“Could It Really Be Possible That
You Can Lose Weight And
Completely Transform Your Life
In Just 10 Weeks…?”

The Answer is YES…

If You Are Willing To Make Just A Few SIMPLE Changes In Your Daily Routine, I GUARANTEE That You Will Lose Weight, Have Incredible Energy And Vitality All Day Long, And Be Consistently Happier And Healthier…

Dear Friend,

I wonder if you have had the same experience that I had…

Have you struggled to get rid of that last… stubborn… incredibly frustrating… final 10 to 20 pounds? You know, that final barrier that just won’t go away even if you spend a hundred hours in the gym and survive on nothing but celery sticks and water?

Do you wish that you didn’t have to struggle to get out of bed in the morning when the alarm clock rings? Are you tired and cranky until you get that first cup of caffeine into your blood?

…And how about that afternoon energy crash? Do you feel almost as if you’ve been drugged by the time 4 o’clock comes around? Do you have zero energy to go do something fun in the evenings after your work day?

And, honestly now… do you struggle with really ENJOYING your day? Are you as happy as you feel like you should be? Do you wish you could maintain a stable, happy optimism in your life but too often feel yourself looping into emotions of anxiety or depression?

I remember when all of this was my daily reality. And that’s not all…

This is a bit more embarrassing, but here’s what was going on in my life, and I am wondering if you can relate to any of it:

  • Feeling bloated and uncomfortable after I ate… it seemed like I had gas cramps after nearly ever meal
  • My skin seemed to never be clear… every time it started to clear up, I’d get a new little batch of pimples
  • I spent a good portion of the day feeling my brain was in a cloud. I’d finish out the day and realize that I had hardly accomplished any of the things that I had planned for the day
  • I had zero will-power. I’d make deals with myself that I wouldn’t eat certain foods, and then I’d tell myself that, okay, I’d only have one… and then eat the whole box. Why couldn’t I control myself?

Can you relate to these things? I’m not talking to everyone here, I know, but if are nodding your head right now, you are going to be so glad that you are reading this letter right now because…

I was exactly where you are now.

I turned ALL OF IT around completely.

And here’s something that you really MUST understand… NONE of it is your fault… this is not something you or your doctor could have fixed.

And if you keep reading, I will tell you EXACTLY HOW I changed my life… and how YOU CAN TOO…

My Life Was Completely Destroyed…

I was a complete mess.

I had painful, embarrassingly ugly psoriasis all over my skin (an itchy, red rash that EVERY ONE noticed and asked me about… Ah! Talk about embarrassing). I had such low energy that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Caffeine and sugar were the only things that ever temporarily relieved my depression and anxiety… and I had a lot to be depressed and anxious about…

My career had ground to an unglamorous halt and I was barely into my 20s. I had chronic sinus problems, and my digestion was completely out of whack. I had gas all the time. And I had gained 20 pounds that I could not get rid of no matter what I did.

20 pounds? My doctor actually laughed at me when I told him how concerned I was… he said, “It’s okay honey, it’s only 20 pounds!” and wrote me prescriptions for dangerous, addictive, and toxic drugs (which, by the way did nothing for either my depression or my weight).

But the fact was, that 20 pounds ended my career. I had been getting modeling work since I was a young teen, and, of course, everyone knows that once you gain weight, it’s over for you in modeling.

The thing is… I was always good in school. I knew I could have another career… but between the depression, anxiety, digestions issues, and fatigue… it just seemed like I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

I was in despair.

And it seemed like there was nobody who could help me. I tried doctors, I tried folk remedies, I tried will power, I tried radical diets… and my life just kept spirally down and down.

But guess what?

The reason the doctors couldn’t help me was that THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME…

Why You Can Be Completely Healthy And Still Feel Like Total Cr*p!

One of the most disturbing things about my physical condition was discovering that this kind of thing… low energy, weight gain, and physical symptoms like digestion issues, skin problems, etc… this is considered NORMAL for most people living in the modern world.

But I simply could not accept that. And today…

I’ve maintained my ideal weight for the last 4 years… EFFORTLESSLY.

I bounce out of bed in the morning feeling FANTASTIC. I have crazy energy all day long and hardly ever have mood swings (even during “that time of the month”).

I am in my 30s and have a modeling contract with the Ford Agency, the most prestigious modeling agency in the world… even though it is no longer my passion, nor the main focus of my income… and it is certainly not something I consider my “career” any more… but it is nice to know that, well out of my teens, I CAN still get plenty of work modeling because of the way my life has turned around.

My psoriasis? Gone. My sinus problems? Gone. My digestion issues? Gone.

I have never been happier, healthier, or more fulfilled. I feel 10 years younger than when I was… um… actually 10 years younger.

How did I do it?

What changed everything for me?

Well, it turns out… you really ARE what you eat…

The Easiest Way To Get Your Life Back

When somebody told me that I should see a “nutrition coach” to solve my problems, I rolled my eyes.

Some guy talking to me about the “food pyramid” and telling me to eat more vegetables was not going to fix what my doctor couldn’t.

But I was desperate enough to try anything… and this certainly sounded harmless.

Well, I’m sure glad that I went, because it was nothing like I thought. I had no idea what a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) really does… and it was amazing…

After just a few sessions my digestion problems disappeared, the psoriasis was gone in just 2 weeks, my skin cleared up, my mood elevated, my memory increased, my mind became sharper and more focused.

And that 20 pounds literally just melted right off my body as if they had never been there.

It was as if a cloud had lifted.

I look back on those desparate days of depression and hopelessness… and literally feel like I’ve been reborn. Like I have a second chance at life.

Can you understand why it’s so important to me now to share what I have learned with as many people as I can?

3 Ways You Can Start Losing Weight And
Get Healthier And More Energetic TODAY

Why is it that you can eat exactly the same thing as someone else and yet YOU gain 3 times more weight?

Here’s the simple fact: You can eat celery sticks and work out all day long and never lose any weight if you don’t balance your blood sugar and hormones.

But that’s nearly impossible for most people because the majority of folks living in the modern world are desparately addicted to sugar.

Sugar addiction is real and many experts will tell you that it is more difficult to quit sugar than smoking, alcoholism, or even addiction to “hard drugs”.

If you feel like you can’t give up chocolate, or you can’t give up dessert, or you can’t give up pasta or bread (these are broken down nearly instantly into sugar)… then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And if you think that’s bad… it’s actually even worse: Because it’s now been proven that synthetic sweeteners that many people rely on to help them reduce sugar in their diets are actually worse for you.

In study after study they’ve shown that these zero-calorie synthetic sweeteners actually trigger chemical reactions in the body that cause you to produce more fat and gain more weight.

But if you can get off the sugar roller-coaster, you will see immediate changes in your weight and in your health. Here are 3 things that can help…

1. Use Natural, Healthy Sweeteners

When you eat foods containing sugar, corn syrup, maltose, or any of the other names they use to disguise the word “sugar” on ingredient labels… or… when you eat white or refined starches like bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes… you cause your insulin levels to spike.

These insulin spikes leave you feeling fatigued, depressed, and cause your body to store fat. They also cause your blood-sugar level to crash… which is why you immediately get cravings to eat more.

Most people spend their entire day trapped in this cycle.

But some foods that are sweet have forms of natural sugar that break down extremely slowly in the body, completely preventing the insulin spike.

A great example of this is “agave nectar”.

The agave plant is closely related to the aloe vera. And the syrup from this plant is very sweet (it is sweeter by weight than sugar) and yet it is very low on the glycemic index… meaning: It burns very slowly and does not cause a spike to your insulin level.

You can find organic, raw agave nectar in most health food stores.

2. Dietary Supplement: Stevia

While agave is great because it burns slowly, the stevia leaf has no calories at all… yet is extremely sweet.

Stevia is also quite a bit sweeter than sugar, but you won’t find it sold anywhere as a “sweetener”. Due to some politics within the FDA, it can only be found as a “dietary supplement”.

Numerous studies on the safety of stevia show that, as a natural product, it is extremely safe and non-toxic. And it has been used in many cultures from Paraguay to Japan as a health-promoting herb.

This miracle herb can used to sweeten anything from your morning coffee to candy as a healthful substitute for sugar.

And speaking of candy…

3. Eat More Chocolate!

What do chocolate, spirulina, and brown seaweed all have in common?

They are all superfoods, filled with antioxidants and super-healthful flavinoids.

Unfortunately, most chocolate you’ll find in your supermarket has been so heavily processed, refined, and mixed with so much sugar and chemicals by the big candy companies that it becomes “junk food” that will only harm your body.

But raw chocolate remains one of the healthiest foods around, and it is extremely satisfying when you are having a craving for something sweet.

And if you are having a chocolate craving… well… raw chocolate will do the trick!

Of course some people find raw chocolate a little bit too bitter because they are used to eating the processed and sugar-laden variety… which is why I am also going to give you my famous, fantastic, fat-burning recipe for SUPER-FOOD CANDY…


Click Here To Download Recipe

My Worst Disaster As A Nutrition Coach…

I KNOW that what I do and what I teach WORKS.

I see the results in my own life and I’ve seen the results with my 1-on-1 clients.

What I have never been very good at before was marketing… and when a friend of mine with a very successful coaching business taught me a great way of getting people to sign up for expensive, single-session consultations… I started doing it.

The problem was… while I was making good money, the single sessions just don’t really work. Change doesn’t happen that quickly.

People who did those single sessions left feeling like they had tried “just one more thing that didn’t work…”

You can’t imagine how frustrating that was for me. My goal is to HELP as many people as I can… not just discourage them further. It was a disaster!

When I realized that I was just doing the clients a disservice I decided to create a new system, from the ground up, that would work for EVERYONE and anyone who came to me.

The 10-Week Transformation Program was born.

The results… frankly… well they are even better than I expected. People’s lives were being completely turned around.

There were only 2 problems left…

The first was that it was expensive. For 10 weeks of my time I had to charge around two thousand dollars for each client…

The second was that these 10-Week sessions were intense. I had to strictly limit the number of new clients that I could accept. And that was seriously slowing down my dream of helping… the whole world! (Okay, I’m an idealist).

And that’s when I decided to start learning about the Internet and how I could organize the material in a way that would take exactly the same material and exactly the same custom information and deliver it “virtually” to much larger groups of people…

Wait A Minute…
Isn’t This Really Just Another Diet?

No way!

I tried every diet out there and they NEVER worked for me.

If you are more than 40 pounds over weight, almost ANY diet will work for you short term for the first 10-15 pounds of water-weight… (And I don’t need to tell you that, long-term, every one of them will fail you and you’ll gain the weight back)…

But for those last, stubborn 10-20 pounds, diets simply won’t work.

For the last 10 years I have been a practicing CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant) and a CNHP (Certified Naturopathic Health Practitioner), and I have innovated a complete system that completely changed my life…

AND the lives of hundred of my clients.

I am living proof of the results of what I teach…

But why take my word for it?

My clients are getting these results every day, losing weight, and completely transforming their lives. (You can listen to some of their results at the bottom of this page).

Here are some of the changes that they are enjoying…

- Lose Weight…
– Bounce-Out-Of-Bed Energy…
– No More Indigestion…
– Clearer Skin…
-Healthful Vitality…


Success Story! 90 Pounds Lost!

“Hi Rose! I just wanted to thank you so much for your awesome program. Thanks to your 10 week transformation program, I have now lost 90 pounds. I went from a size 18/20 to a size 6! :) lol! This all happened in a matter of 8 months! You are so wonderful and I can’t thank you enough!!”

Danielle Carr



And Here’s What YOU Will Get From The 10-Week Transformation…

  • Yes, it’s true… that last 10 to 20 pounds you’ve been fighting for so long will just effortlessly melt off of your body… you won’t believe how easy it can be after struggling with all of the wrong answers in the past
  • Rid yourself of acid-reflux, frequent diarrhea or constipation
  • Special techniques that you can do anywhere and any time to dramatically reduce stress and make you feel revitalized and full of energy
  • Techniques and new concepts that will train you to stick with programs that you start… everyone knows how to start a new health program… but why isn’t anyone teaching you how to stick with it?? I will teach you exactly how to master this critical skill… and best of all, it’s brain-dead simple once you know how
  • Increase your energy all day long… You will literally bounce out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face
  • Clear, beautiful, youthful skin…
  • Balance your hormones… no more mood swings, no matter how stressful your life is, and no matter what time of the month…
  • Live longer!
  • Learn how to rid your home of chemicals and toxins… the hidden dangers you probably aren’t even aware of that are putting your health (and the health of your children and pets) in grave danger
  • Recipes, recipes, recipes…
  • Watch out! Your cosmetics may be part of the problem. Learn what to look for and how to choose cosmetic products that don’t contain toxic chemicals (most DO… and learning how to avoid these toxins that you put directly onto your skin can completely change your health)
  • No more energy crashes in the afternoon… without caffeine
  • Learn a completely holistic approach to health… trying to fix one thing at a time, like your skin, your weight, or your digestion doesn’t work! You need to treat your body as the whole system that it is
  • Better SEX! It should be obvious that more energy and a more attractive body usually lead too… well… I’ll leave it up to your imagination…
  • A simple system for creating new “rituals” in your life so that you can easily stick with the healthy habits that you will be learning
  • The Resource Guide: Learn exactly where you can find the best and healthiest and best tasting super foods and other resources to get on track and stay on track for a healthy, energetic, and slimmer life
  • No more sugar cravings…
  • Get to the root cause of your fat… stop the endless rat-race of treating the symptoms of weight gain by yo-yo dieting, and get rid of the fat once and for all by dealing with the actual cause that made you gain weight in the first place. You can’t believe how simple weight loss can be once you discover this
  • My should-be-patented system for tracking your energy levels throughout the day so that you can actually see the results of the changes you are experiencing
  • No more gas and indigestion after meals
  • A customized list of the most nutritious superfoods you can find anywhere… put the “highest octane” fuel into YOUR machine!
  • Turbo-charge your immune system… yes, you can be one of those people who goes year after year without ever getting sick…
  • Become a smart consumer… learn what to ask and how to find the best nutritionally packed foods, for the best prices… even when you are looking for QUICK nutritious solutions
  • SIMPLIFY what to eat, where to eat, how to eat… and how NOT to eat
  • A timed system for getting more energy from everything you eat… get 3-4 times the nutritional value from the same meal
  • Permanent weight loss… never diet again
  • Get more muscle from the same amount of exercise
  • Longevity and vitality… proper nutritional guidance doesn’t just prolong your life, but it allows you to live with more energy and health and vitality every day of your long life… and isn’t that what really counts?


You’ll Also Get 6 Separate Cleanse Recipes

  • The Lime-Aid Fast that balances your blood sugar, removes toxins, eliminates cravings, and dramatically increases your energy
  • The Internal Salt-Water Flush, an ancient yoga tradition for rinsing and rejuvenating the inside of your body
  • The Food Intolerance Cleanse that will help you eliminate all food allergies (they’re much more common than you think and are often the root cause of your body storing fat)
  • The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cleanse, the most powerful way to eliminate sugar cravings… forever
  • The 31-Day Cleanse, a Wellness With Rose signature!

Plus… You will have exclusive access to the legendary Biotics 10-Day Cleanse Kit… This famously effective, pharmaceutical-grade cleanse is not normally available to the public without professional access, but it will be available to YOU as part of the 10-Week Transformation Program.

And much, MUCH more…

But… This Program Is NOT For Everyone

I want to be completely honest with you… no program can promise that it is right for every person. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a fake.

If you’ve read this far, then I hope I won’t be disappointing you by saying that the 10-Week Tranformation Program might not be right for you…

Here’s the facts: This program has not had great success with extremely obese clients. Generally those clients do much better by treating emotional issues FIRST and then nutritional issues second… If you are more than 60 pounds overweight, I believe that you can still benefit from this program, but your results might not be as dramatic as those that I outlined above.

If you are unmotivated and looking for a magic bullet… this program is going to disappoint you too.

I can teach you how to make every change necessary to get truly incredible results… and it can be FUN and EASY… but I can’t do it for you. You will have to use the information yourself.

If you are just completely unwilling to change anything in your life, but still want to see real changes in your weight and energy… well… again, you might be disappointed.

But if you are fed up, frustrated, and frankly EXHAUSTED… and ready for some serious change… then I can’t wait to show you what I can do for you!

Here Is EXACTLY Why This Is Going To Work For You… Even If Nothing Else Has Ever Worked Before…

The fact is… the 10-Week Transformation Program is COMPLETELY different than anything you have ever done before…

It is not a diet or an exercise program…

Diets and exercise programs… or for that matter even psychological programs and hypnosis, appetite suppressing pills, or even surgery, ALL treat the SYMPTOMS of weight gain and fat storage…

Which is why they NEVER work long term.

This program is not going to tell you how to cut calories out of your life so that you can lose weight. You already KNOW that doesn’t work.

That’s like taking aspirin for a head-ache when what you really need is a decent pair of glasses to stop the eye-strain that is causing the headache in the first place.

Instead I am going to teach how to eat to BALANCE your body… how to regulate your blood sugar levels… and how to get your hormones back to their optimal levels…

These are the actual CAUSES of weight gain…

And when you address the CAUSE of why that weight crept up on you in the first place… it will melt right back off of your body.

And along with regaining a healthy and attractive body, you’ll also get spring-out-of-bed-in-the-morning energy and vitality…

And it all happens in just 10-Weeks…

Here’s What I’ve Got For You…

This is really all about you… being the best YOU that you can be… living your true potential.

In 10 Weeks I’m going to give you the tools and the training that you need to take complete control over your weight and your health.

It is a completely holistic approach, addressing and benefiting every single system in your body, and transforming your life and your health through nutrition…

As a holistic practitioner, I know that for a truly balanced life, you need to have health in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual worlds… they are synergistic with each other… and from all of my training and from the incredible success that I’ve had, I realized that the simplest and most effective LEVERAGE POINT is through the physical body.

Physical changes are the easiest to make (that may not sound true to you right now, but after you go through this program, you’ll see how easy it really is)… and once you’ve optimized the physical aspect of your life, you’ll be amazed at how powerfully it will affect your growth in mental, emotional, and spiritual health… you’ll be amazed at how that extra energy and sense of well-being can transform EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.

I experimented quite a bit to come up with this 10-week program. It is not just because 10 is a nice, even number. It is because it is actually the perfect amount of time to deliver the material in a way that makes it easy to follow… never too much at once… and allows you to grow at your own, natural pace.

You never need to worry about scheduling, or if important events come up in your life, or if you want to take extra time to cement one of the week’s important lessons into your life before moving on to the next, because each week’s materials are prerecorded and downloadable for your convenience so that you can take as much time as you need to get your optimum results.

Each of the 10 weeks is synergistic and builds on the others, so that, by the end, you simply won’t believe how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time.

And because I’m GIVING you all of the tools and resources, this is an education that you will be able to take with you and do yourself. You will have everything you need to do everything simply for yourself and optimize your health for a lifetime.

Here’s What You Should Do Next…

It would be so easy to put this off. I know. I’ve been there.

We are all so busy and our health, getting the body we want… it just seems like an easy thing to put on hold.

But you know as well as I do that if you do that… then that time when you’re ready will NEVER come. There is ALWAYS something going on in our lives… always a reason to procrastinate.

Aren’t you exhausted with it already? Isn’t it time to live the REST of your life with the body you’ve always wanted?

Every day you delay is a day that you could have been living your dream.

And the best part is, because I can give individual attention to many people at once thanks to the magic of the internet, I can SLASH the price. Many of my clients have paid 2 thousand dollars for this same program, but for you, I have dramatically reduced the price…

To less than 1/5 the price: $397 as a one time payment… AND… of course I understand that under the current economic conditions where you might need that amount just to fill up on a tank of gas, this could stretch the budget of some folks that really want to take advantage of the program. And I don’t want to leave ANYONE out…

So here is what I’ve done — I have made arrangements so that you can enroll in the 10-Week Transformation for 3 easy payments of only $137.00. That will allow you to make a simple and cost effective budget for your health.
Enroll Me Now!

When I was going through the hoops and rat-mazes of doctors and specialists, I used to spend that much on a single visit to some of these doctors, and I’m sure I spent far more than that on prescription medications that didn’t work.

And when you consider that this program includes 10 sessions… plus all the downloads, charts, the energy management system, recipes… and it still works out to less than $40/session…it’s really an INCREDIBLE value.

But best of all, living in health adds happy and active YEARS to your life. From that perspective, it was really important to me to hold the price as low as I possibly could.

Here’s what you are going to get:


  • Over fifteen full hours of digitally recorded material that you can download to your computer or iPod
  • Accompanying class material and handouts for each session with notes, recipes, & checklists (worth over $500)
  • Access to the 10 Week Transformation Member’s Only Website filled with downloads, video training, handouts, recipes, blogging, and resources (worth at least $400 alone)
  • With so much value included I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that…

There’s More…

Bonus #1:

“Eating For Optimal Energy” Downloadable DVD Program

What To Eat, When To Eat, & How To Eat To Double Your Energy & Stop Storing Fat!

In this DVD set I’ll show you techniques to burn more fat, lose weight faster, and double – if not triple your energy while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Did you know you can get 3-4 times more nutrients out of the same exact meal by optimizing your digestion? Imagine what that’ll do for your energy levels and muscle strength if you’re absorbing that many more nutrients!

You’ll also learn how to balance your blood sugar and body chemistry so you can stop storing fat, and start converting your stored fat into energy.

(Value $497)

Bonus #2:

“Wake Up From The Weight Loss Nightmare”
4 Part Audio Series With Me & Weight Loss Expert Steph Gariano

Ever wonder why you rarely do what ‘you know’ you should when it comes to food, exercise and taking good care of yourself? Are you wondering why you have melt-downs that lead to cravings and binge-eating? Confused about why you can’t get and stay motivated? Frustrated by the start-and-stop patterns that leave you feeling fat, depressed and defeated? Researchers agree that over 70% of weight problems are caused and/or complicated by unaddressed emotional issues.

My friend Steph Gariano is an expert in the emotional and psychological aspects of losing weight and getting healthy. She uses cool cutting edge techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and EFT (among many others systems) to get into your subconscious mind to help you identify, uproot and replace the hidden beliefs, patterns and habits that ultimately sabotage your health and weight loss attempts.
In this 4 part downloadable In audio series, Steph and I will show you how to put an end to the unconscious blocks, triggers and patterns that keep you overweight, depressed and unmotivated. This is a highly insightful, practical and results-oriented course.

(Value $225)

Bonus #3:

“Private 1-on-1 Phone Session
With Paula Lacobara, Holistic Nutrition Coach”

I am absolutely thrilled to offer a one-on-one phone session with the incredible and insightful Paula Lacobara as a gift. Paula is a notable holistic nutrition beauty expert who specializes in teaching people simple ways to live a balanced life in harmony with their food choices and making small health-conscious changes that lead to immediate and lasting results. From clearing up your skin to increasing your energy, Paula will show you how to optimize your health, your thoughts and your daily routines to increase your overall vibrancy and truly own your beauty from the inside out! Paula is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and a board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She leads workshops on beauty, wellness and nutrition and offers individual lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

(Value $250)

Bonus #4:

“Daily Power Rituals That
Will Change Your Life”
Audio Training

“Daily Power Rituals That Will Change Your Life” – This is a special training on creating habits and Rituals with Scott Brandon Hoffman. In this very special intimate 90 minute downloadable audio, we’ll be teaching you about how you can make any desire, goal, or outcome that you want inevitable, from both a Conscious and Energy perspective, as well as a practical perspective, PLUS you will learn how to set up your days and your schedule to get twice as much done AND have twice as much energy.

(Value $100)

Bonus #5:

“3 Part Conscious Business
Training Audios”

Conscious Business Training 3 Part audio Series – Being a holistic practitioner, I know how interconnected everything is in our lives. And how the way that we support ourselves, where we work, and where we spend our time plays a HUGE role in our stress level and overall health, and that’s why I created this 3 part series. The more balanced your life is in all areas, the faster you lose weight and healthier you get!

I was very honored to find out that over half of the people that take my programs are other holistic practitioners and even holistic nutrition coaches and doctors, and I want to support you in helping more people while supporting yourself with your passion. But even if you’re not in business for yourself or a holistic practitioner, in this audio series I’ll be showing anyone how to create a community, or leverage the web to support your passions. What I’ll be sharing in this 3 part series can be applied to a number of different avenues, like how to support your favorite charity, create a community around a favorite hobby, or get more customers/clients to grow your own conscious business!

(Value $200 )

Bonus #6:

“How To Avoid Hidden Chemicals In Your Personal Care Products That Cause Fatigue & Weight Gain”
– Audio Program

Time and time again I come across people who have their whole nutrition protocol down to a science and yet, they go out to their local drugstore and buy these chemical-laden hair and make-up products, lotions and potions that are filled with toxic chemicals! Kind of defeats the purpose, no? Especially considering that our body does absorb many of the things we put on our skin. If we put the wrong things on our bodies, we can actually cause hormonal imbalances, fatigue and even weight gain! In this audio program, I will show you how to avoid these chemicals and ensure you are taking all of the measures possible, so that what you’re putting into your body matches what you’re putting onto your body.

(Value $100)

Bonus #7:

“How To Go Organic In Your Home To Avoid Toxic Chemicals, Illness, Fatigue, & Excess Weight”
– Audio Program

Organic is not just a term reserved for food. In this program I will show you the importance of Organic inside the home as well, so you are leading a truly whole balanced life approach that incorporates all aspects of healthy living, mind/body/spirit and home, to eliminate the chemicals and toxins that bog you down and lead to unnecessary weight gain. This program also includes recipes for making your own at-home cleaning products that are non-toxic and are actually less expensive than the store bought stuff. This way you can go green and save some green in the process! After listening to this audio, you will want to grab all your friends and have a giant de-cluttering and throwing away party and I promise you, it will feel GREAT afterwards! :)

(Value $125)

Money Back Guaranteed

I think you’ll agree that the 10-Week Transformation is an incredible bargain for the price…

But I understand that you’ve probably heard a lot of promises about weight-loss and health over the years, and you are right to be suspicious of anything that sounds this good…

Obviously if I can deliver on everything I am promising you in this letter, you’ll think it was the best deal you ever got… but if it doesn’t work for you, then even 5 dollars would have been too much.

I want you to know that I have as much invested in your success in this program as you do… in fact… MORE. And I intend to PROVE IT to you–

Try the 10-Week Transformation for yourself for 1 Full Month. That’s right, 1 Month. If you are not blown away by the transformation in your life, then just shoot me a simple, one-line email asking for your money back…

There won’t be any hoops to jump through, no tricks, no special number you were supposed to save to get your refund… just contact me, and I’ll take care of it. It’s that simple.

You don’t even have to send anything back…

This is entirely MY risk. And I’m not a bit worried about it, because I already KNOW the incredible results you are going to enjoy…Remember, you get it ALL:

tick-yellow10 Weeks of digitally downloaded coaching sessions

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Imagine Who You Will Be Just 10 Short Weeks From Right Now…

People are attracted to energy.

If your experience is anything like mine (and so many of my clients), you won’t believe the changes that can happen to you.

10 Weeks from right now, you could be enjoying a completely new life.

I know you’ve been working on that 10-20 pounds for a long time… but can you really imagine what it will be like when they are actually GONE? For good?

Most people, when they go to their high school reunion, can’t believe how old everyone looks… but there’s always that one person who seems to have defied time… Can you imagine being that one person that everyone is talking about because you still fit into your high school jeans?

Can you imagine what it’s like to suddenly be that person that everyone else envies? I know it’s not really very “evolved” to think about it that way… but it does feel great…

But even more… can you imagine what it would be like to have the extra energy and focus to finally DO all of those things you’ve been promising yourself? Whether it’s just finally getting into shape or… finishing that novel, finally starting your own business, spend more time with your children (and not just zoned out in front of the television), take up that new hobby, interest, or sport?

This is the beginning of ALL of that…

FACT: I Can’t Take The Next Step For You

The other possibility, of course, is that you don’t try the 10 Week Tranformation… you don’t take that chance on yourself…

I don’t need to tell you what the result of that will be… you’re living it right now.

If you think digestion issues like gas, acid reflux, frequent diarrhea or constipation are normal… and if you think that being overwhelmed with fatigue in the middle of the afternoon is normal…then just keep on doing what you’ve been doing.

Let’s be honest, nobody wakes up one morning 20 pounds heavier.

It creeps up on you.

And you have an excellent reason to believe that it’s going to keep on creeping. If you think, “well, I can live with this…” and you think it’s not going to get worse… think again. Maintaining your weight only gets harder as you age.

I know that many people are simply willing to accept less from life… but I just don’t understand WHY. And the very fact that you are still reading this letter simply must mean that you are relating to my story, to what I’ve been through, and you must have the same ambition that I did to not allow myself to remain out of control of my eating, my health, my moods, and my energy.

I just KNOW that you want more for yourself.

I am reaching out my hand to you. And I am giving you my guarantee. There is nothing preventing you from taking my hand and giving this a try but you.

I’m also saying that I believe in YOU.

I believe that with just a few simple ideas and changes you really CAN get the amazing benefits that I have been talking about in this letter.

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I can’t wait to see you inside!

Your Friend,


Rose Cole, CNC, CNHP

P.S. The 10-Week Tranformation is NOT a diet or exercise plan. Diets always fail because they just work on the symptoms of weight gain and never address the CAUSE of why you gained that weight in the first place. This program is guaranteed to fix the root causes of why your body started storing fat in the first place… so that the weight will just melt right off of your body. You’ll lose that stubborn 10-20 pounds and have amazing energy and vitality… and you’ll be amazed that all of those little health issues that you just thought you “had to live with” will simply disappear in ONLY 10 WEEKS. Get started right now by clicking the link above.

P.P.S. I hope you know that I am completely dedicated to your health, wellness, and longevity. This program represents not only my own unique methods, but also represents thousands of hours of research, hundreds of books, professional certifications, and all of the latest cutting-edge science in the fields of nutrition and health. No other program has put together research from so many disciplines to make it EASY for you to finally succeed.

Just take a look at the results
that some of my other

Shannon“Hi Rose!

It’s been awhile since our initial consultation, but I wanted you to know I did sign up for the 10 Week Transformation, and have been reading through all the materials and listening to all of the audios. Everything has been very helpful. I did the HCL Challenge Test from your program and my Health Assessment Form from the program predicted, my stomach acid was low. I got up to six tablets per meal and while I didn’t feel the warm flush feeling! I figured that might be a good place to stop and order the other supplement you suggested in the program. I also just did the Iodine Patch Test. It faded within 2 hours! Funny, you had predicted this too. :) The cleanses are up next!

Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and insight. I’m not there yet, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m on the right path to restoring my health and vitality. I really might feel like myself again (and look like myself again too)!

Love and happiness to you,”



Shannon“Rose Cole’s feminine wisdom is a rare and exquisite gift. Rose is a woman who truly walks her talk, in terms of health, wealth, spirituality, and consciousness. Don’t let her pretty face fool you!She is a very wise, profound, and powerful woman. Rose is someone I turn to for sisterhood, friendship, and advice. We all need grounded, soulful women in our midst, so that we can take our own lives to the next level, so that we can be who we came here to be. Rose will help you fulfill your destiny.”

~ Gina DeVee

Martine“Dear Rose & her Team,

I just finished the "10 Weeks Transformation Program", and I have to say I loved the program very much; I feel much better, I lost 20 pounds so far & I am looking forward to a complete remission of Rhumatoid Arthritis meaning, no more pain, joint destruction & heavy medication, WOW! there are no words to say thank you but I’ll start with a million Thanks!”

~ Martine LaBrèche, BA Psy, PPCC

“PS: I am already enjoying tremendously your High Priestess Training
Book – Congratulations, and the Very Best to You & your team!”

Shannon“Hi Rose

I wanted to write and thank you for all your help and advice. Since being in your 10 Week Transformation Program I am living a much fuller, more aware, healthy life.

Not only have I lost 12 pounds so far, I am eating so much better and am so much more aware of what I put in my mouth. Concepts like "eat for energy not entertainment" have really made a difference in my life. Adding in the nutrients my body is lacking and starting supplements has made a huge difference. I have to tell you, for the first time in my life, I actually had to trim my fingernails because they are growing so fast and thick. I have never had fingernails and had no idea it had to do with my poor nutrition. So I thank you Rose, not only for the weight loss (not done there yet either) but also for giving me a healthy life. I have started riding my bicycle and hiking again! Wellness with Rose has been a God send for me!”

~ Diane Loughran

Play audio from Michele Kay by clicking “Play” arrow below…

Shannon“I would HIGHLY recommend taking Rose’s class for anyone seeking to transform their health and energy level.

I took Rose’s class because I went through a very dark period of constant fatigue for four months and during most of that time experiencing depression. A former coach recommended Rose, and personally, I decided enough was enough, and that I wanted to transform my health. Rose’s guidance and class were the perfect vehicle for me to accomplish my goals. Her compassion comes shining through and so does her impressive knowledge of health and nutrition. I really appreciate her holistic approach, even including information on how to optimize your ability to change habits and learn new information. In addition, she is teaching on a level that invites you to transform your life not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and mental level, and I dare say a spiritual level due to the personal journey you commit to, during this program. Also I appreciate that she provides a tool box of resources that we are able to use for the rest of our lives to live in vibrant health.

My primary goals for enrolling in the transformation course were to improve my energy level, to get in the habit of cooking healthy meals at home, to increase my metabolism and to do a cleanse. I am happy to say that with the structure, support, and with Rose teaching and amazing resources, I have accomplished almost all of those goals. The only exception is related to my energy level. Although I am not quit there yet with my energy goal, I do feel better and I have made significant tangible progress in increasing my energy level and the quality of my energy level. Just as importantly I have the confidence of knowing that by continuing to embody the principals in the class my energy level will be better than it has been since a teenager. In addition, I have had an unattended outcome such is getting more muscle definition in my body composition.

I want to make sure I mention Rose has an empowering approach by providing incredible resources to continue the journey of living an amazing healthy lifestyle and encouraging us to take responsibility for transforming our health which is really a process of transforming our lives. I personally feel a fundamental pillar to happiness is good health, and with Rose’s class and committing to transformation, you are well on your way to more happiness in life.

I appreciate her caring approach and her professionalism. If you are on the fence about enrolling in her course ask yourself if you want to truly transform your health and if the answer is yes, sign up now.

In gratitude,”

Michael D.Turner

Play audio from Lisa Lonstein by clicking “Play” arrow below…

“Hi Rose,

I just want to thank you for helping me change my life completely!

Before your program I have never been able to lose weight, I was health conscious but nothing was really working. As much as I exercised or tried to eat what I thought was right I always felt overweight bloated and tired.
Since I started your program I have lost over 10 pounds, the bloating has completely gone my energy has improved and I have been able to maintain a very healthy diet which I never managed to do on my own before. Apart from the physical improvements it has helped me feel better mentally, and I have a lot more confidence in myself and you really helped me to believe I could actually do this!!

I finally felt like someone was really there to help me and understood all the symptoms I’ve been having all these years and could help me to remove them completely.

So thanks you again for all your dedication, patience and knowledge,”



kelly“Rose’s 10 Week Transformation program gave me the kick start I needed to bring my body back into balance and heal lingering, unresolved health issues. As a holistic nutrition coach, I understand the value in reaching out for support to achieve my health goals and I’m so glad I chose Rose’s program. Rose is an expert in her field and an amazing teacher. I would absolutely recommend this program because you’ll receive everything Rose promises and much more!!”

Kelly Cornell, CHHC, AADP


holli“The 10 Week Transformation” is very eye-opening. Rose’s approach is packed with life-changing information, and she delivers on everything she says. I highly recommend it!”

Holli Thompson, CHHC


ana“Rose’s 10-week transformation program is the best program I know of to absolutely transform your health. When I signed up for this program, I had already been working as a holistic health professional for years, but as my business was growing and my stress was increasing, I started to experience some of the old health issues I had suffered from years ago like digestive problems, fatigue and adrenal burnout. I wanted to get to the root of these issues before they began to cause major destruction to my body (I knew they would happen eventually). When I found out about Rose’s program, and heard about the caliber of her work from some of my colleagues, I was in!

All I can say is that it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made! My body composition shifted and my energy increased as my digestion strengthened and I began to deal with my stress at the root.
I love her holistic approach as well, and Rose is masterful at not just providing one of the most extensive educational experiences of your body I know of, but also at getting you to take action. I now have amazing tools to keep myself balanced and healthy for the rest of my life, plus it took my knowledge of holistic nutrition to a whole new level that I can now share with my clients.

Thank you Rose!!!”

Ana Poirier


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