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Tuesday, June 13th, 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Dear One, 

It’s time for summer expansion. Come sit in sacred circle beside a thousand kindred souls, walk through the doorway to Spirit, and attune to the prosperity that is your birthright.

Our upcoming prayer circle and drum journey creates inner re-alignment and fresh foundations for prosperity through a powerful blend of theta brainwave access, and shamanic energy medicine. 

Whether it’s inherited poverty mentality from your lineage, or there’s something blocking you from receiving blessings, and you just can’t seem to rise above it… know that it is possible to make shifts into a life of worthiness and true freedom. 

The process I’ll be sharing brings us back to a regulated place within our nervous system and being – anchored to the wisdom of Mother Earth – while releasing patterns of lack.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

If you come from humble beginnings or a family who has unhealthy money stories, know I understand the journey well. I went from being raised in poverty and not always having adequate clothes to wear or food to eat.

In my adult life, I worked hard to overcome the poverty consciousness of my upbringing, and eventually moved into one of the most expensive zip codes in the USA. At one point I had an incredible California home with a picturesque swimming pool and spacious backyard. 

I thought I made it… and yet a large part of me couldn’t even allow it in as my reality. Part of me could never really be there and actually enjoy it. I had this internal programing running that it just wasn’t enough…  It was never enough. 

I realized I had made it to a place of “wealth”, but my being was still coded for poverty. I then went on a journey to recode to the frequency of true prosperity, and RE-connect my umbilical cord to the abundance of Source.

Why will we go on a drum journey during this live prayer circle?

The drum has been a transformative part of my own healing journey, and it’s been used for thousands of years as a tool for regulating the nervous system and accessing theta brainwave states. That’s the place of accessing infinite consciousness and possibility. 

We will be traveling to that power place together to unwind old ancestral patterns keeping us in lack and blocking our receiving. 

And your prosperity truly matters – we know that when we walk around emanating lack and dysregulation, that is the energy we are perpetuating in the world.

Being closed off and shut down prevents us from being of the richest service to Humanity.

As we are witnessing the old patriarchal systems of control and dominance crumbling around us, it is time for us to return to the truth of who we are… beings of infinite possibility and prosperity. 

By joining together in this drumming and energy medicine practice, we will amplify our collective healing and intentions and generate incredible expansion for ourselves, and for the world.  

It’s the perfect time, as we are in the full bloom of summer, soon approaching the summer equinox, when nature mirrors to us the infinite abundance and resources available from Source/Creator.

We invite you into this sacred circle.

Come fill up your cup.
Reset to receive natural prosperity.
Beam it out to those in need. 

Attendees of past prayer circles share that they experience an almost instantaneous feeling of well-being and peace. Their stress and anxiety were lifted, and they felt rejuvenated.  

By joining together in this practice, we amplify our collective healing and become the change we want to see in the world… a living prayer. 

On our humanitarian prayer call, in addition to healing and renewal for those present, we’ll also direct healing energy outward around the world. 

This circle is FREE to attend. 

Come fill up your energetic cup and receive some of the energy work we teach our students at The Sacred Oak Academy.

At this free 90 minute virtual gathering you’ll receive…

  •  A healing approach to remove inner lack energy and release blocks to receiving prosperity 
  •  A rejuvenating path for reconnecting to Source
  •  A drum journey to access the field of unity and your infinite possibilities
  •  Fifteen minutes of free energy work to restore inner peace and prosperity.

During this sacred circle, you’ll receive energy work for personal healing, join in a collective drum journey where we access theta brainwave states of infinite potential, and finish by beaming healing energy to those in need of prosperity around the world. 

This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your inner spirit and dissolve lack energy so you can allow blessings in. At the same time, you’ll connect with others and help make a positive impact in the world.

We’ve had over 1,400 people join our previous circles.

You do not need to have any prior experience with shamanic practice, drumming or energy medicine to participate. All are welcome regardless of your spiritual beliefs. We trust this message will find those who are ready for it.

The power of collective intention and energy is undeniable. We hope you’ll join us in this prayerful gathering. Your friends and family are welcome too.

In Love & Service 


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Past Attendees Say…

“Full body tingling and the look of light hitting water and lighting in the sky”

~ Carissa

Energized and at peace, beautiful

~ Margie

Thank you beautiful purple light

~ Alasandra

I felt warmth and relaxation in my neck and shoulders

~ Eric

I am feeling lighter, thank you

~ Jassy

I really enjoyed that! Thank you very much!

~ Aaron

I moved a significant amount of grief out of my chest


Am going to include more world prayers into my daily practices


Feeling whole and ready. Thank you.


I felt energy right away but I felt more energy go right to my toes. My heart is feeling lighter. It has been heavy since my best friend died a little over a month ago. I felt love and grateful for all of you.

~S. Flynn

Felt a deep grounding into the Earth… Beautiful energy flowing from the trees, rocks, streams and oceans.


So much understanding that I am worthy of receiving! Grateful for that!


It was so beautiful. My intention was to keep my heart open to love and abundance and I felt a lot of movement in my heart center.


I had a vision of a winged being touch my shoulder and then planted a seed in my heart space.


Thank you to everyone of you for all of your energy that flowed through. It was amazing!! Tears flowed from the start to the end. Thank you thank you!