Virtual Humanitarian Prayer Circle

Wednesday, April 12th, 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Dear One, 

It’s time for renewal. Come to a safe haven, sit in sacred circle beside a thousand kindred souls,, and release what no longer serves you.

“As Within, So Without” has never been more true.

Whether it’s a person that hurt you from the past, or there’s something else you just can’t seem to shake off and let go of…know that you deserve to be free of it, and it is possible to find immediate release. 

Our upcoming prayer circle creates inner peace and harmony through a powerful blend of forgiveness practices and shamanic energy medicine. The process I’ll be sharing releases energetic cords and negative thoughtforms, creating more harmony and peace within. 

And your peace truly matters – we know that when we walk around harboring negative energetic ties, we minimize space for love, prevent ourselves from moving forward and are less able to be of service in the world.

By joining together in this practice, we amplify our collective healing and intentions and generate incredible experiences of change and fresh beginnings.

Attendees of past prayer circles share that they experience an almost instantaneous feeling of well-being and peace. Their depression and anxiety were lifted, and they felt renewed.  

During our April 12th virtual gathering, you’ll receive energy work for personal healing, join in a collective visioning circle, and then help beam energy to those in need around the world.

This circle is FREE to attend. Come fill up your energetic cup and receive some of the energy work we teach our students at The Shamanic Academy.
At this free 90 minute virtual come-UNITY gathering you’ll receive…

  •  A healing approach to quiet inner disharmony and release stress caused by past wrongs
  •  A forgiveness-based path for reconnecting to Source
  •  Activate your higher self to reach your full intuitive potential
  •  Fifteen minutes of free energy work to restore inner peace and calm.

On our humanitarian prayer call, in addition to healing and renewal for those present, we’ll also join forces to direct healing energy outward around the world to those in need. Your humanitarian heart and willingness to spread loving energy is all that’s required.

You do not need to have any prior experience with shamanic practices to participate. All are welcome regardless of your spiritual beliefs. We trust this message will find those who are ready for it.

We had over 1400 people join our last circle, which felt incredible…and yet it’s only the beginning. We hope you’ll amplify our prayers and join us! Your friends and family are welcome too.

In Love & Service 


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Here’s what past attendees have shared…