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Oct 2021 - Shamanic Academy 16-month Payment Plan - $347/month x1
$347.00 / month for 16 months
Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Bundle x1

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Oct 2021 - Shamanic Academy 16-month Payment Plan - $347/month × 1
$347.00 / month for 16 months
Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Bundle × 1
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Total $384.00
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Subtotal $347.00 / month for 16 months
Tax $0.00 / month for 16 months
Recurring totals $347.00 / month for 16 months
First renewal: February 27, 2023

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“After working with Rose in the Academy, I FEEL MORE ALIGNED WITH MYSELF AND WITH MY TRUTH. I perceive a deep all-residing peace with what is, and as if I can relax and surrender into the flow of life, without pushing or forcing anything to happen. I am more focused on my daily practices and my connection to God.”


“I went through a rough year, getting divorced after 25 years. WORKING WITH ROSE HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST LIFE CHANGING CHOICES I’VE MADE in years. I had a series of breakthroughs with her. Rose’s high level of consciousness, wisdom, and loving attention, helped me receive a deep heart-centered knowing of my path going forward that has changed my life.”


Author & Strategic Consultant

“I was 250k in the red in my business when I met Rose, and NOW 1 YEAR LATER I’M 600K IN THE BLACK! YES, A 850K SWING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! So what changed? Me. When I first talked to Rose about taking her program, I said I could not afford it. I then went on my instinct and said YES. I knew I needed to grow. Rose I am so grateful for you and your magical ways. Thank you for planting the seeds and teaching us how to bloom.”


Business Coach