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Are You Sleep Deprived?

image001Are you starving for sleep? A lot of us are. Our busy lives are a large part of it, but if you can’t slow down and get a good night’s sleep, you are doing serious (but fixable) damage to your body.

If you suffer from adrenal exhaustion, this is especially important.

Not getting enough sleep can cause these issues and MANY more:

- Hormonal Imbalances
- Lowered Immunity
- Aging skin
- Accelerated aging to your whole body
- Low energy
- Adrenal exhaustion

Grouchy/impatient (I didn’t need to tell you this one!)

If you’re like me, you’re probably up late, either working on your computer, or watching TV. I *know* that I should go to bed at a decent hour, but I just want to send out one more email (which turns into 20) or I just want to do one more thing and then I’ll go to sleep. It never ends.

But the facts are these. Most people need 8-8.5 hours of sleep a night (some people need less, some more). And your body genuinely needs this time.

Sleeping is when your body rejuvenates and resets all your inner functions and hormones. Your body cleanses and repairs while you are asleep. And if you aren’t sleeping *enough*, then your body isn’t getting a chance to catch up on its repair work.

Thus, the more nights in a row you don’t get enough sleep, the farther and farther behind your body gets.

And the quality of the sleep is just as important as the quantity. The ideal sleep is called REM sleep. It’s deep, and it’s rejuvenating. It’s the kind of sleep where you dream. If you aren’t getting this kind of sleep, you could literally be damaging your body.

So, how can you get to the point that you’re getting enough sleep, and you feel rested when you wake? How can you train yourself so that you don’t even need an alarm clock to wake you?

4 Steps For Better Sleep:

1. Remove Disruptions Specifically, light. Your brain can sense light, and when it does, it thinks it should be awake. You should be sleeping in complete darkness. Like, can’t-see-the-hand-in-front-of-your-face darkness. Get black-out curtains, or wear an eye mask. My favorite is the Bucky Ultra-light sleep mask. Do NOT sleep with a night light (this includes babies and children). Even watch out for bright numbers on your digital clock, which could be enough to throw your hormones off right there. I also sleep with ear plugs. You may want to give ‘em a try.

2. Train Yourself to Wake Up Without An Alarm. This sounds too goo to be true, but it’s actually pretty simple. There is something really unsettling about waking up each day startled by an alarm, especially if you’re dreading it going off. People who practice this simple system below report being better rested, and more happy in general.

Instructions: Start going to bed earlier and earlier until you naturally wake up 15 minutes before your alarm is due to go off. If you need to be up at 8am and you need 8 hours of sleep to wake up naturally, count back 8 hours – you would need to be in bed by midnight at the latest to get 8 hours of sleep. You may need a little more or less sleep than 8 hours, so find out what is right for you.

You should figure out how much time you need to get ready for bed. Example: if you need 30 minutes to prepare for bed, you should be getting ready for bed by 11:30 to be in bed by midnight.

Your alarm clock should really just be a backup to make sure you really get up in time. Eventually, your internal clock will be set so that you wake up at the same time every day, without a screaming alarm clock jolting you out of bed!

3. Use Melatonin. Very simply, melatonin released from the pineal gland is triggered by darkness, and inhibited by light. Effective release of Melatonin is critical for a healthy sleep cycle. It’s literally the hormone that gets released from your brain to tell your body to go to sleep. When it has been tested on animals, it was found that they actually lived longer! Its non-habit forming or addictive and helps you to wake up more refreshed. My favorite company for melatonin is called Nutri-Source, and it’s a spray that I get from Whole Foods, or I’m sure you can find it online. They also make a wonderful supplement at, and they have great articles there to read on the subject as well.

4. Put a Tablet and Pen by Your Bed. If you have a tablet and pen by your bed, you can quickly jot down any of those things that pop into your head that may be keeping you from falling asleep. Then your conscious mind can relax and doesn’t have to keep mulling over whatever it is over and over in an effort to not forget. Once you write it down your conscious mind can relax. This really does work! They even sell pens with lights on them so that you don’t have to turn on your main light and disturb your melatonin production, which I highly recommend doing. I just scribble in the dark and I can always make out what I wrote the next day.

Getting a good night’s sleep has to be a priority with all the stress nowadays. It’s probably the #1 thing you can do for your health. Your body can’t afford NOT to get a good nights rest!

I specialize in helping people reset their circadian rhythm (their internal clock) in my one-on-one sessions. Please call 888-898-WELL for more information about private sessions with me.

In love and service,

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