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Tuesday, June 11, 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Dear One, 

Come sit in sacred circle beside hundreds of kindred souls as we cultivate forgiveness and inner peace, and then together we will beam that energy to those in need around the world. 

Our theme for this month’s gathering is “Forgiveness for Inner and Outer Peace” – centered around a powerful method of forgiveness to make space for more blessings and peace in this bountiful season. 

Our upcoming Prayer Circle & Drum Journey on June 11th creates inner re-alignment and fresh foundations for inner peace by releasing stuck energies that are not yet forgiven. We do this through a powerful blend of accessing the theta brainwave state – the state of intimate possibilities, plus a drum journey and shamanic energy medicine. 

The process I’ll be sharing during our live virtual gathering brings us back to a regulated place within our nervous system and being – while releasing outdated stories and programming.

For many lightworkers, there are stories we have released that are still hanging around in our energy field… often unbeknownst to us. 

What we’re still carrying in our field magnetizes more of that to us, and into our life.

So taking that sacred pause, going in to release the energetic cords and clear our fields with true forgiveness becomes an essential step for not only our current well being but our futures too. 

To truly move forward and beyond and create a different reality we must first cleanse and release all that no longer serves us.

Forgiveness and release of the past doesn’t condone a past situation or action. I believe it simply means, “I am complete with my process of holding onto this. Instead of carrying this, I will use this space in my heart for love, abundance and capacity to fuel my soul mission.” 

This is love in action. This is true freedom.

This is your invitation to release and expand space for your next level of love and abundance.

You are invited to…

Virtual Humanitarian Prayer Circle & Drum Journey – Forgiveness Practice for Inner & Outer Peace

Tuesday, June 11th, 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET

This is a (FREE) beautiful opportunity to connect with your inner spirit and dissolve stuck energy. You will be guided in a practice to make room for more love, abundance and peace in your daily experience, and help make a positive impact in the world.

We’ve had over 3,000 people join our other Prayer Circle & Drum Journeys!

Will you join us on June 11th in the expansive spirit of forgiveness for a special virtual experience guided personally by me, Rose Cole?

At this FREE 90 minute virtual gathering you will…

Fill up your energetic cup

Experience a sacred drum journey and the healing it brings

Receive 15 minutes of energy healing

Regulate the nervous system into peace and harmony

Connect with sacred come-UNITY.

Help beam love and positive energy to those who need it around the world

You’re invited to this free virtual gathering to release long-held stress, return to your natural state of joy and connect with your natural state of abundance and peace

Expect to leave feeling deeply nourished, peaceful and full of trust in the unfolding of your life moments to come.

No prior experience with shamanic practice, or energy medicine is necessary to participate. All are welcome regardless of your spiritual beliefs! 

Come with an open heart… light a candle, and be ready for miracles.

In Love & Service,

Founder & Head Faculty
Guided Energy Medicine Lineage

Our Next Prayer Circle will be on July 9, 2024. Registration will be open soon!

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