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How To Activate Your 9 Shamanic Gifts

A Sacred Masterclass Bundle To Help You Expand Your Gifts, Live In Your Divine Purpose, & Positively Impact The Planet

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Are you ready to step into your intuitive superpowers so you can live out your sacred purpose and impact the planet?

Activating your 9 Shamanic Gifts Masterclass Bundle will take you from being an intuitively curious lightworker to understanding the principles to become a powerful Shamanic guide for yourself and others!

Are your spiritual gifts suddenly coming online?

Whether you know it or not, you’re here with a sacred mission.

Maybe you’ve had inklings of it lately.

You feel nudges. Perhaps you see energy.

Sometimes, when no one’s around, you have a sense that you’re being watched over… in a good way.

Maybe you’ve started feeling energy emanating from your hands.

You may even be able to connect with your spirit guides.

Whatever you’re feeling… you’re feeling it for a reason.

Your gifts are not accidental.

They’re a big part of why you’re here on this planet, at this time.

And now, I want to help you embody them.

The issue is most lightworkers have been lost and disconnected from their shamanic abilities and light in our modern world.

We are facing an all-time high of political and civil unrest.

It can feel scary to activate your intuitive healing powers and abilities with so much happening in the world.

And this my dear, is exactly why we’ve been born on the planet at this time…

The planet’s vibration is shifting fast. We need more people like you that are in touch with their sacred Shamanic gifts.

Through the nudge of your inner gifts, the Universe is calling you to up-level to a higher dimension, RE-member who you really are, and RE-claim the ancient wisdom and light codes in your DNA.

You are wired for profound and sacred abilities — and humanity needs them now more than ever.

This is what I’m here to help you do. 

At age 5, I gave my first talk about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to my Kindergarten class.

I could describe my past lives in vivid detail, see and speak with ancestors who’d passed on, and recite languages I had no experience with in this lifetime.

Then, after mounting pressure to “fit in” from the outside world, and a searing trauma… I shut down my gifts.

Not long after, I was placed in foster care and — in a miraculous turn of events — was adopted by a Native American holy man.

It took me years to reclaim my Shamanic gifts. But once I did, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment. I was finally walking my path.

Now, after twenty years of practice using my gifts as a Shamanic facilitator and educator, I’m here — with the help of my amazing team of collaborators — to help you step into and use your own gifts as a shamanic healer.

Your natural Shamanic gifts are a bridge

to bring the planet back into balance.

The world “Shaman” is a Siberian word that means “one who seeks in the dark,” or “Spiritual Healer.”

At its essence, Shamanism is about bringing light in the darkness.

It reconnects you back to your true nature, the natural world, and the Source of all Creation… to truly RE-source: reconnect you with Source.

When you reconnect with Source, together with others, you create a movement — a rising tide of light, swirling through the cosmos, lifting us all into a higher vibration.

Are you ready to activate?

In this bundle you will:


• Discover which of the 9 Shamanic Gifts you possess.

• Experience the clarity and confidence to claim your gifts.

• Find out how to activate and hone them.

• See how to use them to become an agent of transformation.

• Become excited about your PURPOSE in the world.

May this bundle spark a remembrance so hot and holy within you back to before your natural gifts were shut down by life’s conditioning.

“At a time when I was floundering and having trouble seeing what direction I should move, Rose helped me re-member my truth, RE-MEMBER MY DIVINE PURPOSE, find more balance in life, see the beauty of who I am, and re-claim my gifts.”

– SHARON MARTIN, Channel & Life Coach

Walk with me on the sacred path to owning your gifts.

I’m here to arm you with the knowledge to navigate the confusion, birth you into a supportive community, teach you how to understand Shamanic tools and wisdom, and most importantly, guide you along your journey.

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The knowledge to navigate and harness your shamanic abilities, the courage to claim your gifts as a change-maker during this time, and the activation to live your Divine mission as the sacred being you are. 

What's included

This video program is a powerful combination of ceremony, training, and activation all in one.

It comes complete with a downloadable eBook for quick reference and even deeper understanding of your gifts.

In it, you’ll learn how to begin truly walking this path with your gifts, in the safety and comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Also included is as audio version if you’d life to revisit portions of this material again and again, such as the Energy Cleanse, Activation Prayer, or Removing Limiting Beliefs Exercise.

3 Hour Masterclass + PDF Guide

Video, Audio, and workbooks for all learning styles

Online portal for immediate and lifetime access

4 unique bonuses to support your journey

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Module 1: Open Your Channel And Release Negative Energy

We’ll clear blockages and open you up to the Divine through sacred ceremony and energy cleansing, ensuring you can trust that you are in connection with your highest self throughout the training.

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Module 2: Discover Your Shamanic Abilities

You’ll gain the clarity and confidence to move forward on this path with the knowledge of the 9 Shamanic abilities and which you are being Divinely led into.

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Module 3: Activate Your Gifts

I’ll lead you through a powerful process to activate your gifts and give you the tools for how to use your abilities, locking in your sacred connection and the wisdom to harness your gifts.

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Module 4: Bust Through Limiting Beliefs

You’ll learn how to recognize and stop the low-vibe sneaky beliefs and sabotage patterns that keep you from sharing your gifts, cultivating a certainty of your purpose, and moving forward in a powerful way.

A sacred, healing container for you

to explore, awaken, and come home.

100% of proceeds from this bundle go to protect sacred lands and indigenous traditions. 
Our sacred lands and traditions represent a lineage of earth-keepers, healers, and protectors that stretch back for generations into our pasts. At BeautyWay in Unity (a registered 501c3), we recognize that without these sacred traditions, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do.
It is our honor to be able to contribute 100% of these proceeds to help maintain sacred lands and traditions far into the future. Through this purchase, you become an integral part of this sacred work.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to feel fully supported to explore this path and your gifts.

If you’re not 100% pleased with the “Activate Your 9 Shamanic Gifts” bundle plus all the extras within 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can say yes today, and you don’t even have to commit for good.

Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the energy within this bundle and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

Plus These Beautiful Bonuses:

BONUS #1 — Activate Your Shamanic Gifts PDF Guide

The complete description of the 9 Shamanic Gifts for quick reference, plus a powerful call to step in your purpose.

It serves as a great reference guide for learning and understanding about your gifts as you continue to explore this path.

BONUS #2 — How to Navigate the Spirit World Guide

When you step into this work and your intuitive gifts open, it’s super important to understand how to work within the spirit world to stay safe and protected.

This foundational guide helps you navigate the spirit world as your gifts open up.

BONUS #3 —Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Masterclass Audio

We’ve created an audio version of this masterclass so you can listen easily from various devices, anytime you want.

The audio is particularly helpful if you’re on the go and want to experience portions of the class to realign and center yourself throughout your everyday life.

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◊ Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Masterclass (valued $197)
◊ Activate Your Shamanic Gifts PDF Guide (valued at $27)
◊ Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Audio (valued at $27)
◊ How to Navigate the Spirit World Guide (valued at $27)

Get Instant Access to “Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Masterclass” Bundle

Only $37 (regularly $333)

“At a time when I was floundering and having trouble seeing what direction I should move, Rose helped me re-member my truth, RE-MEMBER MY DIVINE PURPOSE, find more balance in life, see the beauty of who I am, and re-claim my gifts.”

– SHARON MARTIN, Channel & Life Coach

“At a time when I was floundering and having trouble seeing what direction I should move, Rose helped me re-member my truth, RE-MEMBER MY DIVINE PURPOSE, find more balance in life, see the beauty of who I am, and re-claim my gifts.”

– SHARON MARTIN, Channel & Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does this program work and will I get to start right away?
You will get instant access to all of the materials as soon as you complete your purchase. The content will then be yours to keep, so you can go through the bundle in the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

What kind of person is Activate Your 9 Shamanic Gifts meant for?
Anyone who has experienced energy or knowings that can’t be explained, is curious about understanding and honing their sacred Shamanic gifts, cares deeply about making a valuable contribution to our planet, or wants to become part of a community of Lightworkers and wayshowers.
How is “Activate Your 9 Shamanic Gifts” different from other similar programs?
This material was created from over 25 years of experience from a woman who has studied with several different shamanic lineages, and been initiated into a Native American Shamanic healing path and given the right to lead sacred ceremonies, a VERY rare honor for women amongst a typically patriarchal path.
This bundle teaches you about the Universal Shamanism used by every indeginous shamanic path from around the globe, while also activating your own latent gifts and healing abilities. By the time you’re done, you’ll be amazed at how clear and confident you feel, renewed with the energy of sacred purpose.
I don’t know if I have Shamanic gifts, will this work for me?
Yes! Everyone is born with Shamanic abilities. Everything in this bundle is to support you in activating your latent abilities, and understanding your deeply Divine purpose and gifts, even if you’re brand new to them.
You’ll get the knowledge to help you navigate your uncertainties and empower you to confidently continue your journey, trusting in yourself and the Divine.

Our world cannot wait. It’s time for us all to come together with our gifts to create healing transformation for our planet.

It’s your time to join the call and claim your sacred birthright.

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Get Instant Access to “Activate Your Shamanic Gifts Masterclass” Bundle Only $37 (regularly $333)

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