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Tuesday, Feb 13, 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Dear One, 

It’s time for a return to heart harmony. Come sit in sacred circle beside a thousand kindred souls, walk through the doorway to Spirit, and attune to the experience of love and tranquility that is your birthright. 

Our upcoming Virtual Humanitarian Prayer & Drum Circle is all about sharing a sacred pause to fill up your cup.

You are invited to nourish yourself with a sacred forgiveness ritual—an intentional moment created to renew your heart. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions, reflect, and usher in a renewed sense of self-love, peace with the past and aligned purpose for the collective. 

It’s a time-out for release of shadows and old hurts…

It’s a time to restore harmony to our loving hearts…

It’s a moment to invite ancient ways of healing in our lives…

Once we complete our personal healing ritual together, we will then beam out the energy we cultivate to those who may be in need around the world.

More people are re-attuning to natural rhythms,
and the wisdom of each season. 

More people are gathering…

More and more people are re-membering ancient ways
and rituals to help us navigate life with grace.

Come, gather in sacred circle, and experience the power of ritual and song with other kindred souls from around the globe. Come, experience forgiveness and recenter life around your inner light. 

This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your inner spirit and dissolve dense energy so you can allow more love in. At the same time, you’ll connect with others and help make a positive impact in the world.

We’ve had over 3,000 join our other prayer circles! 

Will you join us on February 13th for a special virtual humanitarian prayer circle and drum journey? 

At this FREE 90 minute virtual gathering you will…

Fill up your energetic cup

Experience a sacred drum journey and the healing it brings

Receive 15 minutes of energy healing

Regulate the nervous system into peace and harmony

Connect with sacred come-UNITY.

Help beam love and positive energy to those who need it around the world

You’re invited to this free virtual gathering to finally release long-held grievances, stress or heartache, and return to your natural state of joy and heart harmony …expect to leave feeling deeply nourished, peaceful and full of trust in the unfolding of life to come. 

No prior experience with shamanic practice, drumming or energy medicine is necessary to participate. All are welcome regardless of your spiritual beliefs. 

Come… bring an open heart… and sit by the sacred fire with us.

In love and service,

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Past Attendees Say…

“Full body tingling and the look of light hitting water and lighting in the sky”
~ Carissa

Energized and at peace, beautiful
~ Margie

Thank you beautiful purple light.
~ Alasandra

I felt warmth and relaxation in my neck and shoulders
~ Eric

I am feeling lighter, thank you
~ Jassy

I really enjoyed that! Thank you very much!
~ Aaron

I moved a significant amount of grief out of my chest

Am going to include more world prayers into my daily practices

Feeling whole and ready. Thank you.

I felt energy right away but I felt more energy go right to my toes. My heart is feeling lighter. It has been heavy since my best friend died a little over a month ago. I felt love and grateful for all of you.
~S. Flynn

Felt a deep grounding into the Earth… Beautiful energy flowing from the trees, rocks, streams and oceans.

So much understanding that I am worthy of receiving! Grateful for that!

It was so beautiful. My intention was to keep my heart open to love and abundance and I felt a lot of movement in my heart center.

I had a vision of a winged being touch my shoulder and then planted a seed in my heart space.

Thank you to everyone of you for all of your energy that flowed through. It was amazing!! Tears flowed from the start to the end. Thank you thank you!