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Hidden Weight Loss & Energy Sabotager… Why To Go Dairy & Gluten-Free

wheatdairyWheat & dairy could be the problem!

Did you know that MOST of the US population has food sensitivities to wheat and gluten and they don’t even know it? I would say even as much as 70%.

Food allergies are much more common than most people realize. Millions of adults and children suffer from allergic reactions to food and do not know it because the symptoms can be hard to diagnose.

It’s easy to know if you have a peanut or shellfish allergy that sends you to the emergency room every time you eat it… your body is clearly telling you that you should NOT eat these foods.

But more common allergies are really more like “food sensitivities” or “food intolerances”, and because the symptoms can range anywhere from bloating, poor digestion, headaches, food cravings, sinus problems, acne, lethargy, depression and weight gain, most people don’t think it’s caused by the food they’ve been eating for their entire lives… they just think, “There must be something wrong with me.” So they blame it on their slow metabolism or their bad genetics and they just live with it.

I speak from experience, that if you can recognize the foods that you are allergic to and eliminate them from your diet, then you will feel SO much better and you will be able to lose weight effortlessly. (I have one client that lost over 80 pounds without exercising just by cutting out wheat alone!)

The top four culprits are:

# 1. Gluten (the part of wheat that triggers our immune system)
# 2. Dairy
# 3. Soy
# 4. Eggs (this one is much more uncommon)

The best thing to do is cut out the two most prevalent food intolerances – Gluten and dairy, for 3 weeks. You won’t believe how great you feel, and how quickly you lose weight!

I choose to go without gluten and dairy pretty much all the time, but I’m not perfect with it. When I do eat a little dairy or wheat I just have to prepare myself for feeling a little more tired and bloated because it takes about 3 weeks to remove it from your system.

Going gluten and dairy-free is much easier and enjoyable then you would think. Health foods now have an entire section devoted to substitutes that are dairy-free and gluten-free; like almond milk instead of milk, and quinoa floor for baking, or rice pasta instead of wheat pasta.

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