Hello there my dear sister,

I see you and I know you… We’re alike. That’s why you’re here reading this page.

This is my 4th time doing this program and with all of them, the women told me that they knew that they were supposed to be in the program before they even knew what it was about or what was included. They knew because their soul was speaking to them.

Because this course is more than just a class or a program, it’s a convergence of all of the powerful women that decided along with you and me to come and meet here at this particular place and time. So this is more of a deep remembering that we made a pact to come back at this exact moment, to reconvene so I could remind you of what it is that you’re really here to do; the impact that you are here to make on this planet.

And right now is the time that you chose to come back and have me whisper in your ear to remind you that YOU ARE A HIGH PRIESTESS AND IT IS TIME.

I’m here to help you bring to completion the obstacles and barriers that are keeping you shackled, and keeping you from delivering your unique message to the world. It’s time.

It’s time for you to be seen.

It’s time for you to be heard.

It’s time for you to really deliver your message to the world.

It’s time for you to arrive as the bad-ass that you are.

It’s time for you to really LIVE this life of grace and ease and deeper meaning.

I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you read my recent post about my dark night of the soul, then you’ll know the level of clearing and preparing that I’ve done to be able to hold a container of this magnitude for you and for your sisters.

The manifesting vortex that we are creating together in this course is like nothing else you’ve ever seen or experienced. Women in my past programs have said that their lives were forever changed from the very moment that they said YES, signed up for the course, fully leaned into their destiny of really being the light they were meant to be in the universe, and through this work, really became a clear channel to deliver their message to the world. The growth and transformations I’ve witnessed in these women have been truly amazing! You’re being held in a container of love through the whole process, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for those of us that are ready to claim their place on their throne. We are ready to step up as the high priestess that we know we really are. Those taking this course, we know that what we say yes to, what we invest in our path and ourselves, comes back to us a hundred-fold or more.

Every time I’ve done this program it’s been different and the instruction the universe has given me to prepare me this time around is, I know, in direct proportion to what the women who are going to be taking this course are calling in and requiring in order to go to the next level. So I can tell you, this is going to be epic! This course is the deepest, most powerful one that I have done thus far and it’s unfolding in this crazy, beautiful, magical way. I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s hard to put into words all that you’ll get, but here are some of the tangible things that are included in this program; although the true value lies in what can’t be quantified.

3 Month Intensive

2 Private In-depth Sessions With Rose

Weekly Group Calls

5 Day Magical In-Person Retreat at Rose’s Home in San Diego

Organic Food and Snacks During Your 5 Day Retreat

Weekly Private Coaching Sessions With Our Head Coach

Brain Chemistry Assessment With Rose

Supplements for Synchronizing Brain Chemistry (Worth $1,000)

Shamanic Photography Session

Professional Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe Styling for Photo Shoot

2 Group Breath-work Sessions

By the way, there are some gifts and surprises that will really blow your mind and I have something very special up my sleeve! Let’s just say the producer/director of my upcoming television program is very intrigued about this process and he’s even thinking of sending a film crew out to meet some of the women of the pow wow as potential guests for the show. Of course, if you don’t wanna be on camera no prob, but this could be one of those golden opportunities…

My love for this course goes so deep I can’t even express how much this program is a part of me, how much it moves me and fuels me, and how much I am along for this journey just as much as you are dear sister. That’s why I’m doing this now, because I know that next year we will be trying for another child plus in full-blown production of the television show. Phew! So if I do another Powwow at all, it probably wouldn’t be for many years. I just want to mention that in case you weren’t sure if the time is now, because it is.

We are now booking two separate 3 month long Powwows this year:

The first of the two 3 month Powwows starts the week of June 10th with the in-person retreat for 5 full days from July 23–27th.

The 2nd program will start the week of September 9th with the 5 day in-person retreat in mid-October.

I know that I don’t need to sell you on this. It comes down this: you’re standing on a precipice right now. I know because I’ve been there. Surrounding you is fear and doubt and limiting thoughts and behaviors. What lies ahead? Everything you truly want for your life. Are you willing to lean into that edge? Are you ready to lean into the unknown and take that leap of faith and to discover that you have wings? Are you going to trust yourself and your knowing enough to really say YES to fulfilling your life’s intent?

I’ll leave you with this dear sister, you remember the movie the matrix, right? Once you step out of the matrix you can never go back. (Well, I guess if you really try you can, but it would take a LOT of prescription drugs, alcohol and major denial to block out the truth after this.) Well, this is taking the red pill and stepping out of the matrix. This is your mission, peeking behind the veil. Your sisters and I are here. Are you with us?

When you are a full “YES” to this journey, email me directly with questions or to set up an interview: rose@rosecole.com


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