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Tuesday, Nov 14, 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Dear One, 

November is the time of year when wonderful energies can be harnessed for our stress-release and upliftment. 

Now is the time to shed the collective cloak of grief for humanity and worry for the future, and instead connect with energies of gratitude, divinely-guided certainty and relaxed states of peace.

The timing of our next virtual humanitarian prayer and drum circle falls on two beautiful cosmic alignments. These events will further amplify our sacred gathering:

New Moon In Scorpio –  a Time for Untapped Potential and Rich Blessings

Like a cosmic ‘refresh’ button, each new moon is a gift that beckons us to set intentions, embrace necessary change, and embark on fresh journeys, both externally and within. When we take this sacred time out, the energy supports us to open untapped potential.

Leo Meteor Shower amplifies blessings…

Wherever the night sky is dark enough to see the stars, we will be treated to a shower of falling stars that appear to come from the lion’s mane in the Leo Constellation. 

Throughout time, shooting stars have been a symbol of reaching your destiny. The ancients and modern mystics all believe that contemplating these rays of cosmic light can seed a new awareness in your heart—an awareness that we are connected to a much larger unfolding cosmic play than just what is happening here. We are part of a much larger story, and each of our roles matter.

More people are realizing this truth,
and more people are gathering…

More and more people are re-membering
how to return to ancient practices
to navigate current stressors with grace.

It is a beautiful practice to gather in sacred circle, experience the fresh new moon energies, dissolve stress and return to a home state of gratitude. 

Will you join us November 14th for a virtual humanitarian prayer circle and drum journey?

Fill up your energetic cup

Experience a sacred drum journey and the healing it brings

Receive 15 minutes of energy healing

Regulate the nervous system into peace and harmony

Connect with sacred community

You’re invited to this free virtual gathering to shift out of states of anxiety, grief and stress and return to your natural rhythm…expect to leave feeling filled up with peace, gratitude and certainty.

You do not need to have any prior experience with shamanic practice, drumming or energy medicine to participate. All are welcome regardless of your spiritual beliefs. 

Over 2,000 people joined our last gathering.

Your presence would be so welcome!

Our Next Prayer Circle will be on December 12, 2023. Registration will be open soon!

Past Attendees Say…

“Full body tingling and the look of light hitting water and lighting in the sky”
~ Carissa

Energized and at peace, beautiful
~ Margie

Thank you beautiful purple light.
~ Alasandra

I felt warmth and relaxation in my neck and shoulders
~ Eric

I am feeling lighter, thank you
~ Jassy

I really enjoyed that! Thank you very much!
~ Aaron

I moved a significant amount of grief out of my chest

Am going to include more world prayers into my daily practices

Feeling whole and ready. Thank you.

I felt energy right away but I felt more energy go right to my toes. My heart is feeling lighter. It has been heavy since my best friend died a little over a month ago. I felt love and grateful for all of you.
~S. Flynn

Felt a deep grounding into the Earth… Beautiful energy flowing from the trees, rocks, streams and oceans.

So much understanding that I am worthy of receiving! Grateful for that!

It was so beautiful. My intention was to keep my heart open to love and abundance and I felt a lot of movement in my heart center.

I had a vision of a winged being touch my shoulder and then planted a seed in my heart space.

Thank you to everyone of you for all of your energy that flowed through. It was amazing!! Tears flowed from the start to the end. Thank you thank you!