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6-Week Virtual Workshop Series

Beginning Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Dear One, 

Come DISCOVER your shamanic gifts and EXPLORE medicine abilities that are your divine birthright. Come step into your sacred service in the world in an even bigger way… 

I’m introducing a new 6-week virtual workshop series, designed for healers and wayshowers to understand and develop their 9 shamanic gifts in ways they didn’t imagine possible. 

This experience, guided by myself, Rose Cole, is for spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, emerging healers, and anyone ready to not only deepen their shamanic path but also integrate their gifts into everyday life in a practical way.

The awakening of innate gifts and dormant abilities of the unseen world people will experience on this 6-week online journey is nothing short of a miracle. 

You don’t need to travel or leave your home to do this sacred work. 

Come join us at this live, virtual workshop series designed to rekindle the deep re-membering encoded in your DNA. The ancient ways of the shamanic path are calling you home…

Experience a revolutionary approach to exploring your shamanic abilities and learn tangible ways to make them part of your everyday life.

What is Shamanism?

At its essence, shamanism is about bringing light to the darkness. It reconnects you back to your true nature, the natural world, and the Source of all creation to truly RE-source.

True quantum healing and transformation can occur through the shamanic path. 

This 6-week workshop series is being brought to you by The Sacred Oak Academy. What we teach is Universal Shamanism, through the lineage of Guided Energy Medicine.

We believe Universal Shamanism is not something to be studied in a book or grasped through the mind. It can only be co-created and experienced through direct experience.

And yes—that’s something everyone can do. We all have shamanic gifts and abilities, and we all have shamanism in our ancestral lineages.

This is your own opportunity to step out of the everyday routine of the maya illusion, and into the realm of the Great Mystery and miracles. 

We will be co-creating an online space together that will help you DISCOVER your shamanic abilities, hear the voice of your ancestors and Great Spirit, and unwind old programming around stepping into your healership,

Guided Energy Medicine
Is Life-Changing

Hello, I’m Rose Cole.

I founded The Sacred Oak Academy, which offers the world’s premiere training in Shamanic Energy Medicine. Over the past 25 years, I’ve trained and mentored thousands of students from all walks of life – to bring the sacred into the everyday, develop and hone their shamanic abilities, and activate their soul’s purpose as healers.

6-Week Virtual Workshop to Explore & Develop Your Medicine Abilities

“Not using our God-given Shamanic abilities is like going through life endlessly looking everywhere for your car keys when they’re right in your pocket.”
~Rose Cole

During the Discover Your 9 Shamanic Gifts Workshops, I will be assisting you in getting clear on which of the nine shamanic gifts you are hardwired for, how to take your abilities to the next level, and activating new gifts you may not even know you possess. 

Then we’ll talk about practical applications of this work – how to use your shamanic abilities to fuel your sacred work and make an even bigger impact in the world. All this comes at a time where your light is needed more than ever.

I am so looking forward to sharing this powerful work with you. There’s a deep RE-membering of the sacred that happens for each person who discovers their shamanic abilities in this way. 

I look forward to meeting you in our virtual space and sharing sacred practices together. 

In Love & Service,

Founder & Head Faculty
The Sacred Oak Academy Academy – Guided Energy Medicine Lineage

Who Is This 6-Week Workshop Series For?

Maybe you’re a healing arts practitioner with a thriving professional practice, and evolved emotional intelligence. Or maybe you are a budding healer who is being called to the path. 

You’ve always been intrigued by shamanism and energy healing work and have experienced the miracles of the quantum realms yourself first hand. You’re excited to see what shamanic abilities you will discover lying dormant and ready to awaken.

Perhaps you’re a parent who’s always had an uncanny sixth sense about when family members are ill or in trouble, and people naturally gravitate towards your healing presence with their challenges. You’re finally ready to put a name to all the energy and abilities swirling in you, and develop them from obscure to feeling tangible in a way you can truly utilize them. 

Or maybe you’re a plant medicine facilitator who follows a more clinical path of service, but feeling curious about how to marry the shamanic into your practice. Come and see what an impactful experience it can be to develop your 9 shamanic gifts, and explore what energetics you’re opening up when you work behind the veil.

Prepare for a Powerful Transformation

This workshop series is a powerful initiation into new realms of your gifts… 

Your soul may be calling you to the shamanic path from eons ago. Deep within your being comes forth a song, the harmony in your heart that’s unsung and wishes to be heard. Now, at home, at work -here are gifts waiting to be brought to the light, and put to the service of an awakening humanity.

Please come with an open heart and mind to each class, and be ready to drop into a grounded, centered space so you can be fully present. 

What You’ll Receive When You Join…

6 – two hour LIVE classes led by Rose Cole (with replays if you can’t attend live). Expect powerful and heart-opening workshops that will forever shift the way you walk the Earth and share your gifts. 

Handouts – for clarity, reference and deepening of wisdom as we go.

Private Facebook Group just for this workshop’s participants;  access your portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to receive support, connect with come-UNITY, and learn from your fellow students.

Study Group Experience to practice the tools and connect further as you deepen in your shamanic gifts. (The study group is optional.)

Starting June 19, 2024…

Now Just $197 Early Registration*

(or $333 after June 15th, 2024)

About Rose Cole

After a childhood fraught with severe trauma and sexual abuse, Rose was placed in the foster care system and later adopted by her aunt and an indigenous medicine man. Through the shamanic path and sacred ceremony, she began to heal herself quantumly, and reclaim her shamanic abilities. Over the last 25 years, Rose birthed a body of work to assist others in discovering their nine shamanic gifts and reclaiming their purpose as healers. 

Today, a modern-day medicine woman, Rose has been featured in spaces like Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, is author of multiple books, and an internationally renowned speaker aside such world visionaries as Depak Chopra and Marriane Williamson. Rose is also an ordained minister, recognized medicine carrier, and president of the non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. She supports the revival of earth-based-healing traditions through activism, fundraising, and her own school, the Guided Energy Medicine™ Sacred Oak Academy.

Today, alongside her faculty, she trains spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, and emerging healers from all over the world. Through her flagship program, The Sacred Oak Academy, they receive a year-long certification in shamanic energy medicine and quantum healing tools. She also offers advanced courses and community events to further students upon their DISCOVERYed path. Her belief is that as more people live with these abilities activated, the world awakens to a new consciousness and we birth a new humanity together.

“Without the experience of a direct connection to the greater cosmic forces, one has nothing within to bolster one in deadline with life’s trials. Life seems to have no purpose. Without a cosmic connection within one’s being, one will always flounder in the world.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

People Who Awakened & Developed Their 9 Shamanic Gifts with Rose Cole Have Said…

“I had a full-body somatic experience – a stripping away of an invisible cloak that no longer served me. Thank you Rose and Spirit for guiding that release and for the integration of all that has been gifted to me. What a gift to share space with all the beautiful ones present. I’m in a state of deep prayer and gratitude.” 

~Diwa B

“A major takeaway for me has been validating my work as a space holder for sacred work, for others to heal themselves. Thank you all for that generous gift. 

It was an honor to be in sacred space with you.

-Gen B

I’ve never felt more honored, humbled, grateful, and proud to be who I am. The language that Rose spoke felt like somebody finally understands the magical way I see the world. Thank you Rose, you are the guide and medicine woman I was asking the Universe for. Keep shining your beautiful light and love my fellow light worker.” 

~Jamie A

 … And open pathways of potential.

“I invite you to come, fill up your cup with exploring the magic of the shamanic realms, open into further alignment with your Sacred Purpose, and experience first hand what’s truly possible when you develop your gifts in this way” ~Rose Cole

5 Takeaways From This Virtual Workshop…

Finally seeing yourself as a worthy instrument of the Divine, owning your shamanic abilities and operating from your natural point of Source-aligned power.

A tangible upgrade in your energy field that extends into your work, your relationships, and your sacred service and impact in the world. Experiencing your innate shamanic gifts and exploring them leads to a doubling down on your trust that your service does matter to the whole.

Your energetic presence is expanded in a way felt by others. Your channel is more open and more grounded as your healing magnetism activates with deeper potency and clarity. Your spiritual leadership expands.

You integrate shamanism into all realms of life. Living with your shamanic gifts activated is a way of life. There’s a different level of operation and intention on a daily basis. You step with both feet into the sacred role as healer, way-shower, and light-bringer… in each conversation and glance, even at the grocery store checkout.

Your energetic capacity expands, as your personal power aligned to Divine Will and sacred service expands. You’ll meet yourself in new edges, seeing yourself as a bridge to bring loved ones and the planet back into balance. Suddenly, aligning with higher timelines and experiencing miracles is the new normal.

Gathered together, for six weeks we’ll connect with the mysteries that live behind doors we cannot pry open. Supernatural experiences blossom when we enter with sincerity in our hearts.

High-Level Agenda Overview

Week 1: Introduction, Overview, Activation Prayer, and Energy Hygiene

Week 2: Practice Gifts 1-3, and Q&A

Week 3: Practice Gifts 4-6, and Q&A

Week 4: Practice Gifts 7-9, and Q&A

Week 5: Deepening our Understanding of The 9 Shamanic Gifts

Week 6: Practical Applications of the 9 Shamanic Gifts & Closing Circle

How Will This Workshop Series Fit Into Your Awakening Journey?

Rose Cole, a world-renowned pioneer in Universal Shamanism, will be helping each participant get clear on which of their 9 shamanic gifts they are hardwired for and how to take their abilities to the next level. Each live call hosted by Rose Cole will last two hours, over the course of six profound weeks of exploration.

This is a grounded path of study, and Rose will show you how to develop and then adapt your tangible shamanic abilities into everyday life and existing work.

Come and experience an exploration of the shamanic realm, in a context of deep integrity, ethics and reverence.

Which of the 9 Shamanic Gifts will You Awaken?

Please don’t hesitate to email info@rosecole.com with any questions you may have.

“I’m now completely grounded in life, and it feels so good. And I’ve noticed that my gifts are clearer. I’m feeling new levels of presence, I’m having more profound experiences with clients. It’s just incredible!”

~ Michelle

“I’m ready to not play small anymore and to get support from a supportive community. I’m ready to play big. It comes from my inner knowing of my gifts. Thank you!” 



You are also welcome to email info@rosecole.com with any questions you may have.

Do I have to have experience in shamanic healing to join?

No, this workshop series is for all levels of awakened beings. Both beginners and those who have mastery in other lineages will have extensive experiences and deepen their shamanic gifts.

What days and times are the live calls, and how long are they?

Calls start on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, and will continue for 6 weeks. They will be held at 12 noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern) on Zoom, and will be two hours long. If you can’t attend live, don’t worry… the replays will be just as powerful.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

You will receive all the replay videos, and because we operate in the quantum realms (outside linear time and space limitations) you will experience the full benefit of all activations and shamanic work undertaken during the course. The replay is just as powerful as if you’re there live. That being said, we would love to see your face at as many calls as possible to enrich the community!

Now Just $197 Early Registration*

(or $333 after June 15th, 2024)

Live Calls Begin June 19, 2024!