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4 Simple Steps To Stop Overeating And Bingeing

overeatingDo you ever feel like:

  • your eating is out of control
  • you say you’re only going to eat a little bit and you don’t stop
  • you eat past the point of being full
  • you crave for sugar are controlling you

Even though I honestly believe that all of us are responsible for our own health, if you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s not your fault!

There is a physical component here that we are all forgetting about here. We are born with a very small amount of willpower, so using willpower alone is NOT going to work.

You can actually become physically addicted to food (especially sugar and bread) and it’s just like being addicted to cocaine or heroin.

Unfortunately, it’s just as difficult a habit to kick as cocaine or heroin too. But you can do it! And there’s no time to start like right now. I don’t care if you were all up on the sugar train yesterday, or even just this morning – it’s time to get off that ride.

1st Step To Stop Overeating:

To do it, you have to make up your mind right now, regardless of what you’ve done before you started reading this. Put the doughnut and soda down and make the choice to stop. But that’s only the first step.

Once you’ve made the choice, you’ve got to put the building blocks in place to make it happen. I’m not going to lie to you, you will continue to crave sugar. But there are a few tricks you can use to get past the cravings.

2nd Step To stop Overeating:

When you want a little sugar, to go ahead and have a little treat. That’s right – give yourself a treat.

But, you’ve GOT to eat something healthy first. And, you only get the treat if after you ate the healthy snack you still *crave* the sugar.

AND I suggest making that treat something that is sweetened with something like agave nectar or stevia instead of sugar, like the recipe found here for my famous superfood candy (Get Healthy Candy Recipe Here).

But I bet after you eat the healthy food you won’t be craving it anymore. The deal is that your body craves something because it needs something, but it isn’t sure exactly what food will get it that thing it is in need of, so when your body says eat something, your mind picks the thing that tastes the best to you whether it’s what you need or not.

And chances are, if you eat something healthy, you will probably supply the thing your body really needs, and thus the sugar craving will disappear.

To give you an example, usually when people crave chocolate they are really just deficient in magnesium.

3rd Step To stop Overeating:

Avoid wheat. Many people have a “food sensitivity” to wheat (about 70% of the population), and it is beyond addictive if you are. White bread is basically sugar, so it’s just as bad for you as poring white table sugar into your mouth.

Read my free article here to learn more about “food sensitivities” or “food intolerance”

4th Step To stop Overeating:

And finally, stock your fridge and pantry with *healthy* snacks instead of sugary, and salty ones. If you don’t have it in the house, chances are you won’t trek out to get it. It’s amazing what just taking it out of the equation will do for your health.

Check out this video with TV Host Leslie Gant, who herself has battled with overeating and binge eating:

If You Think You Might Be A Binge Eater, Take This Free Quiz:

To read my personal story about how I overcame overeating and binge eating, and to get more information about my “Overcome Your Overeating” Program, go to:

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