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All proceeds are being donated to K’eh Native Action group, raising funds for water, firewood, and food relief to Native American Communities. Because this is a fundraiser, there are no refunds.

Are you interested in exploring and nurturing your intuitive, psychic, energetic, and mediumship abilities?

Welcome to the “Activate Your Nine Intuitive Gifts of the Unseen World” Masterclass, a sacred space for honoring and nurturing the divine wisdom within you. 

We humbly invite you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. In this three-hour masterclass, we will delve into the depths of your being to activate and honor your intuitive, psychic, energetic, and mediumship gifts with utmost reverence. 

Our aim is to co-create a supportive and nurturing environment where we can explore these gifts together.

During this sacred gathering, guided by master practitioner, Rose Cole, one of the world’s pioneers for over 25 years in the field of Universal Shamanism, you will…

Learn a Personal Energy Cleansing technique to cleanse your field on an ongoing basis, so you can hone your gifts and hear the voice of the Divine

Discover The Intuitive Gifts of the Unseen World — they’re inherent, yet many you may not know exist!

Gain a deeper understanding of the gifts you possess, and activate latent abilities you may not even know you have.

Learn a Powerful Activation Prayer to ACTIVATE Your Spiritual Gifts

Participate in powerful belief work to Remove Unconscious Limiting Beliefs blocking your gifts from full expression.

Get Answers & Guidance from Rose Cole  – Participate in a Closing Q&A Session

We gather together in this sacred space to honor the profound mysteries of the unseen world, and the journey home to your sacred service to the world. This masterclass is a testament to the deep reverence of the sacred ways that guide us on our spiritual path to the re-membrance of these sacred ways that our each of our birthright. 

As seats in this sacred gathering are limited, we encourage you to secure your spot now. May this sacred journey be a transformative experience that reverberates through your soul.

Although recordings are available to all who register for this masterclass for just 5 days after the event ends, it’s best to attend live. 

Register Now and Embark on a Beautiful Journey to Develop and Hone Your Intuitive Abilities and Gifts.

Regular Price: $275

Your Special Ticket $44

Only 50 0 Tickets Left

All proceeds are being donated to K’eh Native Action group, raising funds for water, firewood, and food relief to Native American Communities. Because this is a fundraiser, there are no refunds.

Praise for this Virtual Masterclass

Hi, I’m Rose Cole.

I guess you could say I’ve lived an interesting life. 🙂

At age 5, while other kids were bringing a doll or toy for show-and-tell day at school, I gave my first talk about life after death, the astral world, and Spirit Guide communication to my kindergarten class. I could describe my past lives in vivid detail, speak with ancestors who’d passed on, and recite languages I had no experience with in this lifetime. 

But then my whole life changed…

Both of my parents developed mental illness and drug addictions, and there was a lot of severe abuse, trauma, and neglect that developed in my household. My life felt like a perpetual shifting of sand beneath my feet. I learned to shut down my senses and seeing out of self preservation. Eventually Child Protective Services stepped in and I was placed in the first care system and became a ward of the state. 

But the abuse had already taken its toll. I was in a constant state of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and almost always on the verge of a panic attack. My childhood felt like a never ending living hell.

After several years, I was adopted and raised by my aunt and an indigenous medicine man, Alber Bianez – also known as “Bitterroot”.  Through the shamanic path I began to heal myself quantumly. I reclaimed my shamanic seeing, and re-membered my sacred purpose on this planet – to assist others in learning the medicines of the unseen world, quantum healing tools, and the RE-membrance of the old, sacred ways. 

I’ve made it my mission to support the movement and revival of earth-based-healing traditions, through activism, fundraising, and my school, The Sacred Oak Academy – Guided Energy Medicine Certification.

I’m also an ordained minister and recognized medicine carrier of the Oklevueha Native American Church, and president of the 501c3 non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. It has been my joy and honor to facilitate people on this path for over 25 years.

Alongside my faculty, I train spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, and change-makers from all over the world.

I’ve been featured in spaces like Forbes.com, E! and MSNBC, assisting others in the RE-membrance of how to bring the sacred into everyday life. I’ve authored multiple books, and take great joy in speaking on stages around the world aside such world visionaries as Depak Chopra and Marriane Williamson.

It is my greatest joy and honor to help you step into the most embodied, sacred version of you – a person living their Divine mission in real time, so we may birth the New Earth together. 

I look forward to meeting you. 🙂

“Through unwavering love, care and knowledge, Rose made a stubborn, egotistical man see his true potential for the very first time. Rose’s guidance was NOTHING SHORT OF A GIFT OF LIFE for which I will be forever grateful.”

– DAVID COMFORT, Founder of Rise Costa Rica

“At a time when I was floundering and having trouble seeing what direction I should move, Rose helped me re-member my truth, RE-MEMBER MY DIVINE PURPOSE, find more balance in life, see the beauty of who I am, and re-claim my gifts.”

– SHARON MARTIN, Channel & Life Coach