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A Ritual to De-stress, Stimulate Your Lymphatic System, & Fight Cellulite Too!

Summer’s almost here! Ready to step into summer like that new green grass is your personal red carpet? It is time to glow like that sun is your personal photographer on the runway, and awaken your body and your consciousness to start this season loving YOU!

One way we do that is through taking breathe awareness and intention into our day, and creating meaningful rituals. It’s about incorporating small presence-creating moments into our day that help revive our consciousness and create a life that is fully awake.

Below is one such ritual – a dry skin brushing practice that can remove toxins, exfoliate skin, and help with cellulite (yes that word that makes us all wince just a little). No more wincing– get brushing!

Dry skin brushing is key for the lymphatic system. Think of the Lymphatic System like the filtration system in your body; filtering fluids of pathogens, damaged cells, cellular debris, and cancerous cells.

You might be saying to yourself, “But I don’t have time” (in whiny voice no less:). You do. This does not take hours, or days, and you do not have to put on a robe to trek to the nearest mountain top to do it. Dry brushing only takes a few moments and helps mind body and spirit.

So are you ready? Then let’s go. Below are three easy steps to get you recharged, ready, and ravishing through dry skin brushing.

Simple 3 Step Process:

  • Step One: Come into the present moment — That’s the biggest difference between a ritual and habit. Rituals are here to be holistic, making us WHOLE. In order to forge that mind, body, spirit connection we take time to come into the present. Maybe think of places where your life has been toxic and visualize yourself flushing them away. You can also repeat a mantra that can help build your self-acceptance and/or counter negative thoughts, insecurities, or fears. Also, since your lymphatic system parallels the cardiovascular system, this is a time to incorporate breathing. Breath nice, deep, slow and easy: filling up through the stomach and releasing from the chest.
  • Step Two: Grab a firm, natural brush: You don’t need to sell your soul for it, I promise. You do not need to procure it from some sacred animal yourself looking like a crazy person chasing a wild boar on an episode of Lost. You can just go to a local store or any Natural food co-op and it’ll affordably be there. (Make sure you have it nearby before you start step one. After you center you do not want to disrupt the connection with Self you are creating by getting up, stubbing your toe, and falling to the floor in agony while looking for it. Not helpful.)
  • Step Three: Start the process! Starting with feet, use long sweeping strokes toward your heart in the direction of the lymphatic system. The blood flow helps to move toxins through the lymphs, exfoliate dead skin, and breakup pockets of fatty tissue and cellulite. Repeat this step next with your arms, then stomach, and then backside. Always moving in the direction towards the heart. You might want to follow up with a shower or bath, and that’s it!

This whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. For best results, you’ll want to do this consistently and incorporate this new ritual into your daily practice.

Dry Brushing is a great way to get centered (in addition to all of the other awesome health benefits I mentioned above). It’s also an opportunity to come into the present moment and get in tune with yourself, as well as promoting the self-care needed to help you combat a world that can often be harsh and unforgiving.

So let that sun be your camera, that green grass your red carpet, and step out after your dry brushing session ready for spring and all the beautiful things the new season has to offer!  🙂

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