta cognition – being able to powerfully observe yourself
Living life as ceremony – become a living prayer. RE-membering…

  • The path for living life as ceremony
  • Sacred song study
  • Daily ritual
Inviting Nature as our Teacher. Reconnecting to the natural rhythms of the Earth.

  • Nature Immersion –  reconnect to the motherboard of Creation.
  • Overcoming our fears of nature, the dark, and the unseen worlds
  • Methods for working with the Elements
  • Learning to see with our medicine eyes

“After working with Rose, I feel more aligned with myself and with my truth. I perceive a deep, all-residing peace with what is, and as if I can relax and surrender into the flow of life, without pushing or forcing anything to happen. I am more focused on my daily practices and my connection to God.”

– Rose Dayal

What’s Included In This 6 Month Earth Keepers Journey:

3 live training calls per month with Rose Cole and Faculty (90 minutes). Powerful and heart opening Earth Keeper training sessions that will forever shift the way you walk the Earth. Learn pure presence, purification rituals, and shamanic foundational practice to live a life steeped in ceremony, and sacred songs within the Guided Energy MedicineTM healing lineage.

6 months of access to the Earth Keepers Portal. A rich space of wisdom, resources, video recordings, and connecting with the come-UNITY members of this path.

Virtual study groups with kindred spirits, those with eyes to fully see you. Come be embraced in the arms of come-UNITY, and supported on this journey home.

2 one-on-one virtual alignment sessions with one of our master ordained energy medicine practitioners. These personal energy healing sessions are nothing short of life-changing – clearing stagnant patterns and awakening deeper levels of purity for Spirit to work through.

2 night in-person Nature Quest in Southern California This immersive experience is about learning to walk “The Beauty Way”. Your Quest is designed to arouse deep physical and emotional transformations and awaken dormant states of consciousness and creativity — returning you to intimate contact with the Original Source. It is about reconnecting to the motherboard of existence – Mother Nature – and receiving profound guidance in your life. On our sacred quest of RE-membering how to invite Nature as Teacher, you will learn practices you will hone for a lifetime. (If you’re not able to attend in person, we’ll give you instructions to create this on your own.)*

*Meals, travel, and accommodations not included.

Welcome to the Home of Your RE-Memberance

You are likely to become enriched in every area of your life, including increased fulfillment in your service. As an Earth Keeper graduate, you will expand your ability to to the world. As an Earth Keeper graduate, you will expand your ability to support friends, family, clients and yourself through your increased increased capacity to hold space for whatever arises.

Live online sessions begin July 5, 2023

The investment is:

$3,997 US
(Early registration price ends
June 22, 2023)

If you’d like to request a payment plan with our trusted financing partner, or have any questions, please email us at enrollment@rosecole.com.


What is the time commitment?

Two to three hours a week is the optimal time to allocate to have the most in-depth experience. In addition, you are invited to attend the two night in-person Nature Quest in Southern California.

When does it start?

Earth Keepers begins the first week of July and ends at the end of December 2023.

Where and when is the two night Nature Quest happening?

The Nature Quest is in September, and will be located in Southern California. The exact location will be provided after you register. Most people fly into the San Diego International Airport. You can also fly into the Orange County or Los Angeles International Airport, but the drive time may be a bit longer. You will have a chance to connect with other attendees to carpool.

About Our Founder, Rose Cole

In her own words…

Welcome, I’m Rose Cole,

I guess you could say I’ve lived an interesting life. 🙂

At age 5, while other kids were bringing a doll or toy for show-and-tell day at school, I gave my first talk about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to the kindergarten class. I could describe my past lives in vivid detail, speak with ancestors who’d passed on, and recite languages I had no experience with in this lifetime. 

But then my whole life changed…

Both of my parents developed mental illness and drug addictions, and there was a lot of severe abuse, trauma, and neglect that developed in my household. My life felt like a perpetual shifting of sand beneath my feet. I learned to shut down my senses and seeing out of self preservation. Eventually Child Protective Services stepped in and I was placed in the first care system and became a ward of the state. 

But the abuse had already taken its toll. I was in a constant state of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and almost always on the verge of a panic attack. My childhood felt like a never ending living hell.

After several years, I was adopted and raised by my aunt and an indigenous medicine man, Alber Bianez – also known as “Bitterroot”.  Through the shamanic path I began to heal myself quantumly. I reclaimed my shamanic seeing, and re-membered my sacred purpose on this planet – to assist others in learning the medicines of the unseen world, quantum healing tools, and the RE-membrance of the old, sacred ways. 

I’ve made it my mission to support the movement and revival of earth-based-healing traditions, through activism, fundraising, and my school, The Sacred Oak Academy – Guided Energy MedicineTM Certification.

I’m also an ordained minister and recognized medicine carrier of the Oklevueha Native American Church, and president of the non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. It has been my joy and honor to facilitate people on this path for over 25 years.

Alongside my faculty, I train spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, and emerging healers from all over the world.

I’ve been featured in spaces like Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, assisting others in the RE-membrance of how to bring the sacred into everyday life. I’ve authored multiple books, and take great joy in speaking on stages around the world aside such world visionaries as Depak Chopra and Marriane Williamson.

It is my greatest joy and honor to help you step into the most embodied, sacred version of you – an Earth Keeper – a person living their Divine mission in real time, so we may birth the New Earth together. 

I look forward to meeting you, love 🙂

“Through unwavering love, care and knowledge, Rose made a stubborn, egotistical man see his true potential for the very first time. Rose’s guidance was nothing short of a gift of life for which I will be forever grateful.”

– David Comfort

“I went through a rough year, getting divorced after 25 years. WORKING WITH ROSE HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST LIFE CHANGING CHOICES I’VE MADE in years. I had a series of breakthroughs with her. Rose’s high level of consciousness, wisdom, and loving attention, helped me receive a deep heart-centered knowing of my path going forward that has changed my life.”

– LAURA BISWAS, Author & Strategic Consultant