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Join Us for a Ceremonial Activation of Your 9 Shamanic Gifts

Join Us for a Cermonial Activation of Your 9 Shamanic Gifts

Dear Activated One, 

Come AWAKEN and ACTIVATE the shamanic gifts and abilities that are your divine birthright, and uplevel your sacred service in the world. 

AWAKEN is a 2 day in-person come-UNITY gathering with the Guided Energy Medicine Lineage, designed for healers to understand and develop their 9 shamanic gifts. 

This immersion is for spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, emerging healers, and anyone ready to not only deepen their shamanic path but also integrate their gifts into everyday life in a tangible way.

What people experience in this weekend immersion is nothing short of a miracle. 

Come join us at this live workshop and sacred ceremony to rekindle the deep re-membering encoded in your DNA. The ancient ways of the shamanic path are calling you home…

Experience a ceremonial immersion that deepens your shamanic abilities and offers tangible ways to make them part of your everyday life.

At its essence, shamanism is about bringing light to the darkness. It reconnects you back to your true nature, the natural world, and the Source of all creation to truly RE-source.

True quantum healing and transformation can occur through the shamanic path. 

The AWAKEN 2 Day Immersion is being brought to you by The Shamanic Academy. What we teach is Universal Shamanism, through the lineage of Guided Energy Medicine.

We believe Universal Shamanism is not something to be studied in a book or grasped through the mind. It can only be co-created and experienced through direct revelation.

And yes—that’s something you can do. We all have shamanic gifts and abilities, and we all have shamanism in our ancestral lineages.

This is your own opportunity to step out of the everyday routine of the maya illusion, and into the realm of the Great Mystery and miracles. 

We will be co-creating a space together that will help you unwind old programming, reattach your umbilical cord to Source, AWAKEN your shamanic abilities, and hear the voice of your ancestors and Great Spirit.

Guided Energy Medicine Is Life-Changing

Hello, I’m Rose Cole.

I founded The Shamanic Academy, which offers the world’s premiere training in Shamanic Energy Medicine. Over the past 25 years, I’ve trained and mentored thousands of students from all walks of life – to bring the sacred into the everyday, develop and hone their shamanic abilities, and activate their soul’s purpose as healers.

At the AWAKEN Immersion, I will be personally assisting all 30 participants in getting clear on which of the nine shamanic gifts you are hardwired for, how to take your abilities to the next level, and activating new gifts you may not even know you possess. Then how to use your shamanic abilities to fuel your sacred work and make an even bigger impact in the world at a time where your light is needed more than ever.

Each participant will get to personally experience and receive Guided Energy Medicine – an incredibly healing and activating experience. This shamanic energy work we practice works within the energy field that surrounds our body and holds the imprints, traumas, and programing and conditioning of our past, and of our ancestral timelines. From this place, we’re able to dismantle the root cause of what is keeping us stuck and unable to move forward in the current place of our lives.

You’ll also get to experience Core Belief Work – another powerful tool of our lineage. Core Belief Work will assist you to eliminate limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind, energy field, and all other layers of your being, so you can fully embody the spiritual leader and healer you came here to be.

Myself, and the Shamanic Academy faculty, are looking forward to sharing this powerful work with you. There’s a deep RE-membering of the sacred that happens for each attendee during the weekend.

What To Expect at This Immersion…

What people experience is nothing less than mind blowing. At this live event we’ve watched people transform their relationships, health, and ability to receive abundance. Many who come discover their true life purpose for the first time.

At past AWAKEN Immersions we’ve seen…

  • A woman walk in with a cane and leave not needing it
  • A person enter with a thyroid tumor and leave with it gone…medically verified.
  • People leave feeling nourished, inspired, upleveled, and empowered in their shamanic abilities
  • People who come with depression and anxiety, report feeling present, peaceful, connected to Source and fully grounded in knowing their sacred purpose

Who this Immersion is for… and not for…

“Take off your shoes before you step on sacred ground,”
– the elders say.

We cannot pry the doors open to the great mysteries. Every shamanic lineage knows that the truly supernatural can only be experienced when we come with sincerity in our hearts.

Together, we will connect in a safe, supportive environment, where we can truly experience the miraculous.

All who come with sincerity in their hearts are welcome into this sacred space. But we do ask that you come with the intention to be a positive presence, and to contribute to the serenity of this holy work.

Because of the sacredness we are co-creating in this very small and intimate container, we ask that all attendees stay for the entire two day immersion. Thank you for honoring this request.

We also want to make sure you feel comfortable experiencing mediumship. Our lineage practices mediumship in a very safe, and supportive way. We will be sharing mediumship with you at this immersion. If you are not comfortable with making contact with beings on the other side of the veil, this gathering might not be for you.

This immersion is a powerful initiation into new realms of your gifts… please come ready for transformation, and give yourself spaciousness for integration afterwards.

After you register, you will receive a personal call from our team to ensure you have everything you need to participate fully, and that you’re able to attend the full two days. This is a loving check-in to assure you’re comfortable and know how to prepare for this ceremonial gathering.

There is also a Q & A section below that may answer more of your questions. You are also welcome to email info@rosecole.com with any questions you may have.

Connect with kindred souls and master teachers for a life-changing event only offered in-person once a year.

Immersion Details

When: Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4, 2023
Where: In-Person in Encinitas, California

When: Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4, 2023
Where: In-Person in Encinitas, California

This is the only open-to-public, in-person AWAKEN event we will be hosting this year, and there are only 30 spots available. Because this is such an intimate and potent gathering, we do expect to fill up quickly, so please reserve your spot today.


Saturday, June 3
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

Sunday, June 4
10am – 5pm


Only 30 0 Spots Available

Ticket Cost: $444 Early Registration*

(*or $777 after June 1, 2023)

(As this is a limited space event and rare opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to the miraculous power of Guided Energy Medicinewe ask that Shamanic Academy students and graduates already familiar with our lineage not attend. Thank you, dear students, for allowing others to AWAKEN and deepen the exploration of their shamanic gifts in this introductory experience.)

20% of proceeds are being donated to K’eh Native Action group, raising funds for clean water, firewood, and food relief for Native American Communities. Because this is a fundraiser, there are no refunds.

* Food and accommodations not included in your ticket price 

After you register, you’ll receive a personal call from our team to ensure you have everything you need to attend the two full days. This is a loving check-in to assure you are well prepared for our gathering.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing sacred space together. 

In Love & Service,

Modern Medicine Woman, Founder & Head Faculty
The Shamanic Academy – Guided Energy Medicine Lineage

About Rose Cole

After a childhood fraught with severe trauma and sexual abuse, Rose was placed in the foster care system and later adopted by her aunt and an indigenous medicine man. Through the shamanic path and sacred ceremony, she began to heal herself quantumly, and reclaim her shamanic abilities. Over the last 25 years, Rose birthed a body of work to assist others in awakening their nine shamanic gifts and reclaiming their purpose as healers. 

Today, a modern-day medicine woman, Rose has been featured in spaces like Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, is author of multiple books, and an internationally renowned speaker aside such world visionaries as Depak Chopra and Marriane Williamson. Rose is also an ordained minister, recognized medicine carrier, and president of the non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. She supports the revival of earth-based-healing traditions through activism, fundraising, and her own school, the Guided Energy Medicine Shamanic Academy.

Today, alongside her faculty, she trains spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, and emerging healers from all over the world. Through her flagship program, The Shamanic Academy, they receive a year-long certification in shamanic energy medicine and quantum healing tools. She also offers advanced courses and community events to further students upon their awakened path. Her belief is that as more people live with these abilities activated, the world awakens to a new consciousness and we birth a new humanity.

“Without the experience of a direct connection to the greater cosmic forces, one has nothing within to bolster one in deadline with life’s trials. Life seems to have no purpose. Without a cosmic connection within one’s being, one will always flounder in the world.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys



Day 1: Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, 9am – 4pm. (With lunch in the middle of the day.) Then ceremony from 6pm – 9pm. 

Day 2: Sunday, June 4th, 2023, 10am – 5pm (With lunch in the middle of the day.)

Are there cancellations or refunds?

You’re welcome to cancel at any time, however, because this event is partially a fundraiser, there are no refunds for AWAKEN. Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re unable to attend, as there is very limited space available. 

Does this immersion gathering include accommodation or food?

No, your ticket does not include food or accommodations.There are places to eat within steps of our location that have a variety of healthy food available for purchase. There are also lots of accommodations in the area of Encinitas, California. The exact address location of this event will be given after you register.

What if I can’t attend the entire two days of the event, or have to leave early?

We ask that you please not attend if you’re unable to attend both days fully. Because of the sacredness of this container, it would be disruptive for the other attendees. Also, this work is very deep and activating that is designed to reconfigure you at a soul level, so it’s in the best interest of the attendees to attend the entire immersion.  

If you are flying in for this event it would be optimal to fly out on Monday instead of Sunday evening, as we will not be ending until 5pm. We also advise to leave spaciousness to integrate and metabolize this profound experience.

What if I am not comfortable being in the presence of or experiencing mediumship?

Our lineage practices mediumship in a very safe, and supportive way and we will be sharing mediumship with you throughout this immersion. If you are not comfortable with making contact with beings on the other side of the veil, this gathering might not be for you as we do require full presence in participation throughout the weekend.

As a student or graduate of the Shamanic Academy, may I attend AWAKEN?

No. This is a rare opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to the miraculous power of Guided Energy Medicine™. For this reason, we are requesting that present and past students of The Shamanic Academy not register. Thank you for allowing space for newcomers to experience this sacred work.

Past AWAKEN Attendees Say…

“In AWAKEN, I had a full-body somatic experience – a stripping away of an invisible cloak that no longer served me. Thank you Rose and Spirit for guiding that release and for the integration of all that has been gifted to me this weekend. What a gift to share space with all the beautiful ones present. I’m in a state of deep prayer and gratitude.” 

~ Diwa B

“I felt truly moved by spirit – there was a true healing that took place in those two days. Since the training, I feel a shift that took place in me… no more victim energy, but a survivor with knowledge and compassion to love and heal others. Thank you Rose, your wonderful team and all the beautiful souls that shared in this gathering. I am feeling blessed and grateful.” 

~ Desiree C

How amazing this AWAKEN weekend has been! I have taken my first baby steps on the Shamanic path by acknowledging some of my gifts. I am grateful for the love and support that has been present throughout this experience and the connections we are making with each other as a result of having answered the call to show up in this space and time.” 

~ Florencia A

“A major takeaway for me has been validating my work as a space holder for sacred work, for others to heal themselves. Thank you all for that generous gift. It was an honor to be in sacred space with you.

~ Gen B

I’ve never felt more honored, humbled, grateful, and proud to be who I am after this gathering. It is such a beautiful thing. To honor vulnerability and hold space for one another, as we step into our path as wayshowers and guides. The language that Rose spoke felt like somebody finally understands the magical way I see the world. Thank you Rose, you are the guide and medicine woman I was asking the Universe for. Keep shining your beautiful light and love my fellow light worker.” 

~ Jamie A