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About Rose Cole

Rose Cole is a visionary leader and world-renowned speaker, co-author of ‘Audacious Aging’ alongside Deepak Chopra and Dr Andrew Weil, Shamanic Priestess, popular featured guest on TV networks such as E! and MSNBC, and preeminent mentor and spiritual guide who has helped thousands create thriving and awakened lives.

Rose is a leading luminary in a new paradigm of heart-based entrepreneurs who are dedicated to embodying their highest potential: body, mind and soul, and illuminating the path for others to do the same.

Rose’s path has been one of transcending adversity, trauma and several ‘dark nights of the soul’ in order to harvest the wisdom, strength and perseverance that such adversities inherently bring, and to share the power of possibility to benefit as many people as possible.

Rose’s early childhood experiences of poverty, neglect, sexual abuse, and being bounced from home to home, resulted in low self-worth, social anxiety, insomnia and a great difficulty in concentrating or retaining any information learned in school.

Falling through the cracks of a busy school system, Rose was labeled ‘learning disabled’, sent to special education and ostracized by her peers.

At the age of eleven, when Rose’s deeply spiritual aunt and Native American uncle took her in and began raising her as their own, Rose’s highly intuitive and spiritual nature was fervently kindled, and she began avidly participating in sacred rituals such as sweat lodges and tipi ceremonies.

Discovered by a modeling agent at age fourteen, Rose went on to enjoy a successful career with the exclusive Ford Modeling Agency spanning more than a decade. But behind her vibrant, smiling face on the Special ‘K’ box, Rose was struggling to keep it all together, with her unresolved trauma starting to surface in ways that became increasingly impossible to ignore.

Rose had developed addictive behaviors in many areas of her life: from eating disorders, to drugs and alcohol, to tumultuous romantic relationships, unmitigated shopping habits and general tendency to create a chaotic environment in her world. On her journey towards finding a middle path, Rose found herself swinging between spiritually vacant and emotionally depleted lifestyles of materialism, glamour and shallow, unfulfilling relationships.

This self-destructive pattern culminated in a severe case of a skin condition called psoriasis, weight gain, depression and extreme hypoglycemia exacerbated by sugar-addiction. Rose’s lucrative modeling career and tempestuous partnerships came into question and she fell into a deep state of overwhelm and despair.

This ‘dark-night’ precipitated one of the most illuminating and inspiring turning points in Rose’s young life: she was about to meet a naturopath who would reconnect her to the healing wisdom of plant and herbal medicine, which ultimately catalyzed an all-encompassing whole-life transformation and spiritual awakening. Rose’s naturopath advised her to stop taking anti-depressants and birth control pills, offered her a holistic remedy for the psoriasis, prescribed hormone tests and gave Rose a list of foods to add and avoid. She imparted in Rose a deep appreciation for the profoundly transformative value of rituals for health, self-care and embodiment: rituals such as cleansing, juicing, essential oil baths and using plants and herbs to heal her body.

Within two weeks, Rose’s psoriasis cleared completely for the first time in her life, the extra weight dropped off without any effort and her depression and brain-fog lifted. Soon thereafter, Rose had to reshoot all her modeling head-shots because her face had transformed due to her new ‘clean food’ and self-care regimen.

After this awakening, Rose was inspired to be in service to others by becoming a certified natural health professional and holistic nutrition coach, studying both in San Diego and at the University of Illinois Nutrition Program. In 2006 she founded Wellness With Rose, an online resource of thousands of free videos, articles and audio downloads on holistic living, which have touched the lives of her tens of thousands of followers world-wide, including luminaries such as Jesse Jackson and international tennis pro, Mark Philippoussis. Over the next several years, Rose immersed herself in the study of entrepreneurship and internet marketing, so that she could share her gifts and teachings on a global platform.

As Rose’s personal mastery and body of work blossomed, she created a unique course called ‘High Priestess Training’, attended by over 10,000 women, and subsequently authored the ‘High Priestess Training’ book. This led to a series of programs and retreats called ‘The Powerful Woman Powwow’ and ‘High Priestess Unleashed’.

“Through my personal journey and the challenges that I’ve overcome, I’ve discovered how to manifest and create the life of my dreams, from a thriving and fully self-expressed career, having my beloved daughter, to my beautiful home and incredible community of friends and colleagues that we get to co-create life with every day. It’s a deeply soul-fulfilling joy for me to share with others a system of practices that I call ‘Rituality’, which have been such a powerful and inspiring force in my own blossoming and transformation process.

The essence of my teachings is rooted in sharing with others the miracle of incorporating simple and uplifting daily rituals into our lives. These rituals serve as an opportunity to come back into our hearts, re-anchor our awareness in the present moment, align with our deepest intentions, and create a life that is continually attuning and harmonizing with our soul’s highest truth.”

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