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Have you been feeling the funky energy lately?!

I keep hearing from everyone that it’s been hard to keep focus, and it feels like moving through sludge.

I’ve been feeling it big time too.

For the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve found it so hard to focus or get anything done.

Almost like I’ve been in a mild depressive state.

It’s just felt so heavy… like I’m moving through molasses.

I’ve had moments where I’ve thought my immune system was fighting something off… or that it was the negative energy from those around me… or that I just haven’t been feeding my spiritual life enough.

But I know better than to dwell on these things.

In the midst of this strange energetic time, I’ve actually arrived at the most tranquil, peaceful, and content place of my entire life.

But when I’ve gone through heavy energetic times in the past, I’ve felt like an empty Coke bottle being knocked around by a tidal wave – not knowing which way was up or down.

Until I learned what I’m about to share with you…

In times of funky, heavy, or intense energy, most people make things harder on themselves by focusing on what they don’t want.

We do this unintentionally when we are trying to figure out where the funky energy is coming from… this actually FEEDS it – creating a vicious loop.

It’s like what they say about being in quicksand… when you try to fight it, you sink faster.

One thing to try is shifting your focus away from trying to figure out why you feel out of the flow or “off”.

I’m talking about the times when you’re feeling energetically funky, and you say stuff in your mind like:

  • “Maybe it’s my husband that’s the problem!”
  • “…or my friend that always has such negative energy!”
  • “…or my chakras are clogged!”
  • “…or my house needs an energy cleanse!”
  • “…or I forgot to take my supplements!”
  • “…or because I ate GMO corn yesterday!”
  • “…or maybe an entity has invaded my soul!”

I’ve seen people drive themselves bonkers running from practitioner, to health food store, to psychic, trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Or even worse… we make ourselves bad or wrong for feeling this way:

  • “There must be something wrong with me”
  • “I shouldn’t be feeling this way”
  • “I’ve done too much inner work to be experiencing this”

The thing is that you’ll never really figure out what is truly causing the funky energy… we’re in Mercury Retrograde right now… who knows… maybe that’s it.

I’ve found that it’s never one thing anyway… it’s always a combination of things that’s causing the funky energy.

For me this last week… I was about to start my period, I was on a sugar cleanse, I had interpersonal drama… these things could definitely contributed to my state, but who knows for sure?

Sometimes we think the changes we’ve made (like telling your friend that you can’t be friends with her anymore or breaking up with your boyfriend) are what stopped the funky energy, but really the timing could just be coincidental.

Maybe the energy just shifted in the collective consciousness and that’’s why the heavy energy finally dissipated?

It’s kinda like when people take antibiotics for a flu bug and they think it cured them, but really their immune system just fought it off while they happened to be taking the antibiotics. (Antibiotics can’t kill viruses.)

Sometimes energy just gets stirred up.

Makayla, who works here at Rituality, calls it “energetic vomit”. It’s when the collective conscious brings up energy to the surface to be cleared.

I just want to whisper to you that sometimes you think it’s you, when it’s not.

We all experience funky energy states at times.

It’s when we make ourselves wrong or bad for experiencing this kind of energy, or when we project it out towards others, that keeps us stuck and miserable.

My point is… the funky energy WILL shift. You will not always feel this way.

Why waste energy trying to figure out “why”, make yourself wrong for feeling this way, or fight against the current, when you can surrender and float downstream?

Floating with the current is way better… trust me!

You’ll enjoy the ride much more when you can do this.

Plus, whether it really IS you, or it’s just something funky in the energy field… you can treat it the same way.

So, how exactly do we do this?

  1. Pivot
  2. Raise Your Vibration
  3. Ground
  4. Breathe
  5. Ride the wave!


1) Pivot… suddenly shift your thoughts in a different direction. Start focusing on what you do want, instead of what you don’t.

2) Raise your vibration… think positively. Raise your self-esteem. Practice self-love (yes, really). Shift your focus and think about what you’re doing well, or the things that are going right, and watch your energy and perspective change at turbo speed.

I know it can seem like everything is going to hell in a handbag sometimes, but there are ALWAYS things that could be worse, and things we can be appreciative of… even if you have to look for tiny things at first.

This will shift your energy in a new direction.

I like to write a down an actual list of what you’re grateful for, or proud of yourself for.

You can list things you’ve accomplished, even if they seem small… like getting your kids to school on time… or eating a healthy breakfast… or getting something fixed that you’ve been meaning to fix.

I guarantee you’re accomplishing more than you realize.

Maybe include things on your list that are awesome about you – like that you make amazing casserole, or that you’re a good listener, or that you’re very empathic.

You can also include things on your list that you’re appreciative for, like clean water, a roof over your head, a bed to lay on at night. We often take these things for granted.

Start small if you have to.

This may sound simple, but it’s powerful.

I’m always amazed by how the list grows, and how much different I feel afterwards.

The more you write, the more it shifts.

When you shift your energy, you have a different vantage point… and a new perspective emerges.


“As our energy evolves, change happens. A shift in energy is always followed by a change in reality.”   ~Panache Desai


3) Ground… take off your shoes and stand on the Earth.

Get out in nature.

Do whatever you need to do to balance your physical body.

Eat healthy. Get more rest. Take minerals. Meditate.

You’ll be amazed by how many things in your life just resolve all on their own when you balance your physical chemistry.

The mind-body connection, baby! Everything really is interconnected.

4) Breath. Take deep conscious breaths whenever you can.

Relax the places in your body where you’re holding tension.

Become aware if you’re tensing your body to brace yourself for the next perceived blow by the Universe.

Thai chi, yoga, or really any kind of exercise is helpful with this.

5) Learn to surf the wave….

Don’t try to figure out “why”, or how you’re going to get away from it.

Just be with the energy.

It’s actually a short ride…

… so try to smile, and maybe even learn to enjoy it. 🙂

Look for ways to make it fun, and keep it light.


I’m telling you… if you lose your sense of humor it won’t be nearly as much fun!

Sometimes it helps me to remember that I’m a soul, having a human experience…

…and this cosmic, wakey play has lots of twists and turns, but ultimately we’re all just here… playing our character roles in our meat suits, on the spinning ball of dirt…

… wanting to experience humanity in all it’s glory.

These are all just some ideas to try… or, you can keep doing what you’re doing.

I know that I myself was definitely getting something out of fighting against the current for so long.

But now I have to say I’m getting pretty partial to my comfy river raft floaty 😉

Love and blessings to you on your journey, dear.

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P.S. I LOVE getting comments or hearing your personal stories below. I read each one personally. Cheers!


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